Monthly Meetings 2021/2022



Saturday and Sunday, October 23rd & 24th, 9 AM – 1 PM, via Zoom.  

The cost is $40 for members and $90 for non-members.  

**The space in this workshop is limited so please secure your spot early.**



As well as epic changes in the external world, we are also experiencing huge changes in our personal energy fields, and our light bodies.

Whether we are sensitive enough to be aware of just how deep and extra-ordinary this process is, or not, we are all undertaking a massive dis-robing and re-enrobing as Mother Earth calls us to reconnect with her web of life, and reweave our ascension gowns.

As old souls, this is the evolutionary quickening that we have long been waiting for.  In this two-day workshop, Estelle will introduce you to the way of the Ultra Natural Shaman.

You’ll discover and reconnect to:

·      the life-enhancing energies that become available when the heavenly and earthly realms meet and flow through your physical body;

·      the essential principles and activation techniques you need to become attuned to your own unique, ultra-natural ascension path,

·      the primary source of your intuitive gifts and how to reconnect to them and

·      how to dissolve the karmic ties and emotional knots, blocks, and locks that have been cramping your spiritual style and inhibiting you from fulfilling more of your soul’s true potential.

When you touch the web of life anywhere, it trembles everywhere. And that means that the actions and decisions you take in life will have consequences that reach way beyond what you can imagine.

In this workshop, you’ll regain access to the internal compass you need to ensure you can keep navigating towards the best outcomes for everyone as the world moves through these extremely challenging times.


You can either send an e-transfer to or send a cheque via SNAIL mail (payable to Manitoba Astrology Association) to 

Manitoba Astrology Association

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As a former Ph.D. qualified research chemist, Estelle’s journey to becoming a karma-busting medicine woman and a highly intuitive psychic channel has been an unusual one.  And it’s one in which she has learned how to balance her masculine rational side with her love of nature magic and the natural, feminine and intuitive abilities that flow from her deep connection with Mother Earth.


Estelle’s unique blend of gentle, insightful wisdom and powerfully compassionate awakening transmissions have made her a highly sought-after Ascension guide.  Her coaching programs (including Activate Your Magic, The Ascension Master Class, and World Bridgers’ Paradise) have enabled hundreds of sensitive souls to reconnect with their ultra-natural intuitive abilities, and their past life gifts and power.  She is also the author of “Be Who You Came to Be”.

When she isn’t teaching, writing or painting, Estelle can usually be found exploring stone circles or the faerie portals near her new home in County Kerry, Southern Ireland. 
You can visit her website here:


Our first workshop on September 26, 2021 @ 1:00 pm is a VERY special offering featuring Guest Astrologer Ronald Tiggle.


Ronald B. Tiggle, PhD. will conduct a workshop on spiritual practices to strengthen the connection with your Soul and to remove emotional and mental hindrances that block you from accessing your source of inner truth and power, the light of the Soul. He was a member of the Rainbow Bridge Prototype Group that developed the techniques and has more than 30 years of experience using them.

The Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul has stated “The highest and the newest method (of healing) is that of calling into positive activity a man’s own soul.  The true and the future healing is brought about when the life of the soul can flow without any impediment and hindrance throughout every aspect of the form nature.  It can then vitalize it with its potency, and can also eliminate those congestions and obstructions which are such a fruitful source of disease” (p. 17, Esoteric Healing).

This workshop teaches some fundamental techniques of the “new healing” approach described by the Tibetan Master.

The workshop will provide an overview of Phase 1 and 2 techniques of the Rainbow Bridge Techniques and is for students who may not have built the Rainbow Bridge but are interested in learning and also those students who have completed Phase 1 (building the central channel).

Workshop attendees will learn:

  • How to invoke the cooperation of the Soul
  • How to activate the Soul Star and use it for inner healing
  • How to build the bridge to higher consciousness, the Antahkarana (Phase 1)
  • How to invoke various protective energies from the Soul
  • How to clean the Aura
  • How to awaken the intuition
  • How to Create the Group Soul
  • How to burn karma and remove emotional and mental blockages from your aura and body (Phase 2)
    • Using the word forms to remove hindrances from the aura
    • Using the Soul Star to remove hindrances from the aura
  • How to enhance your health by using the Rainbow Bridge practices
  • How to accelerate Soul Integration
  • What the light body is and how it is built
  • A daily centering and alignment exercise.
  • How to use a stand-alone-energy system to remove negative energies from buildings, rooms, etc. (Buddhic Column or Standing Vortex)
For more information on the Soul Star, Rainbow Bridge Techniques, and Karma Transmutation Techniques see

Brief Bio: Dr. Ronald B. Tiggle is a traveler in two worlds, the world of science and the world of metaphysics. His academic training includes a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from UCLA, an MA in Psychology from California State Univ., Long Beach, and a BS degree in Chemistry from Howard University. He has conducted and published research on international peacekeeping, organizational values, organizational commitment, marital satisfaction, health psychology, influenza and pneumococcal immunization in nursing homes, and hospice care.  Metaphysical publications include articles on predictive astrological technics, esoteric astrology, and meditation. His metaphysical training and interests include astrology, meditation, raja and kriya yoga, and the ageless wisdom teachings of the Trans-Himalayan school as taught by the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul and Lucille Cedercrans. He is a graduate of the Teacher Training program for the New Thought Form Presentation of the Wisdom presented by Lucille Cedercrans. 

He received advanced training in the science of Soul contact in the Rainbow Bridge Prototype group in San Marcos, California; and has traveled to India several times to visit the ashrams of enlightened teachers. He is a former Research Director for the International Society for Astrological Research, and a Lifetime Advanced Member of the American Federation of Astrologers, and the International Society for Astrological Research. Professional Astrologers, Inc. certified him as a professional astrologer in 1974. He is also a member of the American Psychological Association. He is one of a handful of astrologers who has published a research article that provides supportive evidence for astrology in a traditional refereed psychological journal. 

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