2016-2017 Season

Sunday, September 25 - Tannis Morton

Decans, Duads and Degrees:
Exploring our Uniqueness

Sunday, October 30 - Susan Hurrell

Tour Through the Tarot

Sunday, November 27 - Nancy Gill

The Nodes of the Moon:
Astrological Alchemists

Sunday, January 8 - New Years Celebration!

Astro*Dice! Tarot! Mini-Astrology Readings!
Astrology themed Silent Auction!

Sunday, January 29 - Astrology Question Panel

Your chart questions answered by experienced astrologers!

Sunday, February 26 - Tannis Morton

Planetary & Lunar Returns

Sunday, March 26 - Shannon Jennissen

Talking Transits: Timing of Major Life Transitions & Themes

April 21 & 22 - SPECIAL GUEST EVENT - Brenda Johnson

Birth/Death and the Cycles of Life: Initiation into the Great Mystery with Shamanic Astrology.

Using the symbolism, archetype, initiatory cycles and systems in a unique and experiential way, Brenda will present a new language and framework for understanding our relationship to the Night Sky. Equal focus is given to Light and Dark while valuing Compassion, Ceremony and Love of the Earth and the Feminine.

The Shamanic perspective is insightful, compassionate and liberating, 

offering an Ancient but new view of the Art and Science of Astrology, celebrating all possible places on the Wheel of Life.

Sunday, May 7 - Doug Staley

The Art & Science of Chart Interpretation

Doug has been involved with Astrology for over 40 years, both as a researcher and as a professional astrologer. In this workshop he will share a variety of techniques that he has developed over those 40 years of working with clients. As the founder of LIGHT, Doug has been a dynamic force within our community in the service of spiritual search. He brings to this workshop an extensive background in a variety of spiritual disciplines and a love for metaphysics, particularly Astrology. We are sure to come away from the workshop with a deeper understanding of Chart Analysis. Don't miss it!

Join us the last Sunday of the month!

St. Boniface Library

100-131 Provencher Boulevard

Doors open @ 1:00

$10 drop-in, free with membership