New Moon in Sagittarius

by christina rai


November 29, 2016 @ 6:19 am here in the central time zone, we drape ourselves in the fire and gusto of the New Moon in Sagittarius.

This is an intense set of energies, with a heavy concentration in the mutable fire sign. There is still a nod to the energy of Scorpio as the ascendant sits squarely in the midst of Scorpio @ 17* 31”. The Sabian Symbol is A WOODS RICH IN AUTUMN COLOUR, suggesting the beauty and power of transition as the fall time is the bridge between culmination and rebirth. This is potentially a time of intensity, vivid sensation, a time for ‘peak experiences’ that remind us of our connection to the greater collective and to our own higher selves. It is a time to honour the elders amongst us, to revere the wisdom of those who came before. It is a time to let go and release anything that is ready to exit from our lives, be it people, ideas, emotions or even material objects. How have you used the energies of the preceding period? The New Moon in Scorpio followed by the super Moon in Taurus, polarity in Scorpio provided us with ample opportunity to dig deep and ponder on who we truly were, to open our hearts and align our throat chakras to what we really thought. If the month did not go the way you wanted it to, never fear, the cycle continues. Sometimes what Uranus brings us is not easily understood. We just have to hang on.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon @ 8* Sag is ROCKS AND THINGS FORMING THEREIN. We are reminded that change only occurs over long periods of time and that if we look backwards, we can be astonished that we have arrived to this point in time while taking heart that Nature WILL take her course and that we can have faith in the NATURAL process. Believe that there is something happening and though it may seem to be outside your orb of control, beyond your ability to manage, that something may not be what you think it is. Or, it might lead to something completely unexpected. The key with this metaphysical admonishment is that we are still at the threshold, nothing is fully entrenched, hang on and fasten your seat belts.

This New Moon, Sun/Moon conjunct, is square the nodes with Neptune closely aligned. It behooves us all to REMEMBER. Neptune holds the collective memory with all of the dreams, hopes and despairs contained therein. To grow, we must remember both the good and the bad. Often it is from falling short of the goal that we learn the most even though it may seem hard to endure. In the event chart, a visionary Mars in Aquarius sextiles both Saturn & Uranus which dually rule it. Let’s all take the message form this neat configuration. Retain all that is useful and reach for all that is yet to be formulated. Saturn provides us with the mentorship that we need in our actions while Uranus impulses us to step outside the box, to try new protocols, to keep our eyes on the bigger picture and not get stuck in petty emotional reactions.

The MC of this event chart is 5* Virgo, A MAN DREAMING OF FAIRIES. How fitting! If you feel disappointed, crushed or even terrified, focus on the dream that has got you to this point. Life is a process. And, if there is one thing that is certain is that eventually change happens. Examine your dream. Tweak it. Polish it. Refine it. Polish is some more. This is life, a constant, ongoing process of becoming, with both joys and disappointments along the way.  Take a breath, find your faith and hang on!


Full Moon in Taurus

by christina rai


The Culmination of the Season of the Witch—Full Moon in Taurus, Nov 14, 2016 @ 7:53 am

With the latest Scorpio New Moon, we entered, as a collective, into the magical and mysterious ‘season of the witch’. This year it is particularly potent since that New Moon occurred just a day before the traditional sacred day of Samhain, pagan New Year.

Traditionally, Scorpio energy is associated with power, magic and transformation—to name just a few things. It is the ability within the psyche—because, please, please remember, everyone has this energy somewhere since we are all WHOLE beings and not bits and pieces of beings—to regenerate itself as and when it is necessary to do so. Persons with a focus of Scorpio energy are capable of healing and re-inventing themselves in ways that can be literally jaw-dropping. I have witnessed cancer remissions, total life make-overs, a purging of addictive behavior and even entry into spiritual leadership after years of personal struggle. Scorpio ‘types’ can truly be inspiring to others!

So, this particular time of the year, when we have the Sun moving through this part of the Zodiac, and the potential for at least one New Moon in that energy and for sure one super dynamic Full Moon in Taurus to HOLD the magic that has been stirred up, is one that I, on a personal level, ALWAYS look forward to.

We live in chaotic and—if we allow it to affect us in this way—troubling times. Just look at the current political climate south of the border! The Pluto Uranus energy that has been in configuration over the past few years (recently culminated but obviously still at work) has led to secrets being exposed on both sides of the spectrum, erratic and off putting behavior on both sides of the spectrum, a groundswell of discontent bubbling over the rim of containment as demonstrated by the discontent felt across the spectrum from the collective who more and more feel that they have been fed a bunch of toxic chemical garbage from both sides of the spectrum. This election is really about the electorate finally collectively realizing that no matter who they vote for, the only certainty is that corruption exists and has existed at the highest levels of the political, military/industrial conglomerate for a very long time. The bizarre and seemingly uncontrollable events surrounding this specific election event are merely the START of something much more profound. The little men and women of our society—you, me, my brother, your sister—are getting ready to roar and be heard. It probably won’t be at this election, but you can be sure that the collective of “US” is getting stronger, waking up and getting ready to say—“We won’t take it anymore!” Pluto in Capricorn is the energy of total restructure of the reality that we all share. Plutonian energy seeks to uncover the secrets that the high and mighty hide away. Uranus agitated the pot that was already boiling over and thus we have witnessed event after event that we could never have imagined. So, whatever you think is going to happen of November 8 south of our border, be prepared for a surprise. It may not reveal itself immediately but it is wired into the unpredictable matrix of this crazy political season. As a disclaimer, I am not a partisan. My own personal view is that the political system inherently lends itself to corruption, whether left leaning or right leaning. As thinking individuals we all have to open our eyes and honestly review whatever political preference we might have in real terms. Talk is cheap. What is needed today is, simply, right action. Feed and care for the disenfranchised in a responsible fashion that empowers them. Teach our children well! (the one single thing that is the most powerful force for change is universal education.) Honour and nurture our mother, the Earth. Create a world where every single individual never goes hungry or dies of a disease that is easily eradicated. Ok. I’ll put my soapbox away now and get back to:

This upcoming Full Moon period gives us an opportunity to ground fully into our selves the promises and intentions that we made at the New Moon. The issues presented to us at that New Moon centered around our sense of value and the ability to represent those values in a responsible and self-determined way. Now, at the Full Moon, we are called to use our throat chakras and make ourselves heard in a dynamic fashion. Do we speak the truth, hold the truth and stand behind the truth? Again, TRUTH is a personal thing. We must always remember to honour another’s expression of truth just as we would want them to honour our own expression. The Mercury/Saturn in Sag MP @ 7* closely squares the nodes @ 10* Virgo/Pisces. This is the ‘call to action’ and doubly so since Mercury & Saturn are located in the 1 st house while the nodes span 3/9 and conjunct the MC. The first house demands that we ACT on what we believe (Sag) while the 3 rd and 9 th house show us the direction our actions should take and underline the theme of belief versus expression. We must, all of us, think (Mercury) carefully (Saturn) about the big picture (Sag) and then dynamically (1 st house) communicate it (3 rd house & Mercury) far and wide (9 th house) in a truthful and faith based way (Sag). If we do, we can adjust (Virgo) and heal with compassion (Pisces) both ourselves and those to whom we relate.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon is ‘A JEWELRY SHOP’.

What a sparkling and optimistic concept. We have what it takes to do what is needed. There is an abundance of valuable resource available and it is our responsibility to make sure that it is used and distributed wisely. Remember, money is merely a lubricant. If you do not spread it around, it will turn into sludge. The more that you USE your money, the more likely will resource somehow make its way back to you. Or, it takes money to make money. We have all heard that, haven’t we? There was a time when I would barter with others for goods and services but, no more. There is something very powerful both for the recipient and the giver when real money is exchanged. In fact, I would go so far as to say that using money mindfully in this way is a spiritual act. As you give someone who has either done something for you or provided you with an essential product, you are blessing them with a symbolic gesture that represents YOUR OWN labour and investment. It is appropriate that you say a silent blessing to this effect as the money changes hands. The exchange is made even more powerful when actual money is used and not plastic. In our rational world we have lost the beauty of symbolism and ritual for the most part. By shifting how we use our money we can begin the process of re-installing it into our conscious life. Awareness of every action is, after all, the key to successful living.

The Sabian Symbol for the MC of the Full Moon event chart is 14* Virgo (In Winnipeg), A FAMILY TREE. We are all in this together. This is a group effort and will only succeed if we understand this right down to our core. We have all come form somewhere and somewhere down the line, backwards  and forwards, we are all related to one another. If we integrate the concept of ‘familia’ into our choices and actions, we are less likely to harm another. This Full Moon energy points us in this direction. Work for the Common Good, (Full Moon in the 6 th triggering the 7 th ). Find the Common Bond that really does exist between you and the other. Step into the power of thought and voice and make it happen.