New Moon in Capricorn

by christina rai


Capricorn New Moon: December 29, 2016

Here we are at the last New Moon of 2016. New Moons are traditionally a time to turn inward and reboot the operating system. At this point in the cycle of the year, this is especially so. The Capricorn New Moon gives us a great opportunity to do both a review and a reset since technically, we are very near to the beginning of the turning of the wheel, cosmically. Solstice was merely a week or so ago. This has given us a few days to settle into the energy of the upcoming year, a tasting period. Now, we can take a few moments and review how we feel, both about all that has been done or undone and all that can yet be done or undone. How are you feeling?

Let’s take a cue from the event chart for this New Moon. In the central time zone we have the pleasure of operating from the Libra perspective. Life is, after all, ALL ABOUT THE BALANCE that exists between the polarities of reality. With the ascendant energy located at 11* Libra, the Sabian Symbol is A PROFESSOR PEERING OVER HIS GLASSES. If you took the time to reflect on the limits of your own inner authority at the Solstice—the scope of your power; how you use it; how you might abuse it—then you have now come to a point in that reflection when you can pause and really feel whether you are honestly facing who you are and how you present that self to others. We all have a measure of expertise, a tad of ability, even a spoonful of wisdom. What are you doing with that expertise, ability and wisdom? That’s the question. You answer it. Be open to potential illuminations and insights in regards to this meditation. This is a season of unpredictability, friends!

The Sabian Symbol for the degree of this New Moon is BIRDS IN THE HOUSE SINGING HAPPILY. What a hopeful and optimistic set of circumstances. This gives us the sense that our actions can result in happy outcomes, that there is something to look forward to and that doom and gloom should be relegated to the back room and only opened at a later date. I like that. You have to MAKE good things happen because if you don’t, the bad things will FIND you all on their own. Remember, there is no such thing as a MISTAKE. All situations are OPPORTUNITIES for growth and improvement, even if, at the outset things seems impossible and dreadful. The mind is a powerful thing and it can definitely colour the fiber of your life so stay watchful of what you think, how you think and who you share those thoughts with. Choose companions who will build you up rather than break you down!

A couple of things about this lunation. Mercury is recently retrograde and this retrograde period of his will hang around us until almost the end of January when you factor in the ‘shadow’ period. With Mercury being so closely aligned to this Sun/Moon conjunction—the NEW MOON—we are reminded to pause, to reconsider, to review all of our plans and intentions.  Capricorn is the energy of structure and CONSTRUCTION. Build, says the old goat, build, build, build. This energy is never happier than when involved in projects that bring growth, increase, stability and order. Meditate on what, in your life, needs this down to earth, common sense approach. What can you restructure and improve? What needs some foundation work? What about clean-up? Whatever is begun in the detail oriented energy of Virgo, can absolutely be perfected in the assertive energy of Capricorn.  And, for us, here in the midst of winter weather, it’s a great time to do all those things that require indoor activity!  On a more personal level, retrograde Mercury in Cap asks us to reconsider the essential, fundamental structures of our lives—what we think (3rd house), what we believe (9th house) and how we can shift anything that we no longer find useful in those areas (Pluto in Capricorn is also proximal to this lunation and aligned to the event chart’s IC/MC). It’s the time for facing reality—Capricorn/ruler Saturn in Sag and then allowing truth to prevail—Pluto in Capricorn/ruler Saturn in Sag. Let’s be uncompromising with ourselves—well, let’s at least try!

The other stand-out about the energy at this time is the station of Uranus, basically exactly opposed to Jupiter in Libra and both squaring Pluto in Capricorn. These are, for the most part, pretty subtle energies and we will not necessarily recognize the operation of those energies immediately or even ever for some folks. These are the big boys of the horoscope. Often, we can more easily recognize their co-relationship in the communal energies of the times in which we live. However, on a personal level, they demonstrate all that is going on in the pillar posts of your life. You might suddenly ‘see’ a situation that you are in in a ‘new’ way. Your own attitude to aspects of your life may suddenly undergo a shift of perspective. You might even come up with some new strategies to address long standing issues that have been bothering you or even holding you back.  The key is to surrender, do not overthink, and relinquish control just enough to get the benefit of evolution. Digging in one’s heels when one is in a losing proposition usually does not result in a positive outcome.  Learn to ‘negotiate’ your way through sticky situations rather than just pulling out your uzi and trying to hold your ground. If that ground is suddenly shifting, move with it and get outta there! There is absolutely nothing wrong with making deals. It’s the best survival mechanism out there.

So, use this next few days to do some soul searching about just what you want to accomplish over the next few months. Be open to inspiration and invention. Be willing to try new approaches. Be resolute and above all walk in LOVE.


Happy Mundane New Year, everyone!

Winter Solstice 2016

by christina rai


The Winter Solstice is one of the most magical times of the ‘wheel of the year’. This is when the Sun is reborn and the earth begins to turn her frosty (for us Northern Hemispherians) face towards him. From now on, the days will get just a little bit longer and the light a little bit stronger. Yay!

It is always useful to take some moments and reflect on all that has transpired since the last Winter Solstice. These Cardinal Ingresses are much more coherent with a ‘New Year’ than the calendar date of January 1.  However, the Capricorn Ingress is so close to the calendar date that the mundane world uses that we can just elongate our reflective demeanour all the way into January.

So, at 4:44 am on December 21, here in the central time zone, we shake off the last few fiery impulses of Sagittarius and enter into the steady and secure energy of Capricorn. I know, it doesn’t feel all that secure or steady. In fact, with Pluto currently transiting Capricorn, any steadiness is being shaken, as we are all witnessing in the chaotic events of these past few years. Nevertheless, evolution involves a measure of random destruction. Whatever is no longer useful or applicable must be done away with. Not everyone will be on line with that and sometimes, it may not even look like that is what is going on. Trust the process. Though it may be incomprehensible from this point of view, there is a method in the madness. So, just set your egoic fears to one side and try to see the big picture. To come up with a new world order, an old world order must be eradicated. Remember, we are merely at the beginning of the process. Most surgery, at the start, can be a scary.

So, what to do on an individual level at this most magical, most mysterious time of the year? The Sabian Symbol for 1*Capricorn is AN INDIAN CHIEF DEMANDING RECOGNITION. I will restrain myself and not co-relate it to the literal world—smile.  Rather, let’s find that inner personal place of authority and use it in this coming year. What have you learned? What do you know to be true? Have your values changed, grown, shrunk, whatever? These are useful questions to ponder because what we are is the sum total of all that we have experienced. Have your experiences opened your heart and mind or have they shut it down?

The light of the Capricornian Sun is fully focused on the 2nd house of value. We should all examine what means the most to us and then adjust our actions to reflect those values. The Moon sits lightly in the sweet sign of Libra but challenging the Sun to use his authority wisely, Moon square Sun, waning. Where Capricorn rules with an iron fist, Libra likes to put a velvet glove on it. Kindness and love, peace and grace are the keywords of this energy. Let’s all dare ourselves to be that much kinder, that much nicer, that much sweeter than we were before. Yes, we must be strong but we must also be soft.

Two things to consider. Mercury shifted retrograde on Monday and will move all the way back into Sag before he is done. Back up your computers. Walk carefully on ice. Slow down and don’t be in a hurry to rush into anything. A Capricorn retrograde can be much less irritating than a Sag one so enjoy the slow down until January 4 and then be cautious until we get out of the shadow of the retrograde on January 27, 2017.

Also, the nodes are stationary retrograde after turning direct for a couple of days. These nodal stationary periods are wonderful for re-adjusting inwardly. It’s sort of like taking 5 good deep belly breaths and letting all the toxins out. Increase your journalling time, writers! Sketch out a few potential projects, painters! Sort through your art supplies, crafters! Get ready for what is to come.

So, take a moment this Wednesday and set some intentions for yourself. Who do you want to be this coming year? If you can’t come up with a coherent response, then give some thought over the course of the day and when you have a quiet moment, see if you can articulate a plan of action. If you can’t, never mind. The alternative course of action is to just move lightly through the next few weeks and let your feet find their pathway.


Happy solstice to all and to all a good night!

Full Moon in Gemini

by christina rai


The Gemini Full Moon—December 13, 2016 @ 6:06 pm

After the deep dark days of November and early December, as the Sun moves sluggishly through the mysterious energy of Scorpio & the exuberant energy of Sag, we await the burst of light that comes in the form of the Gemini Full Moon. She is at her fullest point just after dark, here in the central time zone and if we are lucky, it will be one of those clear nights that can happen for us on the prairies and if we are hardy and brave, we can venture out into her silvery light and dance for joy! This year, especially, this light filled full moon is the promise that the wheel is turning and the sun is soon on his return path at the Solstice.

It’s a glorious energy! The Moon forms a lovely close grand trine with Mars and Jupiter from her position in the 12th. Mars is inches away from leaving the 8th while Jupiter locks his feet firmly in the 4th.  This is all about bringing clarity to the emotional body. Feel it, explore it and act on it. Dreams can lead to ideas. Depth perception can bring balance to erratic emotions. A strategic plan of action can be formulated with help from the lower chakra energy of groundedness and impulse and then carried out with mindfulness. What is still bothering you? What are the fears that hold you back. Dig them out and shake them under the light of the carefree Gemini Full Moon. She tells us that self care, when undertaken with empathy and kindness to oneself can lead to breakthroughs in terms of perception and self-understanding.

Gemini is the butterfly energy. It is light and lovely and whimsical. Nothing stays hidden for long and nothing is taken too seriously. We want this attitude in our lives. Throw a beach party in your warm house to remind you that winter is on his way out—yes, yes, believe it!

The Sabian symbol for this lovely Full Moon is THREE FLEDGLINGS IN A NEST HIGH IN A TREE, juxtaposed against the Sag symbol, IMMIGRANTS ENTERING. Here we have a sense of anticipation, a sense of movement and flux. Both nervousness and resolution are suggested by these symbols. How apt this is for our current time. We are at the front end of something new and we feel edgy because the unknown always makes us feel edgy. And yet, we know, deep in our bones, that the solution lies in universality, in a coming together, in an opening rather than a closing. For those of you who are really frightened—and I know that a lot of you are—don’t be. Rather, find your faith and follow it. The world will change if YOU change but YOU cannot change anyone else so change yourself and believe. Use the brilliance of this Full Moon energy to clear your mind and to think outside the box. Just because someone says that a thing is bad does not mean that thing is bad. Use your wits and think for yourself. Do not be limited by prejudice and censure. Airy energy is the flying mind especially when it is found in a grand trine. This is the mind that leaps across the boundaries that we build for ourselves, that does not cave to conventional thinking. Do YOUR deal. Follow your ideals relentlessly. Practice what you preach without imposing it carelessly on others. After all, at the end of the day, we are all just little children looking to find our way home.

The Sabian Symbol for the MC of the Full Moon chart is 17 Pisces—AN EASTER PARADE.

Yes, there really is a spring coming and it is a cause for celebration. Use this slumber time to renew yourself. Find new ways to express who you are. From a new hair colour all the way to a change of location, you can follow it all! We humans tend to cleave to what we know, what makes us feel comfortable and yet, growth involves a measure of discomfort. How much can you stomach? How much can you absorb? Push your limits and find out just what it is that lies beyond the scope of your vision. You might be pleasantly surprised!