New Moon in Aquarius

by christina rai


The Aquarius New Moon—Forge Ahead With Hopefulness!
January 27, 2017 @ 6:08 pm CST

The New Moon is always a promise of things yet unseen and this month, with the energy falling in the future oriented sign of Aquarius, it is doubly so!

Aquarius energy is far reaching, visionary, and altruistic in its fundamental nature; community oriented from start to finish. It facilitates our seeing things in the big picture sense and aids us to make broad strokes with our dream brushes. We can fill in the details later! With Aquarius fuel, it’s time to make plans, rough out the plan of action and gather with others who share our values.

When we review this current New Moon, occurring as it does on January 27, 2017 at 6:08 pm CT, we are encouraged by the forward moving energy that surrounds it. All planets are currently direct suggesting a thrust into the future, an open door into the ‘next step’! It feels like everything is moving at lightning speed around us and we have to relinquish control just a bit and  ‘go with the flow’, as suggested by Mars, situated @ 30* Pisces, in conjunction to Venus & Chiron.

Within 24 hours of New Moon, she will be in trine alignment (using the 10* orb) of lovely Jupiter in Libra. The great god of serendipity and abundance will lend a hand with a smile and a nod to Luna as she dreams her Aquarius dreams. This is the energy of good will and peace. Take a cue!

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is 9* Aquarius, A FLAG TURNED INTO AN EAGLE. How fittingly Aquarian! There is a suggestion here that whatever the potential, it can be made real; that we have the ability within us to make something from nothing, to legitimize our hopes and intentions via concrete action that aligns to the higher will ( Mars in Pisces/8th). We all have the divinely inspired responsibility to be who we say we are, demonstrating this through measurable actions, not just empty words. Do a good deed. Smile at somebody in the grocery line. Bite your tongue even if you think you are right. Yield to the extent that you can. Imagine if we all did even a fraction of those kinds of things! What a world it would be!

The Sun/Moon alignment (New Moon) is located in the 6th house of the event chart suggesting that as we dream our high and far reaching dreams, scheme our impossible schemes, we should constantly refer all such abstract concepts back to practical methods of implementation. Let’s ask ourselves:

How can I bring just a little bit more hopefulness into my life?

What can I do right here and right now to be kinder, more peaceful, more generous?

What is one thing that I can do TODAY that will help to improve my life and the life of those that know?

You could make up some more questions to challenge yourself.

With Pluto aligned to Mercury, we are challenged to be absolutely truthful with one another, to see beneath the surface of things and to attempt to understand why someone might be acting in the manner that they do, instead of immediately judging and condemning. This is hard. We all have our partisan positions. Generally speaking, we believe what we believe because we think that it is true, not because we think that it is NOT true. The challenge then, is to see that TRUTH is a diamond with many facets and that, though Truth is absolute, the EXPRESSION of that TRUTH is necessarily variable. Yes, there is one truth and it can be summed up in one word, LOVE. Let’s all begin there.

So, how can we take up this enthusiastic and vibrant energy and run with it? The ascendant for the event chart is located in the joyful and childlike energy of LEO. Let’s believe it! Let’s share it! Let’s communicate with each other in upbuilding and creative ways. The Sabian Symbol for the ascendant degree (19* Leo) is a HOUSEBOAT PARTY. This is not the time for withdrawal. It is the time for gathering together. We definitely are all in this together (at the global level) so it is imperative that we find the ways and means to work together no matter how different we might actually be. In the end, we are all born and we all die. What happens in between those two pillar posts really is up to each of us individually. The more that we are certain of who we are and what we stand for, the more will we be able to form the community that best reflects that. The key is to follow our hopes and dreams with an inclusive, Aquarian attitude—ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL! Sounds good to me! You?

Full Moon in Cancer

by christina rai


Cancer Full Moon: January 12, 2017 – The Promise of Possibility

Full Moons are that part of the timeline when we can pause & take a look at how our resolutions & intentions are forming.  The January Full Moon, if it falls any time after the turn of the year gives us an increased opportunity for assessment. This year, this ripe and ready energy cascades around us drenched by the waves of Cancer.  Whenever the Sun is transiting through Capricorn & there is a Full Moon, that Moon will always fall in Cancer, the opposite sign to Capricorn. I love how these two energies provide the psyche with the opportunity to find emotional balance.  While Capricorn is steady as she goes, down to earth and often controlled on an emotional level, Cancer feels deeply & can often be extreme in its reactions. When the two impulses find a common ground within the psyche, the results are spectacular. Balanced, yet deeply feeling, down to earth, yet sympathetic and nurturing. For those of you with strong Capricorn or Cancer energy operating in your psyches, this is YOUR Moon. Feel it baby!

The general import of this particular Full Moon is FULL SPEED AHEAD! Most of the planets are direct with Mercury having turned direct on January 8, & just about ready to shift into Capricorn and move out of the shadow of the retrograde by the time of the next New Moon.  There might still be a few mercurial  issues to deal with as Mercury rapidly moves through the shadow of the most recent retrograde but with the rest of the energy of this time period raring to go, the issues will, no doubt, be dealt with easily and efficiently—the promise of Capricorn to anyone who might want to access it.

The Moon is involved in a very tight Grand Cross or Square configuration with Sun/Moon @ 23* Cap/Can & Jupiter @ 23 * Libra & Uranus @ 21 * Aries. Square relationships can often reflect struggle or impasse but full of explosive potential if the energy involved can be opened up.  What is the potential?  If you can move into this energy of aspiration (Jupiter)  & invention (Uranus) & apply it to your own personal creed & self-actualization process (Sun/Moon), you will make tremendous headway.  You have to locate your own inner authority (Capricorn), lace it with the passion of fellow feeling (Cancer) & apply it to even the smallest part of your personal life (Jupiter in Libra & Uranus in Aries). Follow the path of peace with others without relinquishing independence or giving way on reasonable boundaries within the context of personal relationships. Know what you REALLY think & don’t be afraid to stand by it, always with a measure of grace & kindness. Unity is not based on everyone being the SAME. It is born out of a deep mutual respect for each others’ differences & a willingness to hear an opposing point of view without the threat of violence or suppression.  How dull it would be if there was never any dissension or difference.  I mean, roses are nice but so are daisies! Diversity supports growth and wholeness. We all know what inbreeding produces.

The way to stir this Square energy up is via ACTION, as represented by the absolutely inspirational trine that Mars in Pisces makes to the Full Moon in Cancer. Resolve to walk the Gentle Warrior Pathway at every opportunity. Be mindful when making choices & always choose based on the Law of Love. Pisces, at its most proactive, is the energy of the divine, selfless, considerate & kind. Have the first 2 weeks of this year been heading in that direction for you?

The Sabian Symbols for the Sun/Moon fall at the 23* Capricorn/Cancer.:



Within any group, there must be an agreement of principle and yet a healthy and vibrant debate of that principle is what contributes to any group’s health and welfare. We want to seek common purpose especially with those who may not entirely agree with our positions. It is through that sort of process that we will find success in the “WAR”!

Communicate & open up.  Listen & learn.

With a super charged ascendant energy located @ 12* Sagittarius, we have the will to take up the challenge of righting whatever is wrong, of pursuing ideals & exulting in any accomplishments that may come because of mindful & proactive intention.

The Sabian Symbol for the ascendant is A FLAG THAT TURNS INTO AN EAGLE THAT CROWS.

Let’s all of us be flag bearers to whatever we passionately adhere to and then let’s all Crow in joy!