Full Moon in Libra

by christina rai


April 11, 2017 @1:09 am CDT

The first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox opens us to the cardinal energies (Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn) in full force. Cardinal energy is action married to impulse. Emotionally driven decisions can be a theme with this Full Moon as Pluto, the god of the underworld sends missiles into the mix.

Look at the world scene and watch these energies ricochet around us. You might hear about lines being drawn and crossed. You might see encounters that leave no room for negotiation. It might appear that everyone involved is gathering up their ‘little gods’ (the values and principles that impel them to make the decisions that they make) and begin to entrench themselves in their bunkers.

And yet, there is more to this energy than just confrontation. We cannot do much to affect what is going on in the global village but we can review this energy with a view to our own lives.

With the Full Moon high in the heavens according to the event chart, you may find yourself drawn to thoughts of relationship and how it impacts on YOU at a core level. With Pluto in Capricorn lurking in the shadows, you may find yourself driven to take action to establish your own criteria in any given interaction. You may discover your own ‘red line’ when it comes to making compromises or engaging in relational enterprises. If you have neglected your own needs in consideration of the needs of the ‘other’, you may suddenly find yourself bucking the next big ‘ask’ or demand from your partner. With the Sun firmly ensconced in the 4th house of the private self, it just might be time to access your core power and sovereignty (Saturn in Sag trining the Sun & sextiling the Moon) and ‘do your own thing’ no matter what your ‘other’ says.

However, this energetic dynamic could be the boost that you have been looking for, allowing you to uncover hidden obstacles and ongoing impediments and irritations with composure (Saturn power flowing freely into the solar force).

To get the most out of this potentially explosive energy, KNOW YOUR OWN MIND. Plan your moves. Edit and refine your speeches so that you don’t come up short by some unexpected response from your listener. Libra energy is all about creating dialogue, finding the middle way but this Full Moon emphasizes that it must be a true middle way. Both parties have to give a little in order to get to that point of delicate balance and that agreement has to be ongoing for both parties.

Venus, the goddess of both love and war traditionally, has backed into the sweet and dreamy energy of Pisces in this, her current retrograde period. In terms of external events, this could trigger a remembrance of things past, even to the point of some old ideal lover reappearing in your life, either in dream-time or, even more extraordinarily, in real-time. I have often heard of friends finding long lost friends under the rays of this kind of energetic movement. At the very least, you may find yourself dreaming of people and things long gone and wishing that they would reappear in your life.

In terms of inner work, any retrograde period is a good time to review the play list of your life. Venus is representative, at the highest level, of the values (those ‘little gods’ I often talk about) that drive you to be who you are and, more importantly, who you are becoming.  Pisces focuses the mind on higher values, the divine intention, the importance of principle and goodness. Venus in Pisces is ultimate compassion and forgiveness. I have found, anecdotally through my client practice, that those who have this placement in their natal chart have an enormous capacity to exercise unconditional love and forgiveness. It is a rather grand blessing bestowed upon the native by the soul force, a karmic reward of the most wonderful kind. But, all of us, even those of us who do not have that ability come easily to us, can access this energy and find ways to weave it into our psyches by hook or crook. If you want it, you can get it! The key is mindfulness, cultivation of ‘right intention’ and an emphasis on ‘right thought’.  By ritualizing this process in your daily life, always monitoring your response mechanisms (often the area that creates the most negative energies in an unconscious way), ensuring that you think before you respond or take action, you can gradually refine yourself to be something like the Goddess of Grace—Venus in Pisces, the most beautiful, the sweetest, the best.

The Sabian symbols for this Full Moon are:



Both of these images conjure up the retrograde Venus in Pisces, giving us a clue as to HOW we can manage and even diffuse some of this explosive confrontational cardinal energy that is contained in this Full Moon.

We must be fully aware of just what is held in each our own individual desire bodies. Desire is a most wondrous force and yet, improperly used, can cause all sorts of indescribable chaos. In the area of human relationships, desire is the thing that can make or break any covenant made. Review your covenants. Keep your promises and if you cannot, then get it out in the open so that you do not destroy your ‘other’ with impulse driven actions.

The highly principled and unconditional love that is contained in Pisces is aptly expressed in the simple and innocent picture of a child feeding birds at a fountain, water being a fitting symbol for life itself. If we treat each other with the openness and acceptance of children, we will avoid battles, strife and other toxic actions that take away our humanity and aspiration to something than emanates from the divine.

Any combination of energies can be translated either negatively or positively according to the level of the interpreter’s consciousness. You are the interpreter of your own core energy and the energy that is constantly in movement around and within you. This is the MOST important job that you have while on this planet of craziness and conundrum: to translate into spirit based language everything that comes across your desk, even the hard stuff.


The Sabian Symbol for the ascendant energy of this Full Moon chart hints at a clue.


Ritualize your life to do good to all. Weave into your daily routines a mindfulness of the web of life, the inter-connection of all living things. Each one according to her values must seek the good, find the grace, discover what is the best expression for oneself in the context of each and every situation that one finds herself in.

It starts with the little things and eventually spreads out to encompass the whole of it. We can do it if we want to. Let’s all try.

THOUGHT FOR THIS FULL MOON: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Amen, sista!