New Moon in Gemini–Yay!!!

New Moon in Gemini: May 25, 2017 @ 2:46 PM CDT


When the Moon is new in Gemini, we have the opportunity to go to the heights and be free when it comes to flights of fancy & imagination. I think we need that right now. The mundane world is embroiled in conflict and chaos and there is a rumbling in the near background that can feel ominous at times. But, as seekers and objective observers, we have access to a world view that supersedes the mundane, the ordinary. It is not that we totally remove ourselves from what is going on but we have the capacity to see beyond the immediate and get a grasp of trends that may not yet be clearly evident. That helps when it looks like everything is dissolving into tumult. This is a time of change; and CHANGE, by its nature can be frightening to us—poor creatures enslaved to security and comfort.  We like what we know, what we are used to and when the status quo begins to shift, we can become skittish and hysterical.  Just hang in there.  The change has not arrived in its fullness. There is much more yet to be revealed and with the revelation will come more change and so it goes.

One thing that we, as students of history and metaphysics have come to understand is that EVERYTHING is cyclical and that EVERTHING eventually passes. This may not seem like solace, but, in truth, it is. We are not the first or only creatures that have built empires and dealt with the idiocy of common politics. There have long been tyrants. There have long been conflicts. Those of us who have glimpsed what the REAL solution to world disorder is—LOVE & FORGIVENESS, TOLERANCE & COMPASSION—must work to get to that invisible yet necessary ‘tipping point’ of consciousness. Once enough sentient beings actually embrace the real solution, it is manifested, and oh so easily. ( I know that some of you are finding this hard to believe…) However, ordinary politics will not, ultimately, solve any problems. It is far too reflective of that which is the root of the problem—desire driven action that chooses to ignore the common humanity of all.

That is not to say that we, as individuals should divorce ourselves from local action. That is a right that we all have and can exercise as we see fit—as long as we understand that whatever we appear to gain is but a shadow of what we actually need to solve the problem. Activism that is humanitarian in impulse is the best way to express our social awareness but, honestly, do what you feel works for you. Just keep those wise metaphysical glasses firmly fixed! We are going for the long game here, folks.

With the Moon in Gemini, we should get a sense of lightness, even if only briefly! Adventure and exploration is the key word for this cycle. Find something that gets you going and follow the bread crumbs to its location. It could be real travel. It could be a new philosophy, a new idea, a new thought process, a new way to interact, to communicate. Whatever it is, let it take you away from pressing concerns at least for a bit. Gemini likes to have fun! So, find some fun to have!

Mercury is newly direct and in Taurus. Our thoughts are turned towards earthly things and we feel that we want to find something stable and secure to shore up our scattered emotional body. Garden. Take walks. Do something practical with your hands. Any activity that gives form to your concepts will help you to feel more connected to what is real and tangible.

Venus is still in Aries and at the very beginning of her 19-month loop under the influence of this dynamic, independent energy. As she moves through the various signs of the zodiac over the next year and a half, each of those energies will be laced with a little Aries Fire, spirited, fierce and free. The Aries ‘call to action’ is about re-invention of self from the core value system, and up. When the Inner Goddess consorts with the element of Cardinal Fire (Aries), she is a warrior for what she believes in. It is critical that we all embrace this activist energy, especially now, at this most interesting time in social history. Each of us must be clear about what is true (to us), what is important to promote, what we want to base our lives on. The Goddess, clothed in fire, is relentless in opening up our senses to that which stimulates us to be more in our own selves than ever before.  Believe in who you are and take it to the limit!

Transiting Mars in Gemini supports the call to adventure and exploration, saying ‘hurry up, hurry up…let’s get going…NOW!’’ Jupiter in Libra is in a mundanely supportive aspect to this Gemini cluster of activity that includes the Sun & the Moon and quietly whispers encouragement for any efforts undertaken. Be willing to take that step, maybe one you haven’t taken before and try something different. It could open to the door into a whole new way of being for you. With Saturn in Sag sitting silently across from this flighty Mars, rest assured that you have an anchor firmly attached to your feet and—promise—you won’t get lost in the flurry of action if that is what you find yourself dealing with. Saturn has a habit of getting real when reality needs to be got.

The Sabian Symbol for this lovely, light and fanciful New Moon is:



AN OLD OWL UP IN A TREE (Sagittarius)


Let it all fly free, children. Seek out that which most gets you juiced up, ready to fight for what you stand for. But fight with insight. Use your inherent and natural wisdom to lead you in the right direction (s).

This is a great time to explore NEW ways of saying an old thing. Search out what may yet be inaccessible to you and then figure out how you can actually make it usable in your real day to day life. Can a new approach to an old problem be the answer? Could it actually be so simple a solution—to JUST TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT?

We all come to this place equipped with stuff that helps us and sometimes harms us. However, in all that rubble that we carry around—our genetic make-up, our family dynamics, our experiences, our social conditioning—there is knowledge gained and, if we are blessed, wisdom that we can access. Sometimes we hear it and ignore it and sometimes we hear it and listen. It’s a choice, every second of the day.  Are you listening and doing? Or hearing and ignoring?

Let’s all of us shake off the muddle and the chaos of the last few months and try something new. Gemini New Moon—here we come!




Full Moon in Scorpio

by christina rai


May 10, 2017 @ 4:43 pm CDT

Tracking the NEW MOONS and the FULL MOONS each month gives an EXPERIENTIAL sense of how energy works. The wonderful thing about this is that for each of us it will be unique—not different but rather, particular to us as we operate as an individual. It’s also one of the easiest ways to learn astrology. If we are students of astrology, this will greatly enhance our ability to translate any chart that we see on a piece of paper.

So, there is usually one New Moon & one Full Moon every month, separated by about 2 weeks. The New Moon signifies the beginning (seeding) of the cycle for the next 30 ish days and the Full Moon signifies the culmination (fruition) of that cycle.

Whatever sign of the Zodiac the New Moon is in at the beginning of the cycle, the Full Moon, 2 weeks later, will be in the partner sign, for the most part. The signs of the Zodiac can be grouped into ‘pairs’ that face each other across a 180* axis.

Hint! Find out what sign partners your own Sun Sign and read about it to gain some tips on how to balance your impulses. Self-directed and impulsive Aries gets some fine tuning from Libra’s compromise and consideration!!! Just saying…

The Moon travels rapidly through the entire Zodiac. She completes the circuit once every month so for the 30 ish days of the Moon cycle, we get a taste of all 12 designated energies of the Zodiac for about 2 ½ days per sign. It’s not a hugely long time but as month follows month, we can start to notice how or if there is a similarity on the days of each month that the Moon lands in a particular sign. Keeping a Mini Moon Journal can help with this process. Start with the NEW MOON and the FULL MOON and just jot down key words for HOW YOU FEEL on those days. Don’t forget to note which sign of the Zodiac is highlighted. After doing this consistently for a few months, you may start to notice an emotional pattern appear.

Remember, the MOON is all about feelings, reactions and conditional responses. Not a lot of head stuff going on here. It’s all about the gut. And, ingrained habitual patterns of behavior which may or may not be fully understood. Remember the duck who thought she was a dog?  That kind of thing.

Consciousness is key and the beginning of increasing one’s consciousness is to actually begin to NOTICE things. Let’s call it the RITUAL OF OBSERVANCE. Observe and digest and then hopefully, learn so that you can apply the learning to your day to day life.

Example: After a few months, you notice that when the Moon is traveling through a given sign, you tend to be less self-controlled than usual. How can knowing this little nugget of data be useful to you? HMMMM…give it some thought…

This Month, with the Full Moon bursting out in Scorpio, we enter into a potential of power and impulse. The Moon in Scorpio is one of the most complex placements that a person can have in their natal chart. Hard to understand, potentially quite secretive, often difficult to manage even just by oneself.

When the Moon is full in this energy, the key thought is ‘ a powerful impulse towards transformation & regeneration’. What, if anything, in your life needs an overhaul? This energy provides us all with the potential to dig deep and find out what is hidden.

There is a powerful focus on the value found in relationship; what makes us want it and what makes us want to lose it. Examine what fuels your needs in this area to more clearly define how to provide yourself with what you truly need in your relationship life.

Venus is newly returned to Aries, having just risen in the morning sky to begin a whole new cycle of becoming for the next 19 months. Who do we imagine ourselves to be? What can we do to refine that vision? Where is our inner feminine ‘wild woman’? What does she truly desire? With this Full Moon energy activating our psyches, we can begin the process of re-defining ourselves. Aries energy is a BIG component part of this Full Moon and combined with the Scorpio/Taurus energy, it creates a tremendous amount of movement. Allow yourself to explore all facets of your life; your values, your needs; your wants; your ‘others’ and then muster up your courage and truly admit to yourself what needs to be re-born. Maybe you don’t kick him out but maybe you do have a sit-down heart to heart and bring some clarity into the relationship????? The WILD WOMAN archetype is about reclaiming your own power of being and being willing to step into the unknown, to explore POSSIBILITY with ardor and bravery of soul.

This Full Moon is about digging into the past and bringing it into the present. You don’t need to keep feeling what you have been feeling if those feelings are not supporting your current values. Don’t be a concrete slab! Be a fast-moving river that is running to the sea!

Change is the fire that burns brightly in the soul. Fuel that fire and let it flame around you.

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:




Holy Cow! Could they be more fitting?

Here we get the sense that it is time to dig deep, to ‘open the curtains’ of our selves and let the light get in. Fear lives and persists in the dark so when we allow the light to enter a dark space, we begin the process of FEAR ELIMINATION. Once fear is eliminated, the Wild Woman is able to make her appearance in the story of our lives. We can live free; be free; soar the skies and go beyond the horizons that we thought were ours.

The image of the ‘winds, clouds and haste’ gives us a sense that permanence is an illusion. The only real truth is that everything changes and that includes US! Be unattached to anything and you will never experience disappointment again. Honestly. That is true. Expectation of outcome is the bane of existence.


Enjoy the Full Moon in Scorpio and stretch those fiery wings and fly!




New Moon in Taurus

by christina rai


April 26, 2017 CDT

The Taurus/Scorpio axis in the zodiacal wheel is considered to be one of the power pulses of the energy spectrum.  Here is where birth and death are linked to produce transformation of the deepest kind.  This birth/death can be literal or figurative. It is all about becoming and releasing. The becoming is the seed part of the initiation cycle into consciousness and the release part is where we allow old forms to dissolve so that the new consciousness can be fully embraced as it forms.

Taurus is one of the deepest and most sensual energies of the wheel.  It holds form as no other can.  In traditional astrology, this is the energy that was considered to exalt the Moon—the lunar force.  Though most modern astrologers shy away from so-called ‘rulerships’, referred to as The Dignities, it is useful to make note of the various signs (energies) that were linked by rulership to the various planets. It can give us a hint as to how a particular personality impulse, as symbolized by the planets, can operate when in that particular energy. The exaltations (one of the aforementioned ‘dignities’), were energies where the particular planet in question was considered to be able to operate within the psyche at optimum capacity. It was kind of like a King or a Queen residing prominently within the sphere of the personality dynamic. So, persons born with the Moon in Taurus have the capacity to be fully ‘in the body’, grounded, practical on an emotional level, not given to histrionics and able to navigate life’s sometime treacherous journey with skill and reliability. There can be reactive tendencies as well but we’ll discuss them in another post.

When we have a collective NEW MOON in the sign of Taurus, we know it is the spring coming alive. The earth is waking up and green things are poking out of the slumbering ground. How fitting that this explosion of growth happens at this time of the year, when the Sun transits the entire 30 degrees of the sign of Taurus, that organic and glorious energy, and meets briefly, (about 2 ½ days or so) with the flighty Moon. (If you have been following the Lunar cycle, you have probably realized that the Moon will pass through all 12 signs of the Zodiac in a one month period and that at some point in any given month, she will join with the Sun to form a NEW MOON. It’s a lovely dance that we can follow both figuratively and literally since the two lights—the Sun and the Moon—are clearly visible in the sky.

This time period also marks the birth of the Buddha but I’ll talk more about that at the Full Moon. Suffice it to say, that this time period—late April to late May is an auspicious one. The earth is waking up, the Buddha has been born and is transformed, and really, all should be right with the world. We have been re-invigorated to begin again.

The call to action for this New Moon is Reflect and Re-do! We have had a rocky few months of frantic and chaotic energy. Our values have been upended. We have faced each other down. Lines have been drawn and crossed. How did it all play out for you? Well, here’s an opportunity to settle in, meditate on all that has been going on and re-envision your own process. Plant those little seeds and nurture them so that they grow into big beautiful flowers.

Mercury is retrograde, slowing down and ready to turn direct any day now, and within range of this New Moon, suggesting that we can meditate on just how we can more fully concretize the dreams, hopes and intentions that we have had since Winter Solstice. The mental energies are highly focused, ready to make fantastic leaps into unknown realms if need be (Uranus, the energy of invention & inspiration close to Mercury in Aries). Think about your strategies. How have they been working for you? Can you shake off those cobwebs of ‘the same, the same, the same” and try something different, even shocking? Shocking, at least, to you if you have been feeling like you are stuck in a rut. That is the key here. You are being asked to step outside the box and experiment. With Saturn trining this unpredictable but invigorating energy of experimentation, there is more than enough resourcefulness to actually get things in gear. And if you are feeling a bit shaky, somewhat vulnerable, that is coherent with this kind of fiery fuel. Saturn is also squaring Venus, demanding that your values be squeaky clean and true to the real you. If it ain’t working, then it must be broke. Now is the time to consider all the risks of making necessary changes so that how you live reflects the ‘who’ that you really are. This newly direct Venus energy is almost back in Aries, ready to take off on a whole new adventure of re-invention of the core self as expressed through fundamental life values. Make a promise to yourself that you will change at least one old and outworn part of yourself over the next little while. Which goddess would you like to be? An independent fiery huntress? A deep and resourceful partner? A fierce but loving nurturer? You choose and then do it. Little steps can take you a long way.

Mars has newly entered Gemini which lends freshness and youthfulness to the energy body. You are the little engine that could and with a fast moving Geminian Mars fueling all efforts to reconstruct and re-align, you have the sense that maybe, just maybe, you can get that train up that hill and start to really roll. Remember, life is process and it Is not the destination that you are seeking. Rather, it is the embodiment of the process that is key. Be the thing that you most desire to create in the world around you and before you know it, you will begin to see that thing all around you.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is 7* Taurus: A WOMAN OF SAMARIA

To understand this symbol, recall the story of how Christ first revealed himself to a Samarian woman at the start of his short ministry. The Samarians were not God’s chosen people so it is highly significant that Jesus, the long-awaited Messiah of the so-called ‘chosen people’, took his message of peace and love to a gentile, and a female one at that. This shows the highest degree of universality possible. To live our lives fully, we must recognize everyone as our family. We must embrace one another without exception. As we move through the world, we must avoid hidden agendas and live without an expectation that what we do will elicit some kind of reward. That’s not an easy way to live, by the way, but, even so, if we can do it, we should try to do it. Let’s all approach each other as little children do when they meet and greet. The expectation is that there is something good and exciting possible in every meeting. Like the Woman of Samaria, let’s all maintain an open mind when in conversation with ‘the other’. You never know, you just might meet the Christ and hear his message.