New Moon in Cancer & the Solstice..woohoo!!!


New Moons are beginnings and yes, they do come around once every month so the initiations are not necessarily large scale but more along the lines of short term directives and easily accomplished goals; in short, sprints rather than marathons.

I really like these little incremental strategic plans of action. Goals that are actualized always result in a sense of accomplishment and act as a spur for even more courageous initiative on the part of the successful doer. It’s the easiest way to build up confidence. Set yourself small goals, fulfill those goals and then take it to the next level.  Baby steps is always the best course of action. No leaping off tall buildings without some kind of safety net, please. We are not super-humans—YET…

You can tailor your plans of action around the central energy of each New Moon as it rolls around each month. So, for instance, this month it’s all about the emotional body—how we feel, how we react, how we process what the heart receives.

Added to this is the fact that we have just had one of the most glorious events of the annual cycle—THE SUMMER SOLSTICE. We luxuriate in those long sultry summer days that drift lazily into sweet velvety nights filled with gorgeous celestial objects that enrapture us as we gaze at them, especially for those of us in the Northern hemisphere (the more north you go, the better). With the New Moon falling so soon after the solstice, the halfway point in the year, we have the opportunity to delve into our hearts and feeling natures and take a good look at how we operate on this most important level. We are more relaxed during the summer and this relaxation provides us with a measure of security as we review our relationship life, our feeling nature, the things that incite emotion within us.

The question:  How SECURE do you feel about this part of your life?

What fears rise up in your consciousness when you think about these elements and/or issues?

Can you come up with any strategies to address the things that are not working?

Take some time to sit with these thoughts and brainstorm a few ideas. Then, as the month progresses, you can see if what you imagined can actually be put into action.

The call to action, then, is EMOTIONAL GROWTH, at the very least and EMOTIONAL TRANSFORMATION, if we pull up our boot straps and really get down to business.

There is a load of Cancer energy supporting this New Moon event, with both Mercury and Mars aligned to it.  Within the next 24 hours, Luna shashays her way into orb of Pluto @ 18*31’ Capricorn, promising insight if we are open to it.

It’s a Friday, so if you can, just sit under the sky. Don’t attempt to solve any problems, just allow yourself to appreciate the sheer joy of being alive in your body at this most precious moment in time. Even if you do not intellectually perceive any gems of wisdom or insight immediately, rest assured that they found their way into your psyche and in the coming days, you may be surprised at what you suddenly understand or realize. Life is truly a mystery.

The Moon is also moving into a square to Jupiter, also within the day so be prepared for emotions to run fast. Don’t be caught off guard. Watch your responses. Confrontations are a result of carelessness so be careful. there is a hint of explosiveness with Mars opposed to Pluto so keep those handles safely in a drawer or you might find them flying around haphazardly!

The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are :




There are several admonitions contained in these symbols.

We must take charge of ourselves, our emotional welfare, and sometimes do the hard thing to get to the good end. Growth is challenging simply because we basically do not want to do it. Most of us like the security of what we know, what we are familiar with. The idea of incorporating new, strange patterns into our lives can sometimes overwhelm us. We are but babies, after all; little entities bouncing around in an infinite universe. When you actually sit down and think about it, it sobers the questing soul. So, courage is needed to do the deal. We have to identify that part of ourselves that doesn’t quit and keep on going.

Dane Rudyar stated, in writing about this symbol;

“In India the deer was the symbol of Brahma, the Creative God. The antlers represent the extension of the mind-power located in the head.”

As we negotiate our way through our emotional issues, we can access the wisdom from Spirit to facilitate our transformation on this most delicate of levels. Even if we do not see a tangible connection between what we are going through and the wisdom that is coming from our higher selves, we must trust the process. In time, understanding will come.

Another aspect of the first strange symbol is the primal connection between HUMANS and NATURE. If the going gets to be too tough, get going out there, into the woods, metaphorically and literally speaking.

Do you remember when it was first suggested that we all go out and hug trees?

Well, it actually does work on a very guttural level. The energy of the tree floods into the gut as we stand in close proximity to it. The natural world has an uncanny sentience that supersedes anything that we experience. If you don’t believe me, go and examine the weeds in your garden. They mimic whatever plants they have invaded. My strawberry patch was inundated with weeds that looked exactly like strawberries but without the prize of the berry!

How do they do that? Natural Law, baby, Natural Law.

How fitting, then, that the second symbol indicates what it’s all about! Challenge and process, when undertaken with appetite and determination will result in growth. So, look at the situations of your life and, however challenging they might be, however sorrowful you might feel, however gut-wrenching the actuality, if you set your will to getting through, (baby steps, remember), and just keep breathing, you will come out of it in the end. Not always easy to do, but always satisfying once done. That long sigh of relief is waiting for you just around the corner.

So, enjoy the New Moon. Do what needs to be done this month. And always remember to insert some FUN, no matter how difficult that might be to do!

Full Moon in Sagittarius


by christina rai


June 9, 2017 @ 8:09 am CDT: 18º Sag 53′

When the Moon is full in a summer sky, there’s nothing quite like it!

She glows mysteriously, casting down her silvery light through the velvet folds of the night. It’s a good time to wander outdoors and just reflect on the glory of the night sky. This Full Moon is the closest one to summer solstice, (June 20, 2017), that we will have this year. In a way, it’s like a double, double—the fullness of the Solstice combined with the fullness of the Moon just before. We have come to the point of greatest light here in the Northern Hemisphere.

There is a restrained excitement around this Full Moon. Sag is the energy of unfettered exploration and a hunger for the unknown. This energy is connected to Jupiter, which, in astrological terms is the symbol for growth and an aspiration to that which is just beyond the reach of our fingers.  Wherever Jupiter falls in your chart is where you hunger to achieve MORE, where you strive to reach farther. It’s the part of your psyche that wants the ‘reward’, the accomplishment of something not yet fully actualized within you. In short, we grow under the guidance of Jupiter; we learn; we reach. Not for nothing is he called ‘GURU’. He teaches us to imagine possibility and not settle for probability.

And, in Sag, we find elements of this same impulse—the urge to go beyond the limits that have been set.

At the New Moon we were encouraged to step outside the box and try something new. Did you have any so-called ‘new ideas? Did you begin investigating any ‘new’ ways of looking at your life? Well, whether you did or not, you have arrived at a point in time—now at this Full Moon—when you can review any or all of your thoughts and impulses and see how useful they might be.

Saturn is sitting close to the Moon, suggesting that we take the time to ponder and meditate on the structural conditions of our reality. How are our lives working for us? What can we do to be more effective, more responsible, more in charge of our own destinies? Think about it.

Jupiter is just about to go direct—move forward in astrological terms—which suggests that whatever may have been percolating is ready to burst out. Test your ideas, your philosophies and your dreams to see just how practical and doable they might be. Take the time to thoroughly turn them inside out.

Mercury is sitting square the nodal axis of the Moon suggesting that we should review and re-think even as we are imagining new strategies.  Re-cycling old or discarded ideas is a good way to use the energy that you spent creating them in the first place. Wonderful items can be had by using old elements to create new ones.  Just think of all the quilts that have been made from well-worn fabrics!  Same principle. So, give yourself permission to go back and re-do, if need be, while also allowing yourself to imagine all that is yet to come into form. Who knows, you may find something useful from past thoughts that may be just what is needed for your new ideas.

Writers! Take note and pay attention. This is fertile energy and you just might find your words flowing both from past experience and imagined possibility.

Neptune, the planet of compassion and mysticism is strongly featured in this Full Moon.  Magic is in the air! When you go out and gaze at the Moon on June 9, notice if there is a hazy glow around her as she soars high into the sky. Make a wish as you contemplate her magic.  If that wish is in harmony with who you truly are, it WILL manifest in your life.  The key, of course, is that it must be harmonious with YOU!

Poets, take your notebooks with you and jot down words and phrases that Lady Luna might send you. Neptune is inspiration for those of you who love to write!

Yes, there is chaos in the world. Yes, things sometimes FEEL scary and unmanageable. But here’s a thought. Chaos demonstrates to us where the changes must be made. Chaos is the best clear indicator of what must be done. We just need to be open-eyed as we regard the situation. This, by the way, is not only applicable to the ridiculous politics of our time, but also to the politics of personal interaction that we all experience on a day to day basis.

For those of you who follow astrology by using your own natal charts, locate where this Full Moon falls in that chart. Whatever house is activated is where you can harness the energy of emotion to facilitate action. You may feel a strong ‘need’ to do something in whatever area of life is illuminated by the Moon. Emotion is the fuel that can make a difference when action is taken. Without it, our efforts might just fall flat and come to nothing. It is feeling that drives impulse.

The Sabian Symbols for this Moon are:




Here we get a sense of change that is born of a need to survive, grow, thrive and continue. The natural world follows natural law. The idea of pelicans moving gives a sense of natural flow based on natural needs. And yet, we do not abandon what is past. In fact, we use it to move forward as is suggested in the second symbol. That which we build is based on all that has been built. How beautiful it would be if everyone acted from a deep internal resonance with ‘natural law’, all the while revering the ancestors and understanding that all that is ancestral becomes the fabric of all that is yet to be born. It’s a thought that will save the world if we let it.

So, please take the time to, at the very least, look out your window once the Moon is up on June 9! But the best thing would be to actually go out and stand under her light and breathe in her magic. There is no month quite like June. There will never be another Moon quite like this one. Onward we go!