Scorpio Full Moon

Scorpio Full Moon April 29, 2018 @ 7:59 pm CDT

It’s here!

Once a year we have a Scorpio Full Moon as the Sun transits the partner sign of Taurus. It can be any day after April 21 (+/-) and up tp May 21 (+/-). This year it falls on April 29.

The Buddhist festival of Wesak

( Vesakh) is associated with this Full Moon though this year Wesak is celebrated on May 21 which is neither a full Moon nor a time when the Moon is transiting Scorpio. Still, at this Full Moon, we can begin thinking about the Buddha and his glorious birthday!

The Scorpio Full Moon is both mysterious and magical. It’s a great time to do rituals of healing, transformation, release, intention and self-empowerment. Scorpio is the energy of the magician, the shaman, she/he who can walk between the worlds, navigate both the lower dark depths and the upper light-filled heights. In Scorpio we encounter our most secret desires, our deepest needs and our most fearful feelings. Scorpio is where the monsters hide and the angels brandish their flaming swords both in vengeance and in righteous anger. It can be a scary kind of energy and it is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Those who are born with Moon in Scorpio—check with your local astrologer to find out if your own personal Moon falls in this sign—often do not understand what they are feeling until long after they have acted on those feelings. When they do feel things, it is with intensity, passion, single-mindedness and a certain inability to shift their focus. Once the emotion is fully rooted in the psyche, its pretty hard to veer off course, even when the end result is a cliff with jagged rocks at the bottom. These Scorpio Moon people are also keen of insight and have the ability to take anothers emotions and transmute those emotions by sheer force of will. They can make great counselors since there is little that they cannot handle. Telling a Scorpio Moon your dirtiest, deepest, darkest secrets is comforting since they have already explored a lot of the scenarios that they might hear from troubled souls, if not in real experience, then in imaginative exploration. This is the energy that cracks open the jar of TABOO, that is able to find the gold even in the ugliest of raw ore.

There is a strong alchemical component to these Scorpio Moon personas. Those who gravitate to bodywork can often trigger real life physical healing through the auspices of their touch. Once properly focused, these types can actually envision the DNA and work to shift its structure to a greater or lesser degree. Spontaneous remission can be the result of sessions under the healing hands of a Scorpio Moon.

Of course, there’s always a shadow side to any energy and with this one, the shadow can be pretty dreadful. If you have Moon in Scorpio, your job is to constantly monitor your impulse to control, to disempower, to overlord, to manipulate or to take revenge. Unfortunately, you are the elephant of the zodiac and seldom forget a slight or transgression. Well, fine, go ahead and remember, just do not act on that memory in a reactive, unprincipled way. Better yet, take that memory and use it for good. Find a way to forgive (without forgetting, of course) and create strategies to transform the harm into healing. If someone talks trash about you and you hear about it, DO NOT reciprocate in kind. Rather, find something pleasant, even flattering to say about the perpetrator.  Kind words are powerful and create a resonance of positive energy that will surround you and reach the other’s consciousness either literally or subliminally.  It is how one creates positive and healing karma. And Scorpio Moon, above almost all others has the ability to shift negative karma.

This Full Moon is a second chance energy. It sits almost exactly square the nodes. Use this opportunity to deliberate on the choices you are making and to really penetrate into the heart of the matter.  Why, exactly are you doing the things that you are doing? Will the choices you are making help to create security for you or will they send you even farther into confusion. The call to action is autonomous responsibility, an awareness that YOU are the boss of yourself and that blaming external factors will get you nowhere. This is your drama, baby, and you are the leading actor in it. It sounds easy enough—don’t we all take responsibility for what we create?—but, in fact, most of us do incline to shifting blame or projecting that which should be ours to own onto the others around us.  “Well, if she hadn’t asked me to go along with her, I wouldn’t have ended up there…”  Have you ever thought that? Or, something like that? Sure you have. So, with Pluto conjunct Mars in Capricorn, the energy of efficiency of management, and Saturn supporting the Moon with Capricornian strength of purpose and gutsy nerve, there is more than enough energy to actually follow through on resolutions that may be on the shelf. Drag them down, dust them and start all over again.  Yes, I will lose that weight. Yes, I will stop being a shopaholic—or any other kind of ‘holic’ that there is.  It takes honesty, a commitment to purpose and then the grit to grind it out. Scorpio Moon makes the promise that if there is a will, there is always a way.


The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are :




Devotion, dedication and a true and willing heart. When you want to go deep, you have to be prepared for that moment when you just might get the bends. Surrounding yourself with like-minded energy, with friends and lovers who are rooting for you to grow and evolve and with pure thoughts to fill up a pure heart is the key. Whatever the choice is that you have to make, keep examining your deepest motivations, self-check when doubt rises to the surface and take counsel from those you can trust.

Remember, Scorpio is all about secrets so, dive into your deepest secrets and make sure that they are for building up and not tearing down. If you do find darkness down there in your heart, root it out. Anger only hurts the angry one. Bitterness leaves you with a bad taste, not the other. Fear stops the heart from loving. The antidote to all of these negative emotions and any others that you may be feeling is LOVE, not the little love that we toss back and forth to each other; the BIG LOVE, that transcends the human condition and moves us just a little closer to the divine.


Thought for the Month

I can transform my reality to better represent who I truly am…



New Moon in Aries, 2018

NEW MOON IN ARIES: April 15, 2018 @ 8:59 pm CDT





Seeding time; conception; beginnings; the quickening…all phrases that evoke the expectant energy of the New Moon, this time, as we edge into the latter weeks of April, situated at the end of the third decanate of Aries.

It’s a potent lunation, activated by both Jupiter (inconjunct) & Pluto (square) and surrounded by Eris & Uranus on either side. This is a no holds barred, let’s get down to it—whatever it is!—in your face energy.

There’s an operational contract that is ongoing between the energies of Aries & Scorpio. Traditionally, both of these archetypal forces were ruled by Mars, nicely reflecting the outer and inner expression of action. Secondly, Mars & Pluto are linked in much the same way. Mars is symbolic of the external expression of will while Pluto symbolizes the deep, often inaccessible urges of the soul force. With Jupiter currently transiting Scorpio and in aspect to this lunation, there is a suggestion of a real power potential for getting things going. The call to action is to go deep and really get a handle on what your next step should be. The sense is that everything could end up anywhere, that its all up for grabs, that something needs to shift and the sooner the better—even yesterday, thank you very much.

Aries waits for no one. Scorpio tends to do it on its own. Put those two things together and we get the sense that we have come to a time of decision. With Pluto lending loads of energy to this time of beginnings, there is a sense that strategies can be laid, plans made and enacted. It’s a great energy of action at a time when action is exactly what is needed. If you are angry, use it. If you are frustrated, lose it. Put emotions to the side where you can access them and get strategic.

Both Mars & Saturn are still in Capricorn, providing a steadiness that is more than necessary with all of that irrepressible fiery late degree Aries energy. In the last decanate of Aries, Sagittarius is woven into the tapestry giving Aries an even more raucous nature. This is all about the far horizon, the impossible quest, the unreachable star, the dream that we hope we are dreaming. So, think big. Think hard and long. Think the unthinkable—in a good way, of course. With so much energy in the mix, something is inevitable. Our part in all of this is that we should get with the process and not allow mere instinct to call the shots. Unless Aries is well managed, that is exactly what will transpire. Ultimately, Aries is pure instinct, untethered to ration or reason. We need it, no question. Its what makes things happen but as we grow and evolve, we want to include considered response into all that action. That’s the job that Capricorn does in this drama. Aries is pulling hard to move forward and Capricorn is holding steady at the rear so that we don’t all fall down.

But its spring. Its time to crawl out of our caves. Its time to squint up at the sun and throw back our heads in delight that the geese are back. We have a few months ahead where we can enjoy being in motion. This lunation reminds us of what that motion feels like—KABOOM!!

The SABIAN SYMBOLS for this New Moon are:





Here we get the sense that we can turn things around and that we are absolutely on the edge of doing so. There is always a potential for another try at whatever it is that you think that you have botched or missed. Opportunity is ongoing. It is up to us to find that opportunity and to work it. If you don’t win the lottery with ticket number one, what’s stopping you from buying another ticket? Failure only concretizes when we stop trying to succeed. The key is effort, resilience, fortitude and courage in the face of resistance. Those who are successful worked HARD to get their success. It did not just fall into their laps. So, if you can imagine it, you can pursue it, and IT CAN HAPPEN with your will power and determination added into the mix. The sense of impending eventuality is so strong at this present moment that we cannot imagine that something will NOT happen. It must. It is almost upon us, hovering overhead, almost seen. What is necessary for every one of us at this moment is fearlessness and faith. So, if you feel fear anywhere in your body and mind, face it square on and tell it to go away in no uncertain terms. There is just no room for hesitation or equivocation. Just do it, baby, just do it.


Prayer for the month:






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