Full Moon in Aries, September 24, 2018, 9:54 PM CDT

Full Moon in Aries , September 24, 2018 @ 9:54 pm CDT


Its here! Once a year the Moon reaches her full point in the energy of Aries, calling us to action on the deepest of levels.

In and of itself, Aries is the impulse, courage, individuality and the celebration of being essentially, viscerally ALIVE. Undeveloped Aries energy can manifest as rashness, egocentricity and anger. Of all the energies, this is the one that we must cultivate assiduously so as to extract the maximum benefit from it as it settles in our psyches. Everyone has this energy woven into them but how it works within each of us is another matter.

With this lunation, we can take the time to objectively examine why we do the things that we do, why we make the choices that we make and how those acts and choices either facilitate our growth and inner expansion or inhibit it.

Mars, the ruler of this particular Moon is pointing the way to broad philosophical exploration on our parts. Go back, he suggests, to your original reasons for the circumstances of your life. Dig deep into memory and your past and try to remember what motivated you, what led to the present moment. Understanding the beginning leads to a greater ability to navigate the present and to create the future of YOU. The key is OBJECTIVITY if you can get there. Don’t give in to self-centered analysis or to projection of personal angst onto others. That never works and only leads to further muddle and distemper.

Saturn, the archetype representing substance and personal responsibility sits squarely aligned to this lunation. Suck it up, he says and take charge of yourself. If you don’t like what you see around you, get up off your bum and start altering your reality. You are the boss of you. You are not a victim. Actions have consequences and consequences lead to actions. Be judicious and don’t act like a fool. The measure of any person is the ability to admit when they are wrong or when they need help. Be willing to be humble. It’s no skin off your back but, oh boy, does it ever make the angels sing!

I love this time of the year. We have passed the Equinox and the shadow of winter is on the horizon. With this beautiful Aries Moon we have one last kick at the can, one more surge of power and zest. Often, this is the Harvest Moon, calling us to mind the earth and reap the rewards of our labours. Go outside and breathe in the beauty of Gaia as she release herself into the arms of slumber. Make a bonfire and burn away the waste on the physical, mental and emotional levels of your being. Call down the fiery Moon as she glides across the sky tonight and let her do her magic in your soul. Yes, we are of the earth but we are linked to the sky. We are stardust from a long time ago, born in a distant place beyond the reaches of this little solar system. That memory is in us all despite the evident chaos and disunity. Our job is to re-discover the thing that bind us all together and to nurture it so that love and peace truly do rule the world. Aries, with all of its power and might can incite us to righteous acts of courage and the positive expression of personal will. Just do It!

The Sabian Symbols are :




Aries reminds us that we are individuals and that it is our duty to be true to who we really are. We are formed through a constant interaction both with ourselves and those around us. We become the sum total of all that we do, think and choose. We have the capacity to alter that which we do not like about the reality that we create. In fact, we must! So, think deeply, act wisely and choose cautiously at all time, but for goodness sake, do think, act and choose. That’s how change happens!

The Aries Celebration

I am the flame

That is born in the heart of the divine

I am joy and exultation

I am freedom and fearlessness

I am the song and the singer

Let the music flow…

New Moon in Virgo, 2018

New Moon in Virgo: The Power of Resolve

We live in interesting times of shift, change and uncertainty. Part of the human psyche cleaves to what it knows and can measure while another part craves the unknown, the new. For some of us, there has been enough of the new lately and we feel as if we could take a little more of the tried and tested. But the changes are not done! The next few years will test our fundamental values, our connection to the things that we hold dear, the full measure of our relationship with the earth. The choices that we make as individuals and as a collective will determine what our world will become, what we will become, how this story of us will play out. As conscious individuals, we must continually be clarifying our intentions and examining our choices, ensuring that the one follows the other to create a strong chain that will hold us to our course to preserve the earth, to purge our community of reactive tendencies, to be true, good and loving. At this New Moon in the precise and exacting energy of Virgo, we can do a bit of this soul searching.

Virgo is that part of our psyches which analyzes and measures, collates and systematizes. Everyone has this energy somewhere and this current lunation will activate whatever part of YOUR psyche it aligns with. The wheel of the year is turning, now, towards the silence of winter. We have arrived at the autumnal equinox occurring on September 22, 2018 @8:54 PM CDT. It is a time to reflect on all that we have done and consider how to proceed. A new moon in any energy signals a beginning of sorts and with this particular new moon, we can begin to let go of that which was not productive and focus on all that is working in our little lives. The lunation is supported by a retrograde Pluto suggesting that we can dig deep into ourselves and find the strength to carry on and do what must be done.

Mars, now finally moving forward is picking up steam and is in the final degree of Capricorn suggesting that strategy and purposefulness can be applied with determination to any situations in our lives that require it.

This is a grounded, powerful new moon with loads of earthy energy to give us a sense of direction, a sense of place within the scheme of things. Mercury, Saturn & Uranus form a lovely triangle (trine), all in earth energies suggesting that our thoughts, our ideas, are supported by a clear sense of implementation with the ability to adapt and shift as need be as we enact that which we imagine. The facility to maneuver through obstacles and challenges is there in that connection between Saturn and Uranus. We just have to be willing to take the leap if need be.

Neptune, dream planet, signifies of spirit is almost exactly opposed to the Moon/Sun combo. We are being challenged to hold to the process. On the highest of levels, we are being asked to maintain trust that even if we are not entirely clear about the process, if we have done the prep work, we will get through to the end. Neptunian energy becomes problematic when we are overly rigid or give in to fear- based reactions. If you feel unsteady, remember to breathe and focus on TRUST. Take action from a place of LOVE and Neptune will be your friend. Act selfishly and Neptune will create clouds of doubt around you. Stay fluid, little fish.

In these strange and interesting times, I sometimes get the sense that we have been here before, don’t you? With Uranus square to the nodal axis, the call to action is to find the better way forward. What did we do, as a collective, the last time we had to make choices like the ones that are before us now? How can we improve over whatever it was that we did previously? This can be applied to our individual process just as powerfully. Think about your story. Think about your unconscious tendencies. Who are you? What is it that you do out of habit or imprinting that you can alter? Be better, be brutal with yourself, be honest, be strong!

The Virgo New Moon that always occurs around this time of the year is a great time to turn the mirror onto ourselves and to carefully examine all of the above. Use this opportunity, this great sifting and purging energy to polish your aspiring soul, to perfect your diamond nature, to be the gold that you truly are.

The Sabian Symbols are:



Here we have a bit of a caution. The one symbol could refer to the symbolic ‘tent’ of life. We, all of us humans, are gathered together to participate in something collective. We all take our turns on that ‘stage’ performing each one according to her inclinations and abilities. As the bard penned, “ all the world’s a stage, and we, the players”. How is it that we ‘act out’ our parts? Do we do it with thoughtfulness? Do we plan and carefully prepare ourselves before taking action? Or do we randomly ricochet from one impulse to the next? As members of a greater collective we do have a responsibility to participate with thoughtful intention in this play called LIFE. Depend on that which you know is effective and not that which is founded in illusion and conjecture.