Full Moon in Gemini 2018

Gemini Full Moon: November 22, 2018 @ 11:41 CST

Original artwork by permission of CLEM


As the yearly cycle descends into the darkest of times, our souls are filled with light as the Moon reaches her fullness in the sign of Gemini. This only happens once a year on average and always in November or December, just prior to Winter Solstice when, in the northern hemisphere, the Sun is reborn. So, although the days are short and the nights are long, the energy of Gemini promises us, as the Moon dons these magical robes, that summer will return and that we will not linger too long in the arms of the night.

There is a playful magic afoot when the Moon and Gemini merge. Worries are set aside, if only briefly, and a light-heartedness overtakes us. In Gemini we find ways to laugh. We explore for the sake of exploration. We network for the sheer joy of connectivity. We make friends simply for nothing. No need to be ponderous or deep. That can be tucked away for another time. Better to embrace each other with a smile and a chuckle than to look for hidden meaning and secret intentions. We are now well into the ‘season to be jolly’ and Gemini winks at us and says…”Just go with it. Enjoy it. Have some fun. It won’t last long, after all.”

This lunation is conjoined to several significant astrological shiftings. Firstly, the Sun has now stepped out of Scorpio and into the joyous energy of Sagittarius. And with Jupiter also in this sign, the emphasis is on generosity and expansiveness. Enough with the moods and intensity, says Sol. I wanna have some fun and think about loftier things. I wanna explore and adventure myself into a stupor if need be. I wanna GO and be free. Sounds fine to most of us after those long lingering Scorpio nights and days.

Secondly, Mr. Mercury is once again retrograde, and this time in Sagittarius, the energy of rapid movement for one thing. This retrograde period lasts until Dec 6, 2018 with the lingering shadow continuing until December 24ish, 2018. Mind your feet. Think decisions over once, twice, three time, four times. Sag impulse is pretty hard to hold in check. Back up your computer and make sure that your electrical equipment is in good working order and won’t short out. Generally, be alert to your environment. Mercury is all about the connection between things so any area of life that involves this principle is open to ‘adventurous’ mishap.

Thirdly, Venus has now concluded her retrograde journey and will be out of the shadow by December 17 ish, 2018. Gather up your thoughts and feelings and the sensations that you explored over the last few weeks and reboot, baby, reboot. With this Full Moon, Venus herself is featured in a power packed square to the Moon’s Nodes. What does that mean? We are collectively at a crossroads regarding those things that are of most value and concern to us. On an individual basis, we are faced with integrating the choices that we have been making in regards to our value systems, to our resource management, to what we love and want and what makes us feel grounded and full of well-being. There is a call to balance coming from the deepest part of our psyches, urging us to find the path of peace and conciliation, to really listen to those who may not be expressing exactly what we think is true, to seek the middle road. Walking in the middle is the safest place to be. The extremes are all much too close to the edge of the cliff. And this cliff drops off into sheer destruction. With Mars currently in the divine energy of Pisces, we are encouraged to assume the stance of the Peaceful Warrior, she who fights for the right from a place of compassion and forgiveness. So as we move into this ‘holiday season’, let’s all of us make love, not war. Put your partisan clothes in the trash can and don the robes of the lightworker, she who brings healing into this world of woe. In a hundred years, if we are still here, no one will care who the president was in 2018.


The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:


When we still our thoughts and ground our bodies, inspiration and insight can occur. After all, we are merely shreds of spirit caught in flesh and floating within the sphere of consciousness. The more that we can ‘peer’ through the ‘Glass-bottomed boat’, the more we understand the workings of this wonderful thing called life.


There is joy in fellowship and particularly so in the fellowship of reunion. How sweet it is to see sisters dwelling together in peace and harmony. This is really the reason why we came to this plane of existence in the first place, to find each other, to play together, to create love, to shine.


Blessed be the little children 

For they will inherit the Kingdom of the Heavens… Matt 18:3


NEW MOON IN SCORPIO; 11-07.18-10:02 AM CST

When the Moon slides into Scorpio every month and smolders there for about 2 ½ days, the secret part of the self, the inner reaches of the heart, the most hidden feelings and emotions can be stirred up. In Scorpio we find the courage to face the unknown. Whatever is hidden, is uncovered. It can be an exhilarating few days or a harrowing few days, depending on the extent of our desire to face the shadow that resides within us.

In traditional Astrology, Moon in Scorpio was understood to be the place of the Moon’s ‘FALL’. As the word suggests, it was not necessarily a happy kind of placement. Modern day astrologers look at things a little differently. Remember, that our historical understanding of this mysterious artful science, was formulated within an era when choice was limited or even restricted; when rules of conduct were rigid and proscribed. The King was the King and the serf was the serf and seldom did the two meet. Today, we are moving into the AGE of EGALITARIANISM, (though ever so slowly), and the little person, the silent citizen, is now beginning to recognize that her voice is as significant as that of any so-called ‘King’. Rules are meant to be broken and the status quo has become a fluid, almost living thing. Are we re-inventing the wheel? Possibly so. All that is broken is now being examined and we are vigorously exploring ideas to repair, replace and re-formulate. So, we modern astrologers regard the Moon in Scorpio as an archetype of incredible will, indefatigable courage and fearlessness in the face of misfortune. Moon in Scorpio is the stalwart survivor of the zodiac, absorbing all negativity and assiduously acting to transmute it into something useful.

This particular lunation is full of magic and inspiration. The Sun/Moon conjunction—New Moons are a time when the Moon travels into the brilliance of the Sun and rests there for a few days—is beautifully aligned to the planet Neptune, creating an aura of mystical magical musing. If you are inclined that way, that is. Use these next few days to explore hopes and dream, to imagine the impossible and them to imagine it into the possible. Allow yourself to suspend reality for however long you can and let the Moon in Scorpio show you your deepest desires, your most secret longings.

Jupiter is at the final degrees of Scorpio, almost ready to burst into Sagittarius. We are ready to take off our dreaming cloak and jump onto our horse, race for the horizon. The steamy, sultry energy of Scorpio will be discarded and for the next year, Jupiter will encourage us to dream big and reach for the stars. Use this next few days to imagine the next 12 months of your life. What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be?

We are still in the midst of the Venus Retrograde cycle with Venus situated at 27* Libra RX. Are you reconsidering your values? Are you reviewing where you place your bets? What motivates you? What do you actually, truly, deep down want in your life? This New Moon in Scorpio can provide you with the little bit of extra oomph to be HONEST with yourself and spit out the truth, if only in the privacy of your own room when you are well and truly alone.

The Nodal Axis has now shifted into Cancer/Capricorn. For the last 18 months or so, we have been exploring our individual need to proclaim ourselves, to out ourselves, to be who we want to be. Now the experimentation must be grounded into the deepest part of our individual psyches. The North Node in Cancer calls us to align the external expression with a deep and abiding internal resolution. We need to FEEL our convictions deep within our bones. We need to flesh out our aspirations with rock solid strategies that will ensure that we attain the goals that we set. BE WHO YOU ARE. FEEL your way into yourself. Be true to those uncovered feelings that may have risen to the surface of your soul.

This New Moon is a promise of insight, a boost of personal power, a call to authenticity of emotion. Used wisely, this energy is healing, transformative and empowering. Glorious New Moon in Scorpio. Let us begin again.

The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:




Smiles produce positive return. Work at being the ideal that you imagine. Happiness is worth the effort. Put your whole soul into the pursuit of a happy countenance. People love smiling eyes.

Stay ever humble. Do not over reach or assume that you have all the answers. Allow the divine to guide you and always opt for the path of righteousness rather than the path of self-interest. Joy and wisdom are born from a happy heart and an unpretentious mind. Ask rather than answer. Seek rather than find. It is in the ongoing search for truth that the answers reside.


Scorpio Magick

I am the spider who weaves the web

The shadow that covers the soul

I am the darkness of midnight and the silence of the witching hour

I am the magick in the mystery of the unseen

I am she who senses

She who knows

She who transforms

She who is reborn





Essence of life