Full Moon in Aries, September 24, 2018, 9:54 PM CDT

Full Moon in Aries , September 24, 2018 @ 9:54 pm CDT


Its here! Once a year the Moon reaches her full point in the energy of Aries, calling us to action on the deepest of levels.

In and of itself, Aries is the impulse, courage, individuality and the celebration of being essentially, viscerally ALIVE. Undeveloped Aries energy can manifest as rashness, egocentricity and anger. Of all the energies, this is the one that we must cultivate assiduously so as to extract the maximum benefit from it as it settles in our psyches. Everyone has this energy woven into them but how it works within each of us is another matter.

With this lunation, we can take the time to objectively examine why we do the things that we do, why we make the choices that we make and how those acts and choices either facilitate our growth and inner expansion or inhibit it.

Mars, the ruler of this particular Moon is pointing the way to broad philosophical exploration on our parts. Go back, he suggests, to your original reasons for the circumstances of your life. Dig deep into memory and your past and try to remember what motivated you, what led to the present moment. Understanding the beginning leads to a greater ability to navigate the present and to create the future of YOU. The key is OBJECTIVITY if you can get there. Don’t give in to self-centered analysis or to projection of personal angst onto others. That never works and only leads to further muddle and distemper.

Saturn, the archetype representing substance and personal responsibility sits squarely aligned to this lunation. Suck it up, he says and take charge of yourself. If you don’t like what you see around you, get up off your bum and start altering your reality. You are the boss of you. You are not a victim. Actions have consequences and consequences lead to actions. Be judicious and don’t act like a fool. The measure of any person is the ability to admit when they are wrong or when they need help. Be willing to be humble. It’s no skin off your back but, oh boy, does it ever make the angels sing!

I love this time of the year. We have passed the Equinox and the shadow of winter is on the horizon. With this beautiful Aries Moon we have one last kick at the can, one more surge of power and zest. Often, this is the Harvest Moon, calling us to mind the earth and reap the rewards of our labours. Go outside and breathe in the beauty of Gaia as she release herself into the arms of slumber. Make a bonfire and burn away the waste on the physical, mental and emotional levels of your being. Call down the fiery Moon as she glides across the sky tonight and let her do her magic in your soul. Yes, we are of the earth but we are linked to the sky. We are stardust from a long time ago, born in a distant place beyond the reaches of this little solar system. That memory is in us all despite the evident chaos and disunity. Our job is to re-discover the thing that bind us all together and to nurture it so that love and peace truly do rule the world. Aries, with all of its power and might can incite us to righteous acts of courage and the positive expression of personal will. Just do It!

The Sabian Symbols are :




Aries reminds us that we are individuals and that it is our duty to be true to who we really are. We are formed through a constant interaction both with ourselves and those around us. We become the sum total of all that we do, think and choose. We have the capacity to alter that which we do not like about the reality that we create. In fact, we must! So, think deeply, act wisely and choose cautiously at all time, but for goodness sake, do think, act and choose. That’s how change happens!

The Aries Celebration

I am the flame

That is born in the heart of the divine

I am joy and exultation

I am freedom and fearlessness

I am the song and the singer

Let the music flow…

New Moon in Virgo, 2018

New Moon in Virgo: The Power of Resolve

We live in interesting times of shift, change and uncertainty. Part of the human psyche cleaves to what it knows and can measure while another part craves the unknown, the new. For some of us, there has been enough of the new lately and we feel as if we could take a little more of the tried and tested. But the changes are not done! The next few years will test our fundamental values, our connection to the things that we hold dear, the full measure of our relationship with the earth. The choices that we make as individuals and as a collective will determine what our world will become, what we will become, how this story of us will play out. As conscious individuals, we must continually be clarifying our intentions and examining our choices, ensuring that the one follows the other to create a strong chain that will hold us to our course to preserve the earth, to purge our community of reactive tendencies, to be true, good and loving. At this New Moon in the precise and exacting energy of Virgo, we can do a bit of this soul searching.

Virgo is that part of our psyches which analyzes and measures, collates and systematizes. Everyone has this energy somewhere and this current lunation will activate whatever part of YOUR psyche it aligns with. The wheel of the year is turning, now, towards the silence of winter. We have arrived at the autumnal equinox occurring on September 22, 2018 @8:54 PM CDT. It is a time to reflect on all that we have done and consider how to proceed. A new moon in any energy signals a beginning of sorts and with this particular new moon, we can begin to let go of that which was not productive and focus on all that is working in our little lives. The lunation is supported by a retrograde Pluto suggesting that we can dig deep into ourselves and find the strength to carry on and do what must be done.

Mars, now finally moving forward is picking up steam and is in the final degree of Capricorn suggesting that strategy and purposefulness can be applied with determination to any situations in our lives that require it.

This is a grounded, powerful new moon with loads of earthy energy to give us a sense of direction, a sense of place within the scheme of things. Mercury, Saturn & Uranus form a lovely triangle (trine), all in earth energies suggesting that our thoughts, our ideas, are supported by a clear sense of implementation with the ability to adapt and shift as need be as we enact that which we imagine. The facility to maneuver through obstacles and challenges is there in that connection between Saturn and Uranus. We just have to be willing to take the leap if need be.

Neptune, dream planet, signifies of spirit is almost exactly opposed to the Moon/Sun combo. We are being challenged to hold to the process. On the highest of levels, we are being asked to maintain trust that even if we are not entirely clear about the process, if we have done the prep work, we will get through to the end. Neptunian energy becomes problematic when we are overly rigid or give in to fear- based reactions. If you feel unsteady, remember to breathe and focus on TRUST. Take action from a place of LOVE and Neptune will be your friend. Act selfishly and Neptune will create clouds of doubt around you. Stay fluid, little fish.

In these strange and interesting times, I sometimes get the sense that we have been here before, don’t you? With Uranus square to the nodal axis, the call to action is to find the better way forward. What did we do, as a collective, the last time we had to make choices like the ones that are before us now? How can we improve over whatever it was that we did previously? This can be applied to our individual process just as powerfully. Think about your story. Think about your unconscious tendencies. Who are you? What is it that you do out of habit or imprinting that you can alter? Be better, be brutal with yourself, be honest, be strong!

The Virgo New Moon that always occurs around this time of the year is a great time to turn the mirror onto ourselves and to carefully examine all of the above. Use this opportunity, this great sifting and purging energy to polish your aspiring soul, to perfect your diamond nature, to be the gold that you truly are.

The Sabian Symbols are:



Here we have a bit of a caution. The one symbol could refer to the symbolic ‘tent’ of life. We, all of us humans, are gathered together to participate in something collective. We all take our turns on that ‘stage’ performing each one according to her inclinations and abilities. As the bard penned, “ all the world’s a stage, and we, the players”. How is it that we ‘act out’ our parts? Do we do it with thoughtfulness? Do we plan and carefully prepare ourselves before taking action? Or do we randomly ricochet from one impulse to the next? As members of a greater collective we do have a responsibility to participate with thoughtful intention in this play called LIFE. Depend on that which you know is effective and not that which is founded in illusion and conjecture.




Full Moon in Pisces, August 26, 2018 @ 6:58 am CDT

Pisces Moon is a time to dream, imagine & be fanciful. This most gentle of all the energies wraps us up in magical, mysterious clouds where we can be whomever we want to be, with whomever we want to be with and wherever we wish to be. It’s a time to step out of the hard-edged reality of our ‘make it happen’ lives and into a softer place of make believe. Interestingly, the relationship between Mercury, ruler of Virgo, now in direct motion in Leo and Neptune, ruler of Pisces, retrograding in that sign is an almost perfect inconjunct angle. The inconjunct can be many things—adjustment oriented, irritable, even edgy but when these two archetypes are involved, let’s add in a measure of spaciness, dreaminess and not quite of this world kind of quality. Neptune/Mercury (similar to Pisces/Virgo) types can be highly inspired, the artists, the visionaries, the seers of our motley crew—the human race. So, under the silvery beams of the Pisces Full Moon, the ruling planets of Pisces (Neptune) and Virgo (Mercury) are urging each other to jump the fences of reality, go past the boundaries of the reality we have constructed and imagine the impossible. If you experience a sensation of dis-connectedness use it for some productive day-dreaming. Don’t let it discombobulate you. There is a time for everything under the rays of this shining Sun.

We are also at the tail end of two significant retrogrades, that of Mars, now backed into Capricorn and Saturn, also in Capricorn. Saturn lends a strong arm of support to the Pisces/Virgo Full Moon, giving our flights of fancy a place to ground out and settle. Capricorn reminds us that dreams are fine but we still have to pay the rent at some point. The suggestion is, take a break, dream your dream and scheme your scheme but know that you can always get back to basics if need be. Expect a sense of forward movement this coming fall as mercury, Mars and Saturn rev it up and start going in forward motion. But be forewarned…October brings us Venus Retrograde in Scorpio!  More about that closer to the time.

Uranus, which dipped into Taurus earlier this year is retrograding back into Aries which he will reach in early November and stay there until March 2019. Expect some surprises in the area of relationship, sovereignty and confrontation! Or, if you manage to hike yourself up to a higher level of expression, you could turn combative interaction into cooperativeness and self-assurance. There is no need to fight and disagree violently if you know your own mind and recognize that other people are not obligated to agree with you in every respect. Different points of view can lead to superlative solutions. The best parts of all viewpoints can be amalgamated into a beautiful combined effort to exceed all expectations. If only we could, as a society really understand that on a deep-down fundamental level!

As always, Full Moons are revelatory times. We should take a moment a review all that we have tried to manifest, scrutinize all the plans and initiatives. With the dreaminess of Pisces fueling us, we can tweak and manipulate our actions so that they better resemble the ideal that we thought we were pursuing. Don’t be afraid to switch gears or shift direction. The real surprise may be that the change is actually what you intended all along without even knowing it! Stay loose, little goose!


The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:




There are times when everything seems to happen at once, times when we feel overwhelmed with the wide array of choices and decisions that we have to make. The key is to STAY WITH THE PROCESS. Eventually the ‘traffic’ will thin out and we will see the way through. Patience, it is said, is a virtue. The virtue in patience is that, if we can implement it in our day to day lives, decisions become much less problematic. The more that we understand and know about any given situation, the clearer it becomes.  With clarity comes insight and certainty and the ability to make the choice or decision. Another gift that Pisces energy can give us is a deep and abiding faith in both ourselves and in that to which we aspire. Having a connection to the mysterious force of spirit can provide us with strength in trying times.

Critical in these fractious times is the concept and implementation of integration. We must strive to see ‘from the other side’ so that our own impressions and attitudes are refined, balanced out, exercised. The only way that our current world order will survive is if we finally find a way to hear each other and develop a working protocol with each other. On a personal, inner level, the integrated self is the diamond self, the shining self. When we develop strategies that facilitate all the parts of our psyche to sing the same song, so to speak, we take one step closer to the divine where all is harmonious. It should be our devout commitment to always seek common ground, both within our own self and with those around us. Pisces energy provides us with the tools to work towards this. It blesses, it accepts, it forgives and it embraces, without censure, all that is before it. Ah, Pisces!


The Pisces Prayer

Let me be the mirror to your soul

Give me the courage to allow you to mirror me

Let us sit quietly together and gaze at the silvery moon

Mother to us all,

she glows and she dances

to the very center of our souls…

New Moon in Leo/Solar Eclipse 2018

New Moon in LEO:  August 11, 2018 @ 4:59 am 


What a way to wrap up the last few weeks of eclipses, retrogrades and ingresses!

We have a perfect opportunity with this upcoming NEW MOON to rev our engines and implement all of the notions, ideas & inclinations that we have been feeling over the past few months.

This eclipse is the last one of the three solar eclipses this past year, two of which occurred over the LEO/AQUARIUS axis. (Feb 15—new moon in Aquarius, July 13—new moon in Cancer & August 11—new moon in Leo) Eclipses are reflective of profound potential shift within the psyche but as always, change only follows if the self is willing to move along. One of the reasons why some folks question the validity of astrology is that when we astrologers predict and the prediction does not, in fact, manifest according to the words uttered, well then, astrology must be invalid, right?


We are all free moral agents able to exercise our will as we see fit. Just because its time for a change does not mean that one actually hears the trumpet. That is what makes life so interesting, as the Chinese saying goes. We get to choose what we actually end up doing.

Nevertheless, the energetic environment is ripe for something startling to occur, something that could turn your world upside down, inside out or whatever! The key is that YOU must be willing to move with the direction of the flow, using all of your fire-jumping skills to stay free of the flames.

Leo energy is all about the fullest, the most brilliant expression of the self. It is about the open heart, the loving nature, giving to others from the surplus within the soul. Leo energy is the dance, the song, the ode to joy par excellance. Wherever Leo fall in your own natal chart is where you seek to fully express the core of your own essence of being. This New Moon/Solar eclipse is an opportunity for you to step fully into the light of your own radiance. If you have been feeling stuck, take the leap. If you have been all fogged up, get those goggles off your head and see the light. If you don’t like what you see or the jump feels too high and far away, take a moment and get your bearings. There are definitely times when the potential for change looks scary rather than enticing. Courage, little star, courage.

With any NEW MOON, we are at the beginning of a mini cycle of becoming. This is the starting point for the next four weeks as the Moon speeds through the 12 signs of zodiac yet again, starting, this month in LEO. We are also at the culmination of the summer season, just in front of the Autumnal Equinox in September. It’s a good time to review all that we have been doing and start the wrap up that must come before the dark months arrive. Finish your projects and get things in order. There is more ahead and its coming down the pikes at a rapid pace.

The big ‘call to action’ with this lunation is flexibility at all times. No matter what suddenly appears in your range of vision, stay limber on every level. Uranus, retrograding in the early degrees of Taurus is square the transiting nodes and a retrograding MARS in Aquarius. Literally, watch your feet so that you do not actually trip and fall. Emotionally, this is an explosive energy possibly coming from old wounds or long held negative feelings. Mentally, we may find ourselves re-visiting old ideas that may or not bring us a sense of agitation or disquiet. On the most important level, the ‘call to action’ is to step out of that box (read coffin), that holds you hostage to outworn concepts and invalid belief systems. Sometimes, on the ego level, we long to just ARRIVE and stay put. We feel as if what we have found to be true is inimical, eternal, forever set in stone. NOT! The evolutionary journey of the soul force is ever changing. Truth, on the human level, is merely the expression of the immediate perception according to the panoramic variety of experience TO THAT POINT IN TIME. Truth is only truth if we allow it to be reflective of all that we have experienced, all that we have learned and come to know and understand. Be always truthful, faithful to the present moment in time. Yes, we can, in fact, come to understand that we have been NOT CORRECT at all times.  It only becomes an issue if we are unwilling to admit our error and take appropriate action to change the circumstances of the situation. Like the song says—“know when to hold them, know when to fold them…” Be your own truth in the making of it…

The gift that this lunation brings is a lovely relationship between Venus in Libra & Mars in Aquarius. The combining of high and ethical values that guide us in our lives with a restrained impulse to act in the interests of the higher good provides us with hopefulness and passion in the face of the unexpected.


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:



Look for the opportunity to find fellowship and communion with others. Be open to joy, the joy that comes from the sharing of both resources and results. Ask for help and respond when you are asked for help. Let’s get this party started!

If you actually sit down and allow yourself to LISTEN to the other, you just might get to understand their point of view. Not necessarily agree by any means but at the least, get what they are trying to say. That’s how to put a fire out. Shut up and let the other person speak THEIR truth before ramming YOUR truth down their throats. And always remember, you don’t make friends by always agreeing with what they say, but you do make friends by allowing them to have their own opinions. Rainbows are beautiful because they are comprised of a multitude of colours. A monochrome world would, in the end, drive us all nuts.




Leo Lullaby

Be joyful and proud

Be loving and kind

Be you and let me be me

and let’s live in this world together…




An end to the Retrogrades…

Mars will station direct in Capricorn on august 27 in the am CDT—YAY!!!

Saturn stations direct in Capricorn on September 6 around supper time CDT—triple YAY!!!

The POWER of PURPOSEFULNESS is in full force so get ready to DO YOUR THING!


Full Moon in Aquarius Total Lunar Eclipse


July 27, [email protected] 3:22 pm cdt

Hey all you fixed sign people!  Yes, I mean you, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius…If your solar energy is anywhere near the 5* mark of any of those signs…( that means that you were born in the early days of that particular solar transit, April 21-29, July 24-31, October 25-31, Jan 21-29 or thereabouts), listen up!

This glorious Full Moon in Aquarius, activating the fixed cross also happens to be a lunar eclipse. And for those of you who were born in or around the above dates, this is especially significant. Lunar eclipses are release points. Activation of the emotional center of the psyche is highlighted. Let it go, says the song and this means YOU! If you are feeling antsy and restless, in need of a change of pace, sensing that its time to shed that old decaying skin, you are totally in sync with this Full Moon, lunar eclipse energy. This is the birthday that you have been waiting for. Whether you are conscious of it or not, things are bound to change for you. You may suddenly realize that old patterns of behavior are getting you nowhere or that long standing relationships are dragging you down or that the dream you thought you were dreaming is really a nightmare! Even if the seismic waves of this Full Moon only rock your boat a little bit, there will be some motion.

Mars, the planet of motion, is hot on the heels of this full Moon, urging action, assertion and relentless pursuit of whatever it is that you need to alter in your life. In Aquarius, Mars is the PHILOSOPHER KING, rather less frantic than he can be but able to imagine just about anything. Be brutal as you review your emotional baggage and if there is even the slightest sense of ennui on your part as you do so, DUMP IT! No second thoughts, and no regrets after the fact. The wonderful thing about releasing is that it leaves you empty and ready to be newly filled up. That’s the essence of the wheel of life, transition, rebirth and renewal. First comes the purge, then comes the fill-up.

Don’t’ be surprised if you are suddenly surprised. Uranus, newly entered into Taurus, is dynamically aligned to this Full Moon, demanding that you look at things with fresh eyes and consider out of the box solutions to long-standing issues. If you have been trying to work through something for awhile and keep facing blockage, why not try something different in terms of approach? It might not be comfortable or easy but, hey, it just might start the ball rolling. Continuing to implement strategies that have only ever failed is kind of nuts, don’t you think?


Mercury has just stationed RX so this is a time of introspection and meditation. The energy is saying that you should pull out all that old stuff that is gathering dust in the corners of your mind and sort through it with the view that you are simply ready to release anything, absolutely anything that is adding weight to your emotional self. It’s get thin time! So, do a cleanse on every level of your being.

These kinds of celestial events are reminder to us that life is a constant movement of energy and that we are the beneficiaries of that movement. You are only stuck if you choose to be stuck. You are only blocked if you opt to be blocked. If that door looks like it is barred, go find a window and get the #%*# out of there!


The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:





Here we get the sense that we are at the very edge. The EDGE is the best place to be. Life is sharp and exciting when we test ourselves, take those risks and make those leaps. We see all that is behind and all that is possible when we live life in ‘edginess’. As long as we follow the only rule that really matters—THE RULE OF LOVE—and we stay true to the call of the heart, we will find our footing and keep our balance.

Is good to reflect on the fact that we are the result of a long line of others. All that has ever been resides somewhere in the collective and we are a part of that collective so it resides in us. On a much more personal level, we must never forget the wisdom and learning that we have gained. Some of it comes from experience in current life but never diminish your karmic heritage. All that you are is founded on all that has ever been so honour both the shadow and the light. They serve a purpose in the healing of your soul.


Thought for this Full Moon:


I soar

I fly

I embrace the light filled sky

I am the brilliance

I am the dark

I am the secret song of the lark…


BTW…for those of you who are sky watchers, we, in the western hemisphere, will not see this eclipse—(note the exact time of the full Moon)—but, what we will see in the heavens on the evening of July 27 is a quite small reddish moon with another bright orangish object not too far from it—Mars at its closets point to Earth. As I mentioned previously, this is the astrology of EMOTIONAL ACTION. Don’t just feel, DO IT. But with the proviso that you have THOUGHT about it. If its clear tonight, get out there and regard the celestial panorama and connect to the power of the sky…

Cancer New Moon, 2018

New Moon in Cancer: July 12, 2018 @ 9:49 pm CDT


The Moon is at home in Cancer.

What does that really mean?

Well, Cancer has been designated through many millennia of observation & co-relations to be the sign that most closely aligns to the function of the Moon.

So, what is the function of the Moon?

It signifies the emotional, responsive, reactive and needful part of the persona. Cancer is the energy of security and protection.

See the connection? The most tender part of the human persona is the emotional center and it is this very thing that requires security and protection.

Cancer is the energy of the GREAT MOTHER. The all protective care-giver, the nurturer. It is a soft yearning energy that surrounds and shields, drawing inward rather than moving outward. It is a water sign, indicating flow and movement, a constant shifting of perspective and focus. It is cardinal energy, suggesting that something is being initiated on this very sensitive level of being.

In Cancer we find rest, a quietness, even a solitude. Think of a forest filled with shade-giving trees and in that forest imagine that there is a stream that flows sometimes swiftly, sometime slowly in and among those trees. Perhaps it pools here and there, where one could find some refreshment on a hot day. This is Cancer, a hidden and surprising delight; a sudden respite for the weary traveler as she winds her way through the mysterious forest.

For those of you who study astrology, pull out your own natal chart and locate where in that wheel, Cancer is found. Whatever house is your Cancer house, this is where the New Moon will fall. Because this New Moon is also a partial solar eclipse, there could be revelation and change, a movement within that sector of your psyche. What are you waiting to discover? What is on your mind that needs to be brought out into the light? What do you really need at this time in your life? Where do you need to make yourself feel more secure, more protected, more connected to those you love? With Pluto standing watch in the sign of Capricorn and the New Moon aligned beautifully with Jupiter and Neptune, this is a potentially powerful time on an emotional and responsive level. Primary needs demand attention and there is energy galore to give those needs the attention that they demand. If you have been holding off getting things in order emotionally, the universe is saying, what are you waiting for?

Having trouble doing what you want to be doing?

Not sure what you really want anymore?

Having difficulty communicating clearly with those around you?

Needing more home time or alone time?

Are the kids going to be alright?

Have you been putting off self-care & healing?

Is that ideal relationship just a pipe dream?

Are you finally ready to take that step and make that commitment?

If a move is in the works, are you ready to make the leap?

Is it time to quietly assert your rightful and hard-earned place in the public domain?

What about those hopes & dreams? Are they still viable?

And if you are still working on deeply held beliefs that may or may not be supportive of your growth, this could be a good time to do some hard thinking about who you REALLY are.

Jupiter in Scorpio supports the appetite of the New Moon and Neptune in Pisces laces the energy with the colour purple by connecting it to the divine.

It’s a lovely and hopeful New Moon, filled with the promise of achievement if we can just catch that Cancerian wave and ride it into the distance!

The Sabian Symbols for this lunation are:





This is a moment! Let’s strut our stuff and step out into the limelight. Let’s be fierce and brave and bold and wonderful! We’ve worked hard to get to here so let’s not squander all the effort and all the training and all the preparation that went into this moment, this second, this NOW.

Life is a never-ending movement into the4 spiral of becoming. We begin but we never end. That is the sheer beauty of this journey that someone called LIFE. As long as we breather, we live so take a big gulp baby and do your thing!


Be the love you want to receive…



Full Moon in Capricorn, 2018

CAPRICORN FULL MOON: June 27, 2018 @ 3:22 pm CDT


The Moon is a fast lady, as she speeds through the 12 signs of the zodiac on a monthly basis. One of the primal forces within this archetype is the search for security and yet, this ongoing rapid-fire change of ‘face’ contributes in creating the insecurity that the moon, representative of the emotional nature, is seeking to circumvent. But that is the way it goes with emotions. They are the rolling hills in our landscape, causing us to bump along whilst looking for even ground.

If you have kept up with this bi-monthly blog on the Moon and her escapades, you have probably realized that this flighty traveler never spends more than about 2 ½ days in each sign. She barely gets used to one energy and off she goes, speeding into the next. This is very much like our own human quest for that place of security on an emotional level. We may just be getting used to something when suddenly we pick up and move on to something entirely different.

And when you examine the order of the elemental and modal energy of the zodiac, it is clear that each subsequent sign is very different to the one preceding it and following it. So, we move from fire to earth to air to water and we do so without exception. That is the inimical order of the flow of energy. It always begins with the fire of spirit where inspiration is born, then moves into the ground of earthy containment where it is fully embodied; is formulated and articulated in the intellect via the elegance of airy energy and finally embraced by the emotional self via the intensity and absorption of watery energy.

But this is what it means to be human. We shift constantly. We alter and amend. Through this constant adjustment, we grow (hopefully), expand and evolve into beings who are more than we were just a moment before. Tracking the Moon in her monthly transits clarifies to us the beauty of the natural order, the necessity of adaptability and the ongoing attempt on our part to reach beyond the scope of our grasp, to make that leap into uncharted territory, to live with eyes wide open always.

This is the first Full Moon after the Summer Solstice and it falls along the axis which is the Moon’s natural habitat. Capricorn is the partner sign—polarity point—to Cancer where the Moon most comfortably (though not necessarily effectively) resides. In Capricorn, the Moon finds her ground. This is the energy of EMOTIONAL EXPERTISE & MANAGEMENT. If you were born with the Moon in this sign, you are one of the executives of the zodiac, no question. In Capricorn, the emotions are well-managed, decisions are deliberated and executed with precision and care. No big drama here. Rather, all challenges are approached with steely nerve and nothing, absolutely nothing is left to chance. The chaos that can something prevail with the undisciplined energy of the Moon in Cancer is scooped up and put securely into a box where it cannot cause havoc.

Traditional Astrology once designated the placement of the Moon in Capricorn as a debilitation, suggesting something less than favourable. Language here is vitally important. Think of it this way. When we have a disability or inherent challenge built into ourselves, we have two choices. We can give up and become a victim or we can rise to the challenge and become a victor. If you were born with the Moon in Capricorn, your potential is that you will make good use of your disability, turning it into an ability to control and manage your emotional nature. Well-managed emotions are the secret weapon in any situation. Why? Because most folks don’t manage their emotions well. Actualized souls with Moon in Capricorn can become beacons of light to those in need, providing care, counsel and comfort. In terms of healing, Capricorn energy is that which can minister to the masses. It’s the kind of energy that can go beyond the personal and touch many. Capricorn defines the very nature of reality and provides, if implemented proactively, the rule of law that serves the needs of all.

Of course, there is always a shadow to be mindful of. When the rule of law becomes partisan in nature or seeks to constrict rather than empower, Capricorn has descended into the murky territory of mind-control, even fascism. And, by the way, this can happen on all spectrums of the political scale. When someone tries to tell you how to think, how to speak, how to act and disallows civilized dialogue, they are fascists. As a society, if we cannot find a way to live harmoniously all the while dissenting with each other, we are doomed. The next time someone says something that YOU think is ridiculous or outrageous, stop for a moment and at least try to see it from their point of view. You don’t have to agree, but you do have to ALLOW.

Another shadow element contained within Moon in Capricorn is the proclivity to emotional coldness, a brutality of feeling that disregards the personal. Everything is factored down to a pro/con type of check list and decisions are made devoid of human compassion. Here, again, the DISALLOWANCE for alternatives is highlighted. So, watch this tendency in yourself closely, at all time, like a hawk, if you were born with the Moon in Capricorn.

This Full Moon has several interesting energetic dynamics. Firstly, Mars, the Warrior archetype, is beginning his retrograde through Aquarius and he will remain retrograde until the end of August by which time he will have moved back into Capricorn. A retrograde Mars is reflective of the same kind of externalization as a retrograde Mercury. Action Interruptus! So, be mindful of the potential for incomplete action, for stalled action. Be willing to make corrections, even look for the opportunity to correct. Review, re-consider and re-invent. Aquarius is the archetype of the future and when Mars races through this energy, he is eager to create that which is not yet fully formed within the collective. This few months of retrograde motion provides us with plenty of space to explore the dream, to re-vision the future and adapt both individually and collectively. So, don’t etch your plans into stone, write them in the sand.

This particular retrograde happens at the south node so we are urged to delve into memory to re-create the dream. Remember and review! If you want to change your future, you must find a way to re-vision your past. Heal the wound and save the self.

Secondly, Chiron, now in Aries, squares the lunation, suggesting the need to find ways to heal the wounded self, to take assertive action in connection to any insecurities that are present within the tender self. A slowed down Mars facilitates the energy of consideration and reflection. Use it to dig deep and discard anything that is preventing you from being who you truly are. Uncover the inner potential and give yourself permission to BE. Always with compassion, consideration of others and love.

Finally, with Saturn aligned to this Full Moon within one degree, this lunation is laced with the steel of resolve. We feel the need to stand in our power, to hold to the right according to our understanding of what that right might be. We are infused with the grit of survival whatever we are facing. We feel the energy of determination as we hold firmly to the wheel of our ship. We are the master of our destiny, the captain of our ship!

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are :




You have, deep within yourself, the ability to stand in your own truth, to be powerful and strong. Every day is an opportunity for you to embody this power, to seize the moment and show anyone who is watching you who you truly are. But as you own your own ability to be the master of your own destiny, always remember that you are merely a reflection of something much grander, much more noble than anything on this earthly realm. Be the masterful instrument of that nobler element and as you hold to your own personal power, never forget that it comes from a source far removed from the concerns of human toil. Lean into the arms of spirit for it is from that place that true sovereignty originates.


Thought for the Month:

I dance

I sing

I am a shining star

And the Moon, she is my Mother

And she smiles down on me.

Gemini New Moon 2018

Gemini New Moon, June 13, 2018 @ 2:45 pm

When the Moon travels through Gemini, there are light crystals in the air! This is the energy of all that twinkles and shines so brightly.

For those who are born with the Moon in Gemini, you are forever young! The playful child of the zodiac, you love to have fun and when under stress, that is where you will probably end up—somewhere having fun. Just be mindful that you do not have too much fun, or perhaps, the wrong kind of fun. A glass of wine can be a great de-stressor but it can also be your wicked friend who takes you into the dark and deadly places.

This lunation is particularly meaningful for those of you who are solar Geminis, have the Moon in this energy or any of the other personals, Mercury, Venus & Mars or the horizon (ascendant) & midheaven (MC) situated there.

Set yourselves some brand new intentions. Vision yourself into who you want to become. Be willing to explore alternatives and step outside the box of your current thinking, feeling or strategic protocols. Examine all of your action plans and make an assessment. Is this working? Is this harmful? Do I really want to be here in this place doing this thing?

It’s definitely time to shake off the old and embrace all that is new. Venus and the North Node are approaching each other suggesting that an examination of core values is a good idea and even more so, aligning to the newly forming ideals and values is even more important. Mars is situated at the South Node suggesting that a shake up is in order. Throw out all those dusty (but comfortable) items that you may have been clinging to.


Old patterns of behavior.

Old attitudes.

Old ways of looking at the world around you.

Gemini entreats us to ‘walk lightly on our paths’; to remember to laugh with the sun and howl with the Moon and shine on with the stars. Love yourself from this moment on. Live in joyfulness, and remember that a friendly face is more attractive than a scowling one.

Gemini is about friendship and fellow feeling. It reminds us that we get farther in life if we are open to the help of others and willing to explore that which is alien to us with an open and interested mind and heart.

Shine on, little Gemini,

shine on.




Dragonfly Mandala: original artwork by permission of CLEM


Full Moon in Sagittarius, May 29, 2018 @9:20 am CDT

Fill your tanks…it’s time to…READY, GET SET & GO!

As summer finally rolls in, we have a super duper shiny Moon in the fiery and mutable sign of Sagittarius. It’s the kind of energy that has a hard time sitting still, so if you get a hankering for distant horizons, or new adventures, or unknown locales, you are plugging into this exuberant, irrepressible energy. Devil may care? YES. Love it or leave it? YOU BET. Get rid of the all the junk and finally be free? CLOSE ENOUGH!

You must go outside tonight and for the next few nights and just gaze at that Moon. She’s shining brightly at the moment. Feel the hopefulness seep into your bones as you look up at her. Yes, there is another option. Yes, the horizon beckons and it isn’t scary in the least. Yes, there is a new dawn, a new day and even a new you if you want it.

Mercury is just about to jump into his home sign of Gemini and at this Full Moon, he is in the last degree of Taurus, balsamic to the Sun. Those creative impulses are ripe and ready to drop so be prepared to catch them, find the wave and get carried into whatever activity brings you the most pleasure, satisfaction and reward. For some it might be the fullness of creative expression. For others, it could be getting right in the face of what you want to change about yourself. Whatever it is, creative energy is the energy of ACTION. If you do not actually follow through it will fizzle and wither away like a fire that is not fed. So, take that urge, however tiny or large it is and work it, baby, work it.

The call to action with this lunation is to be courageous, bold and self-aware. Do what feels right to YOU and not what you think should feel right to you. There is only one person that you must please and that is yourself. If you are fully in love with that person, all else will fall into place, the life choices, the relationships, the money problems, the responsibilities and the obligations. Knowing exactly who you are and owning it provides a strong foundation for positive interaction with all aspects of your life on this plane. The Sag Full Moon says, be who you are. Be free. Be bold and adventuresome. Just be.


The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:




Our ideas, our creative expressions, our love motivated actions are like our children. We birth them and then nurture them into the fullness of what they can be. Its sometimes an uphill battle but once we get to the top of those stairs, we can look back and see how far we have come.

Everyone has potential. Everyone has something to offer. It matters not what that thing is but rather that we offer it with an open and caring heart. Do something wonderful today and tomorrow and the next day and then keep on doing it!



Thought for this Full Moon

I am a warrior full of courage and fire; I reach for the MOON and catch all the stars…


New Moon In Taurus

New Moon Taurus, May 15, 2018 @ 6:49 am CDT


Once a month we get a New Moon in one of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Its always an exciting prospect to start off a period of time with renewed vigour and enthusiasm. But this month, we have a really rare event occurring. Just after the early morning New Moon, Uranus, the planet of the unexpected and inventive shifts into Taurus at around 10:00 am CDT. The orbit of Uranus is 84 years so moving from one sign into another only occurs every 7 years. Think about the chaos of the last 7 seven years while this celestial body was transiting the fiery and impulsive sign of Aries. Things certainly kept on popping!

Now Uranus will spend the next 7 years in Taurus. This is the energy of consolidation, groundedness, stability. Its organic and earth oriented. Compared to the speed of Aries, it’s the slow down. Under normal circumstances, things don’t exactly stop moving but they move very slowly for the most part. But these are not normal times. Uranus is the archetype of change, the lightning bolt, the sudden shift without any warning. Even in the stable energy of Taurus, there will be movement. After the probing initiatives of the last 7 years, the search for some kind of focus, some sense of direction, we, as a collective are ready to align our actions to our values and, if need be, turn those values upside down so that they sync in with new plans of action, new areas of exploration, a new way of being. The earth and her intrinsic structures are changing dramatically. Our eco-systems are under siege. Our economic foundations are shifting sand. Our understanding of the world from the scientific point of view is exploding into areas that once were only explored in science fiction novels. Everything is up for grabs, it seems. Expect the natural world and all that ensues from it to be altered significantly over the next 7 years. Be ready to change your attitude to how this whole thing called life actually works. Expect the unexpected, little children. It is on its way whether you are ready or not.

This New Moon very nicely sets up the move of Uranus into Taurus. The call to action is to take the time to think about who you really are, what you really believe, what you actually want—not what you think you want. Think about the actual structure of your aliveness. What inspires you? What motivates you? What keeps you going? What deters you from your goals? Who are you, really? It seems simple enough but it is not. Most of us live in the illusion, not the reality of ourselves. The challenge at this very auspicious moment in time is to PAUSE, REFLECT, and INTEGRATE the TRUTH of OURSELVES into the choices we make and the actions we take.

The energy of the NEW MOON is supported by a beautiful flow of Neptunian and Jupiterian energy. Spiritual aspirations can help to keep us on course. There is a fierceness about Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio that can infuse us with emotional power. Remember, belief comes, not from the head but rather, from the living, beating heart. Love is what causes us to hope, to believe, to aspire so build your love energy. Take care of your tentative heart. Coax it into courageous action. Actions that are founded on the emotion of love are those that find the true north so learn to love. Teach yourself how to love. It is not easy but it is worth it after all is said and done. Neptune in Pisces, his home sign, can point the way into a strong and stable heart.

On a lighter note, it is definitely ‘play time’. The earth has woken up. The birds are out in full force. I saw a bee in my garden the other day. My winter garlic is up and growing and the perennials are poking up. For the next few months, we will become outside people so let’s all take advantage and enjoy it. Summer is the time to let down our hair and kick off our shoes!


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:









Both aspects of this New Moon energy are addressed by these images. We are encouraged to get out, to tend to the earth, to enjoy the fruits of our labour and with others. There is something extremely pleasant about being in a place where there is order and flow. We can commune with the divine in nature. We are filled with appreciation and awe in natural surroundings. It is pleasant. But we are encouraged to keep examining ourselves and the deepest part of ourselves. We should not become complacent or lazy about seeking out the real truth of any given situation or condition. If something does not feel entirely right, we must dig deeper and find out why that is. It may not always be comfortable to do this detective work but it will always be rewarding in the end.


“I am willing to open the doors of my mind…

I am ready to lay bare my heart and welcome wisdom into myself…”