Full Moon in Gemini, December 3, 2017 @ 9:48 am CST


Here we go!

After the dark, deep waters of the Sun’s transit through Scorpio during the past month we have arrived in the fast-paced land of the centaur—Sagittarius. Fittingly, the first Full Moon finds itself in Gemini, an energy that stands squarely opposed to anything even remotely Scorpionic. This is all about the LIGHT.

Gemini is light in every sense of that word, emotionally, physically & mentally. Remember that Gemini’s time is just before the Summer Solstice when the natural world is alive with anticipation and growth. Emotionally, Gemini is loathe to dwell on the  negative but rather avidly seeks out those ‘god vibrations’. Mentally, this is about sampling and sipping rather than digesting and regurgitating. In its own way, Gemini gives us some fairy magic instead of the magic of the dark.

However, and this is the neatest part of looking at reality through the astrological lens, all may not be quite as it appears to be. For this Full Moon, Neptune, the planet of the mist extrordinaire, sits in exact square to the Sun/Moon at 12 * mutable, (Gemini/Sag squared by Pisces).

The suggestion with this thorny little interaction of energy is that some of those dark and secretive issues that you may have uncovered or tried to deal with, will sink back into the far reaches of your psyche either by intent or reflex reaction. Maybe it is just too much to swallow all at once and you decide that you have to give it a rest. Or, you may just simply decide to walk away from truth-telling. Neptunian energy can easily facilitate deception if not used with utmost consciousness. It is, after all, the energy of the consummate dreamer, the one who can re-imagine anything, anywhere and any which way.

On the other hand, if you rise to the challenge, you could easily discover how to integrate some of the less appealing things that you uncovered over the last few months into a better and more functional version of yourself. That’s the other side of Neptune, especially when he resides in Pisces, an aspiration to spirituality, to blessedness, to all that comes from the sweet part of the self.

Let’s go with that, shall we?

There are a few other things to keep in mind as this Full Moon lights up our night sky. Firstly, we move into a Mercury retrograde period at this moment in time! The little trickster was just about to step solidly into Capricorn but changed his mind (thanks, Gemini Full Moon) and will now move back into Sag until just after Winter Solstice. These periods can be frustrating if you are not prepared to cross your T’s and dot your I’s at every turn. Just be extra careful to PAY ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS and before you know it, clarity will arrive…I hope.

Saturn is almost exactly conjunct Mercury at his station adding to the feeling of frustration and stuck-ness. Use the energy to recheck whatever you have been planning or working on. ‘Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat…’ so says the great general. Formulate strategy, plan it out and then implement.

Mars is just about to enter Scorpio in about a week. Once he enters his home sign (Mars is in his home domicile in both Aries and Scorpio), the energy of action and initiation will be let loose. This is an energy that is hungry for effective implementation of intention so get ready to move with it. Of course, any ingress or transit is modified by the psyche which perceives it so we will all act uniquely during this time period. Nevertheless, the next few months is a good time to get moving, get doing. I’m going to try it out!

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are :




A topsy was an old-fashioned term for an indentured servant, usually black. If you feel enslaved to things that do not have the right to enslave you, if you feel hard done by, if you feel a need to be free, its up to you to step into emancipation. We are the masters of our life and it is the choices that we make that will either lead us into self-determination or further into entrapment. Face yourself. Find yourself. Free yourself. Then you will easily move into the opposing image, mythic, magical and energizing. On its own, a flag flying free in the wind is a beautiful sight but magically transformed into an eagle, a symbol of wisdom and insight, it becomes something mighty. It is victory over all that is attempting to defeat us. It is the pinnacle of an impossible mountain climb. It is hope and faith for better things to come. I can live with that.

New Moon in Scorpio

A New Moon of Magical Impulse


This next New Moon on November 18, 2017 @ 5:42 am CST occurs very near to the point when the Sun’s transit of Scorpio is almost done for another year. Days after this New Moon and almost still within its orb, the Sun shifts into Sagittarius to lead us into renewal, search and aspiration. So the seeds sewn at this lunation will be nurtured into fullness under the rays of a fiery Sag Sun. Watch! The magical power of this New Moon will rapidly morph into a strong sprout within our souls—if we give it permission to do so.

So, let’s really give some thought to things that we could easily address under the laser light of this Scorpio New Moon. Let’s explore just a few.

Who are we as a group of souls traveling together on this plane of existence?

What do we believe in?

What are we willing to do to accomplish all that we imagine?

Are we true?

Are we real?

Do we walk in peace?

Do we seek to find a place of unity of purpose?

Lots of questions. Too few answers that make any sense. However, this New Moon says the following, for a start.

Seek your own inner wisdom, your own inner truth and then follow the bread crumbs to the conclusion. Explore fresh ways of communicating. Clearly, the old ways do not appear to be working. What is the new language? What are the ‘good words’ that will work? Mercury in fearless Sagittarius encourages us to explore every avenue until we find the one that takes us out of this maze of chaos.

The Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio encourages us to be fierce in our adherence to right principle. The only compromise is the compromise of forgiveness, of love. Let us all truly listen with perception (Venus in Scorpio) as our opposers speak. Let us work diligently to find the point of agreement rather than the point of dissent. It does mean that all of us must be willing to concede so that the centre does, in fact, hold. In every instance, the centre dissolves because there is not sufficient presence of energy to create cohesion.

Think about it. In your own life, do you struggle to find a place of agreement? Why?

Think about it.

With this lunation squaring the transiting nodal axis, we all have the opportunity to examine and make adjustment. Really delve into your past impulses and actions and consider how you might have done things differently. And please, not with an emotion of recrimination, but rather with the aspiration to growing your ability to walk lightly through your life.

Gentle persuasion.

Sweet surrender.

Strength through acceptance and forgiveness.

These are the magical impulses that will begin to heal this world.

With transiting Mars in Libra squaring transiting Pluto in Capricorn, we are encouraged to be strong yet soft, like elastic rather than steel. It is the sweet nectar that draws the bee, not the sour fruit.

The very real magic that is contained in Scorpio is the magic of transmutation. Phoenix, one of Scorpio’s symbols promises that re-birth is not only possible but necessary. Scorpio says, Open your hands and don’t hang on to what is passing. Only then will something new arrive to fill you up.

So, let yourself be filled with the magic of renewal. Believe with ferocity that you can do something ‘good’, that something useful will emerge from any efforts put forward. Seek forgiveness. Love without reservation. Do it.

The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:




There is something rather awesome in a band. How do all of these diverse elements manage to get together and stay together and produce a harmonic sound? On top of that, a military band is particularly unified both literally and ideologically. It is purposefulness and adherence to a higher cause that can provide the fuel that one needs to stick to something. If we can find that point of belief, of faith in something greater than just what we are on a mundane level, we can muster the strength, even the power to ‘do the right thing’. And this life is a battle. That’s not a bad thing to acknowledge. Let’s just make sure to clearly understand what that battle truly is.

The second symbol clearly indicates that we don’t have to over-intellectualize ANYTHING. Truth is found in simplicity of action, not complexity of it. Real joy is had when we engage in the simplest of activities. The Zen master said: “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” Let’s simplify even that. “Chop wood, carry water. Period.

It is in the smallest things that we can find the greatest joy, especially if we are doing it together.


Scorpio mantra for this New Moon:

I am the magic that is born in the shadow

I am the secret that never gets told

I am the mystery that lives in the moonlight

I am the power, the glory and the light…

Full Moon in Taurus

Full Moon in Taurus, November 4, 2017 @ 12:24 am CDT


Welcome to the SEASON OF THE WITCH. Its Scorpio time again when the night is filled with magical force and the light of the Moon seems even more mysterious that ever.

The Sun travels through the shadowy waters of Scorpio once every year from about October 23 to November 22. It varies slightly from year to year due to astronomical reasons. We usually have 2 significant Moon events during this time period, the New Moon & the Full Moon. The New Moon will always be in Scorpio since that is the day when the Sun & the Moon meet and greet with a kiss and a hug. At the Full Moon we will always find her in the sign of Taurus since that is the day when the Sun & the Moon face each other across the expanse of the heavens. This year we kick off the Scorpio dance with a big old fat full Moon in the lovely, organic, grounded and lusty sign of Taurus. Yippee!

Just as Scorpio tempts us to dive into the mystery, Taurus invites us to embody it. Together these energies meld that which is just beyond the line of sight with all that fills it. Embodiment is a superlative word for the sensations that Taurus represents. We want to draw the energy of magic deep into ourselves and then externalize it in terms that are tangible, recognizable, workable and ultimately REAL.  Taurus is the definition of our reality construct, how we see, feel, touch, smell and taste the world around us.

So, what kind of a ritual can we construct for ourselves at this potent Full Moon in Taurus?

Think earthy things. A meal with sensational tastes, enchanting aromas, enticing visual creations would fit the bill. Fruit of the vine and soft alluring music would be an obvious accessory. The ritual could involve reverence for the abundance that the earth provides along with a sharing of the wealth of the harvest. Interestingly, the Canadian thanksgiving and the American thanksgiving act as book-ends to the time period when the Moon finds her fullness in Taurus and dances provocatively at the feet of the Sun in Scorpio.

This particular Full Moon asks us to examine who we are at the deepest level and how that affects the persona that we present to the world. It tells us to expand our sense of presence within the community of our choice with an open heart and a graceful stance. We can be warriors but our swords should be turned into sickles for harvest rather than vessels of destruction. We should clarify to ourselves exactly what we believe in and then stand in our truth, firmly but always with a smile, not a frown.

At times it is challenging to maintain a loving heart. Anyone who is even half-awake at this point in our social evolution knows that. The world is at war. People are gathering together in more and more polarized camps. For those of us who can attempt to remain detached and ultimately objective, it is vital that we do so. Is it possible to be united yet distinct from each other? Can we all agree to disagree and yet pursue brotherhood? I don’t know if we can but I know that if we don’t, the result will be disastrous. The hand of fellowship is made stronger when it grips the hand of an enemy.

As this Full Moon rises in the sky, ask yourself what you can do to heal the wound. What can you do to change the status quo? What can you do to bring comfort to those around you? What practical ‘little thing’ can you contribute that will build up and strengthen that which is being broken? We all have a role to play whether great or small. Our job is to play it.

The Sabian Symbols for this Moon are:




Here we have the concepts of consideration & deliberation, taking the time to review and sample before plunging headlong into any particular choice. There is a sense that it is good to take the time to peruse the landscape of all that is available rather than just sticking with the usual. An embassy is a place where diplomacy is the word! Treaties are made by people willing to compromise. Wars are fought by those who will not compromise. To make good treaties we must fully survey all that is on the table, window shop the various possibilities until we find the ones that makes the most sense to the most people and then find the most workable way to embody these possibilities so that everyone involved finds some degree of benefit.

Let’s all window shop, drape ourselves in possibility and then go to that Embassy Ball and make magic!

Thought for this Full Moon:






New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra: Oct 19, 2017 @ 2:12 pm CDT


New and Full Moons are great times to create ritual. They give us an emotional reference point on which to base that ritual. For instance, this upcoming New Moon in Libra can facilitate a focus on expanding relationship, finding common ground and pursuing personal integrity no matter the cost.

So, what kind of ritual? Well, ritual is anything that you choose it to be. It does not have to be fancy or complicated, surrounded by pretentious and often incomprehensible actions. Rather, it should be something that is meaningful to YOU, something that enhances your own personal connection to whatever you have designated as the ‘divine’. It could involve movement like dancing or rhythmic walking, singing, chanting, eating drinking or any other human activity that can transport you into a reverent and open-minded state. Of course, the more that the ritual is aligned to the energy of the moment, the more powerful it becomes.

With this New Moon, the focus of the transiting energy is on the ‘beauty that is spiritual hunger’. It is about opening the higher chakras to an influx of divine energy and then searching for a way to enact that energy in practical healing and humble ways.

And truth. This lunation is about ‘truth’. Find your truth, bring that truth into the core of your being and hold on fast to that truth. And possibly, be prepared to discover new and unique ways to concretize your truth in your life.

Jupiter has newly shifted into Scorpio, the energy that knows no limits to truth-telling and with a Mercury, also newly entered into Scorpio, he conjoins the Sun/Moon in Libra infusing this lovely Libran energy with a steely vitality that fortifies under the surface. Jupiter in Scorpio is a hungry energy that demands response for its efforts so the soft Libra New Moon floats into the room on a hidden torpedo. Yes, its about peace and beauty but with a sense that this is one area that is non-negotiable. Let’s get this done, says Jupiter in Scorpio and I’ve brought along my little helper, Mercury in Scorpio to be sure that it will. He has strategies galore!

Uranus is exactly opposed to the new Moon suggesting forces that are beyond our control and which might appear suddenly without warning. If you have been doing your karmic work, TRUST THE PROCESS and believe in the power of goodness. Saturn in Sag trines this fierce Uranus and sextiles the Sun/Moon, a promise that if diligent effort is applied, positive results will follow. Remember, Trines and sextiles suggest ‘earned’ benefit unlike squares which demand effort and energy.

Saturn in Sag, in this lunation, is ruled by that hungry for truth Jupiter in Scorpio so we have double emphasis on truth-telling, truth-speaking and truth seeking. Follow your hungry heart and create the reality that best reflects your commitment to your truth.

The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:




Oftentimes, it is only through detachment from personal agenda that we can actually get to a place of cohesive purpose. Libra energy emphasizes that in the final analysis, the path to peace includes some degree of compromise. If we can actually cultivate objectivity when working with others, we stand to gain far greater success than if we hang on to subjective viewpoints. But it’s hard. Most of us have arrived at our points of view after multiples experiences that have underlined the way that we see the world. The first symbol encourages us all to draw back into a place of wide vision, to get the whole picture and not just a tiny part of it into our consciousness. Use the power of peace (Libra) to calmly confront whatever issue is facing you, to look disagreement in the eye and find a way to understand where that disagreement is coming from. Reconcile. Re-affirm. Renew your faith in dialogue and co-operative counsel. The second symbol promises that this, in fact, can happen. We can turn discord into unity. We can create community out of chaos if only we can truly visualize such unity and then take steps to make it happen. A ‘lost opportunity’ is only lost if we do not find it. Our job is to keep looking for a way to “GIVE PEACE A CHANCE”!


The chant/mantra for this New Moon


I am peace

You are peace

We are peace together

I am love

You are love

We are love together

Find me a sun

I will give you the stars

Give me a rainbow

We will fly to the moon

Blessed be…


Full Moon in Aries, Oct 5, 2017, 1:41 pm CDT

When the Sun and Moon face off zodiacally, exactly opposite each other in degrees, we call it a FULL MOON.

This particular Full Moon is loaded with fiery energy and squaring off with the force within that represents transformation or at the very least some cataclysmic kind of shift that could lead to transformation, (Pluto).

The Libra Sun draws our attention to the relationship part of our life and with a very tight conjunction between Venus & Mars in Virgo, we might find ourselves questioning the practical benefits of any relationship that we might be in.

Is it still useful to our growth and development?

Does it still serve our deepest emotional needs?

Does that partner still resemble some aspect of the thing that drew us to him or her?

These dual archetypes that represent value and action are in active contact with a prominent (in the context of the event chart) Saturn in Sag. We might find ourselves feeling a sense of determination and resolution to follow our natural impulse when it comes to getting to the bottom of these questions. Sag is all about the real truth and nothing but the truth so when this energy is highlighted, it is our job to FACE THE TRUTH and especially so with Saturn in Sag.

Remember, Full Moons can provide perspective and illuminate any given situation if we let them. That is not to say that every Full Moon will provide you with an ‘aha’ moment. That really depends on YOU and whether you are ready to have that ‘aha’ moment. But the potential is present, for sure.

So, allow your intuitive side to kick in, Neptune/Pallas in a YOD to the Sun/Moon. Neptune, at the highest possible vibratory level, is spirit descended into the heart and mind (crown and ajna chakra), while Pallas represents that part of the mind that is supremely and even mystically intellectual.

When joined in this way, an almost exact sextile and both almost exactly inconjunct the Sun/Moon (the YOD), we have a set-up that could produce sudden insights and inspirations. These ideas, often elusive, can then be implemented to forward whatever practical (Mars in Virgo) strategies are needed to concretize the nebulous.

That is how these energies can be made useful. On its own, Neptunian impulse can sometimes dissolve into a sea of nothing but bolstered with more down to earth energies, that singular idea can take form and blossom into something substantial.

So, dream away and then do it. And certainly, take those rose coloured glasses off. All they do is obscure the truth of anything you are looking at.

Jupiter is just about ready to dive into Scorpio. Get ready for a year of focus and drive like none other. When Jupiter transits this powerful energy, the need for success takes a prominent place within the psyche. Complete those projects. Allow the drive to be the best fuel you to refine your skills. There is absolutely nothing wrong with accomplishment.

For all of you who are born under the sign of Scorpio, this is your year to receive. What you receive will be exactly commensurate with what you have invested. That is the real law of karma.

Nevertheless, I do rather like the transit of Jupiter to the Sun, Moon or ascendant. The energy is so irrepressible and does not take NO for an answer. So, enjoy it while it lasts. Just remember to get some sleep when you can!

Jupiter in the Full Moon chart is pretty much in exact opposition to Uranus in Aries indicating the surprise element in any goals that we might set. Expect the unexpected, as they say!

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:





Resourcefulness is the keyword. Yes, bombs do blow things up but contained in this symbol is the sense that disaster CAN be averted, be that disaster literal or figurative. A bomb can fail on its own but more importantly, we can develop and refine skills that can diffuse whatever ‘bomb’ might fall across our path. Be a solver of problems rather than a victim to circumstance.

There are no perfect pathways. There are always ‘oopsies’. If you are not a ‘natural’ problem solver, that does not mean that you do not have the ability to develop problem-solving skills. Often, the solution to any impasse can be found deep within the impasse itself. Strange but true.

So, go ahead and confront those problems, tackle those impossibilities and conquer the world.

The second symbol demonstrates that often, it is during so-called ‘play’ that the mind finds the way out! Childlike imagination can provide us out of the box solutions to long-standing issues. Often, it is the most obvious pathway that takes us to the exit point of a seemingly insurmountable situation. Simple is best even though sometimes it seems most complicated.

Day-dreaming, suggested by the pastime of ‘blowing bubbles’ can lead to incredible insights. The mind never stops working so even when YOU think that you are wasting time, don’t kid yourself. You might be, but your mind (and your heart) are busy at work. Sleep is regenerative and so is taking a break.

If that impasse in your life just feels too large to overcome, take that break. Give it a rest. Let your trusty higher self do the work. You will not be let down. I promise.

Of course, you do have to be obedient to what the higher self reveals.

Can you do it?


Thought for this Full Moon:


“A Man’s true life is the way in which

He puts off the lie imposed by others on him.

Stripped, naked, natural, he is what he is.

This is a matter of being, and not becoming.”


New Moon In Virgo

New Moon in Virgo: September 20, 2017


September 20, 2017 @ 12:30 am we have a New Moon in Virgo near the very end of this zodiacal energy. Yes, we are about to move through the Autumnal Equinox and into the energy of Libra. The 28* Virgo New Moon has come along to remind us of our need to get things in order, to be precise, to review our reality and determine what we actually need so that we can simplify, streamline and focus.

Chiron, known as ‘the wounded healer’, sits almost exactly opposite the Sun/Moon bringing to the forefront any insecurities that may be lurking within us so that we can at least begin to create strategies to address them.

Saturn in Sag squares both the Sun/Moon in Virgo & Chiron in Pisces (called a T-Square in Astrology speak), giving us plenty of opportunity to step up and be counted. Saturn in Sag is a mobile energy and can facilitate rather more timely decision making. This fiery Saturn urges us to face down challenges in a courageous manner and believe in ourselves—(that’s the ruler, Jupiter, whispering encouragement from the background).

Mercury in Virgo, now direct, is conjunct Mars and trine both Pluto in Capricorn & Pallas in Taurus, so if you suddenly are flooded with all sorts of ideas about cleaning up and getting real, don’t be surprised. Allow the inspirational energy to fuel you and throw out your junk, re-decorate your bedroom or finish whatever project is gathering dust in your cupboard.

The energy with this lunation is focused on all things practical and useful so expect a busy time ahead even though dreamy Neptune is facing down the Mercury/Mars duo. I know you have all heard that Neptune brings fog and confusion but it can also bring an element of spiritual insight which, if followed with consciousness, leads to illumination. Example: You are cleaning your closet (a very Virgoish activity) and come across old keepsakes and suddenly have an epiphany! “I don’t need this any longer!” (That, my friends, is the kind of insight that a well-functioning Neptune can bring—a sudden parting of the clouds of deception and there is a flash of truth standing in front of you. It does take effort to stay focused on what life is really all about—not the collection of things but rather the creation of experience—but if you are a seeker of spirit, it’s the kind of effort that you WANT to put into the process, right?

So, enjoy this blast of Virgo and let it flow through you and inspire you to action!


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:





Baldness can suggest a number of things; an overly active intellect, a strong presence of female energy, a need to ground, symbolic purity of thought, to name a few. The mind is necessary in order to formulate sensible plans of action. All of us, whether female or male must seek to balance the so-called ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ energies within us. All of us must not get lost in our imaginings but rather find ways to make those dreams that we conjure up real. And it is vital that we check and re-check everything that we think so that our thoughts are filled with light and love because thoughts actually are the element that creates the manifest reality. If you think bad things then bad things is what you will ultimately get so keep those Neptunian meanderings as positive as you can. (I know it’s hard, especially in these crazy times, but that doesn’t mean we should not rise to the challenge and try to do it.)

The second symbol is just plain gorgeous. Its suggest a promise of manifestation after hard work done. The garden is a result of order and planning. The night is a time of respite and restoration. The image is full of mystery and magic. How do those seeds grow from their shriveled up dry selves into those luscious plants that bear fruit for us? I don’t know but I’m glad it happens.

Together these symbols demonstrate that if we put in the effort, work hard, integrate and balance, we can then reap the rewards that we have earned.


I love it!! Do you?


Full Moon in Pisces



Full Moon in Pisces, September 6, 2017 @ 2:04 AM


Well, how did you all do with that wallop of creative juice that hit you with a one/two punch in the last few months?

The Leo New Moon which we enjoyed in July and again in August surrounded us with the energy of creative expression. Lovely. But, as with all things in life, nothing is nothing unless you actually make it into something. Now with this dreamy Full Moon in Pisces, we have the opportunity to let those creative ideas simmer and sizzle and gradually take form!

There are a couple of things to ponder with this concentration of energy. Firstly, think about the energy being highlighted. Leo is all about opening the heart and singing your own particular song at the top of your lungs. So, take a look at your life and determine how you can best express yourself. This is not exclusively about artistic expression. It could be anything that has to do with a singular and exquisite expression of self.

Secondly, a New Moon in any given sign is usually followed by a Full Moon in the partner sign so, technically, this upcoming Full Moon should be in Leo’s Partner sign, Aquarius. But it isn’t. We skip Aquarius altogether and jump right into Pisces energy. Think about that and see what floats to the surface of your mind.

Pisces, at the highest level is the energy of bliss. This could be bliss in any area of life. This summer, however, that blissfulness has turned its eye towards the fullest expression of the creative self.  New Moons lay out the potential and Full Moons reveal the manifestation of that potential. If it occurs.

The best-case scenario for this combination of energies is that we allow whatever creative force is flowing within us to blossom and reveal itself. You could be trying to have a child. You might be in the midst of starting some new enterprise. You may suddenly conceive of some new diet or exercise plan. Or, you may be an artist and have a burst of inspiration in connection to your artwork. This is creativity in all of its various forms. And with Pisces as the lens for this creative force, there is a potential to take that energy into its highest and most spiritual level of manifestation. Pisces is the all-encompassing OHM.

Of course, Pisces energy is not only about bliss and so-called enlightenment. If the energy is manifested unconsciously, it can produce confusion, a muddled psyche and an inability to see the truth of any given situation. Creative impulse can just dissolve into a dreamy and unfocused reverie. We could waste hours of valuable action time as we contemplate what we might do or attempt to figure out what we should do.

The gold in Pisces MUST be founded on the hard work of Virgo, a practicality and definition of purposefulness that is necessary if we want to follow the inspiration all the way to its complete revelation. This is even more necessary to be mindful of since this Full Moon is aligned to Neptune; the archetype for spirituality, yes, but also for confusion. Neptune is the ruler planet of that ethereal Pisces energy. That’s what I call a ‘double, double’. Two for the price of one! We will have to be extra mindful to keep our noses to the grindstone this coming month.

So, that is the caution. Enjoy the blissfulness. Embrace the dream but don’t get lost in the translation of that impulse into real terms. Ideas are nothing if they do not assume a concrete form.

Mercury stations direct at the exact degree of the last New Moon, 29 Leo, with Mars slightly ahead @ 1*Virgo, having finally left Leo. Change of focus is in the air. Seize this opportunity to tie up loose ends of anything that has been simmering in your mind and get ready to begin a whole new phase of activity. It’s the end of the summer, folks, and there is work to be done.

This Mercury/Mars union is involved in a grand fire trine with Saturn, 22* Sag & Uranus/Eris, 29* Aries/24* Aries. When Mercury & Uranus connect in this way, there is a potential for inspirational ideas. With Saturn in the mix, there is a capacity for implementation. Throw in Eris and the unpredictability quotient increases exponentially. Saddle all of this onto the back of that old workhorse, Mars in Virgo, and you have all the ingredients for tangible results! Jupiter is also involved, now direct in Libra, speeding on to crash into Scorpio and in contact by opposition with Uranus/Eris and in sextile to Mercury/Mars & Saturn. Anything that is undertaken is sure to be magnified and augmented.

Pluto supports that Moon/Neptune by sextile with the promise that if we can maintain our focus, we will find the gold. This Pluto/Neptune sextile is a generational marker for our times, folks and the real potential of this energy is that spiritual search will be rewarded, that we can and should transform our connection to the entirety of life as it exists on this plane, that this is one of our prime directives at this ‘turning of the ages’.

So, make some plans, set some intentions and make sure your tools are in good working order. The way to maximize potential is to get ready to do it. Grasshoppers might have fun in the sun but it’s the diligent ants that get things done. Of course, if you do find yourself getting lost in reverie, be kind to the old ego. Taking a break can be useful when there is so much work to be done.

So, pay attention to whatever it is in your life that you may have been avoiding or denying. Don’t get lost in excuses but rather, when you feel the impulse to deny the truth of any given situation because you’d rather stay in the illusion of it, force yourself to at least admit the reality to yourself. The first step in any healing or corrective process is admission that healing or correction must take place. Don’t be an ostrich! If your head is stuck in the sand, your eyes can’t see what is right in front of your nose.

And, honestly, you students of astrology have read all the horror stories about Pisces and Neptune and lack of focus and confusion and avoidance but the real story is all about SPIRIT, the spirit of goodness, the spirit of forgiveness, the spirit of love. It’s a sweet energy, the long-released sigh after a job well done so keep focusing on that and not the negative.


The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:


A LADY IN FOX FUR ( 14* Pisces)


A FAMILY TREE (14* Virgo)

These images are truly Piscean in nature highlighting both the external image and the internal foundation for that image. We all create an illusion of self, the ‘lady in fox fur’, which may not be representative of the whole picture of who we truly are. We put on a show. This is not necessarily a bad thing, just a thing that we, deep within ourselves, must be aware of. There is a reality that exists behind the manufactured image that is projected. It is this reality that will fortify us if the image begins to crumble or tarnish. And as you focus on creating that external image of self, that ‘lady in fox fur’, bewitching, provocative, enchanting, do not forget who you really are, where you come from, the legacy that you are carrying forward on behalf of those who came before and for the benefit of those who are yet to follow. Magical (Pisces) creativity (Leo) is the stuff that makes life exciting and practical mindfulness (Virgo) is what gets us to the finish line.


A Pisces Rumination

Rumi says:

“You are not a drop in the ocean: you are the ocean in a drop…”



End Note:

Take some time to just sit with this upcoming Full Moon on Wednesday. I have noticed over the years of my own ‘moon-watching’ that this Full Moon (the Pisces Full Moon) is potentially one of the dreamiest and most magical Moons of the entire lunar year.





Solar Eclipse in Leo Aug 2017

by christina rai

Solar Eclipse in Leo, August 21, 2017 @ 1:29:58 PM CDT



Thought for this New Moon in Leo Solar Eclipse:

Osho says:

            “…like a sudden clash of thunder,

               suddenly you are together,

            suddenly you have direction,

                        suddenly you know where your gold is.”

Eclipses are regular celestial events but they range in scope from invisible to the eye all the way to the spectacular one that is coming for parts of North America on August 21, 2017.

So, what’s the big deal?

Well, astronomically, it’s a pretty strange thing to observe. One can imagine the shock and awe that must have gripped those early observers as they saw the sun shrink away behind a mysterious dark disc. Our modern, science-saturated psyches understand the physical nature of what is happening but still, most of us cannot help but take a breath as we see the inexorable movement of the Moon as she swallows up the unsuspecting Sun for a few brief moments. Beautiful, marvelous celestial sights!

Energetically, eclipses represent a potential for shift, a clearing away of detritus and an ushering in of newly forming energy. They always come in pairs with the lunar eclipses activating emotional programming and the solar ones giving opportunity for a re-boot in terms of identity, purposefulness &, really, the nitty gritty intricacies of the self. (Our last Full Moon was also a Lunar Eclipse.)

Depending on the individual, this can be welcome or dreaded and, naturally, the more one tends to hang on to what one already knows, the more tentative one might feel about the winds of change sweeping through one’s life. There is a simple solution, of course, and that is to remain unattached to any particular element of life and to allow shift to occur without judgment or censure. Sounds easy enough but we all know that it is the most difficult thing that any of us do. The ego self, rooted in all sorts of emotional complexes, prefers to cleave to what is familiar and known no matter what the intellect, with its convoluted mental gymnastics, might assert.

This eclipse occurs during the second Leo New Moon in this cycle. Remember, I mentioned that the potential energy of the first Leo New Moon back in July was so magnificent that the door was left open for even more exploration at this second New Moon in August. Early degree Leos (& late degree Cancers) were the prime beneficiaries of that first New Moon (though, of course, everyone has those degrees somewhere deep in their psyches) and now, at this New Moon late degree Leos & early degree Virgos can expect to feel a burst of inspiration. If your birthday falls anywhere from about August 10-August 31, ( and, of course, the quarter and polarity points: that is, 3 months down the line—late degree Scorpio and into early Sag & late degree Taurus & into early Gemini–and 6 months across the sphere—late degree Aquarius and into early Pisces) you have the honor of being the focus of the goddess—the Moon—as she powerfully steps up and asserts her presence in the middle of the day on August 21.

So, what in YOUR life needs a clean sweep? What is coming to an end? What is waiting to be born. For those of you who are students of astrology, locate 28* of Leo in your chart and ponder the environment. What area of life is the focus here? Are there any planets around this degree? Don’t forget to look at the oppositional degrees and the square degrees and for a subtler, but nevertheless significant ripple, the trines and sextiles. For you Virgo types, keep going and explore all or any aspect that you may want. There are, simply put, no rules here and anyone who says there are is feeding you a line. Energy is all inclusive, whole in its sweep. It is up to us to be discerning as it washes through us. So, if this degree of Leo, this upcoming New Moon, is merely a location in your own individual chart, (that is, there are no significant celestial objects in its vicinity), you may, in fact, not feel any ripples in your life. That is the beauty of this whole thing. We are all unique and we all experience energy uniquely.  But, again, New Moons are great times for getting things going whether there are eclipses or not so even if you have no planets around that point, you can still benefit from setting goals and making intentions.

This is a much more inwardly intense energy in some ways. Mercury has recently stationed retrograde in Virgo and moves all the way back to the degree of this current Eclipse—28 Leo!!! BTW, that is no coincidence. Spirit is demanding that you examine your creative assets!

Yes, there are all sorts of warnings about retrograde periods but I have always maintained that forewarned is forearmed. If you know that you are working with potential ‘oopsies’, you will be ready with strategies to address those ‘oopsies’. Life is never straightforward, even with all of the best laid plans. So, be ready to jump into action if something goes sideways. There is always more than one route to take to get to your destination.

More importantly, retrograde periods present you with an opportunity to take a breath, do some analysis if needed, and re-boot. Get out a flashlight and aim it at your life story. What do you want to change? How do you want others to view you? Is the character that you are playing in this drama, the one that YOU chose to play? Go back and back and back yet again. What, really, was ‘the secret dream’? How can you recapture it? Or, if you are living it, how can you amplify it?

There is a truly sweet fire trine in operation between the SUN/Moon/Mars (an energized expression of your core self), Saturn (your ability to craft the concrete reality of your choice) & Uranus (that illusive yet irrepressible personal store of unconscious but very real ability and talent). Trines always indicate a potential for manifestation if accessed with consciousness and purposefulness. This particular configuration is loaded with opportunity. When Saturnian energy combines with Uranian energy it can be unstoppable and at the very least, inventive, futuristic and ground-breaking. On top of all that, Jupiter is doing a balancing act by opposing Uranus & sextiling Saturn, demanding some objectivity in the process.  All combined, the energy is fueling that central external expression of the self that we all are chasing. Very sweet, indeed. Use it.

What about boundaries? Are you clear about where you draw the line? Do you know how to say ‘NO’ without creating offense? Do you honor your own sacred self and not allow yourself to become a victim? Note, please, that YOU are the one who assumes the ‘victim’ role. No one does it to you. With Venus still in an operative opposition to Pluto, questions like these beg to be answered. Do not sacrifice your own internal set of values for some bogus reason. Stick up for yourself and face that opposition down! With a truly helpful boost of energy from Chiron, Venus is supported in this endeavor. Yes, you can, says the Goddess and the Wounded Healer. It is time to put yourself at the head of the line and serve personal needs so that you can grow stronger and better and be of service to those around you in a more effective way. Got that? ‘be of service to’. No one says that this is about being selfish. It is all about becoming more adept at giving, being clear about what the personal limit truly is. No point in exhausting yourself and ending up flat on your back either physically or metaphorically speaking.

So, this New Moon says, ‘go for it’! Set yourself a high goal and then grab that brass ring. Imagine the impossible and make it real. But be kind to yourself and if the dream does not swell into full fruition, do NOT recriminate and do not punish yourself. Understand that everything is cyclical and that goals can be adjusted and deadlines can be extended. That is the nature of the game we are all playing.

The Sabian Symbols for this NEW MOON are:





Go ahead, little dreamer, and search for your own personal mythic self. Be whoever you want to be and enjoy the process of self-discovery. Revel in the infinite potential of the ‘story of your life’. Maybe you are a fighter, maybe a winner, maybe a pauper, maybe a king but whatever the role, it is the one that you chose to play whether you realize it or not. So, make the most of it and, if you find something lacking, get up off your behind and do something about it. You are the actor, yes, but more importantly, YOU ARE THE DIRECTOR of this little drama—your little life…


Now…go back to the beginning and re-read what Osho said…




Aquarius Full Moon 2017

Aquarius Full Moon & a partial Lunar Eclipse, August 7, 2017 @1:12 pm CDT


If you have been tracking the lunar cycle for a while, you already know that the FULL MOON can be a time of revelation and culmination. With a partial eclipse getting added into the mix with this upcoming Full Moon, it’s a time when we can take what has been ‘lit up’ by those silver rays and decide what we want to keep and what we want to discard. On a symbolic level, that’s what eclipses represent…clean-up, purge, shift and generally a change of pace.

Back in the day, eclipses were viewed with a degree of trepidation but that was due to the nature of the social structure back then. Society was much more rigid, almost petrified into a pattern that was difficult to break out of. The energy of eclipses tended to align with a  shake-up of that rigidity, bringing in uncertainty and the unknown. In those very ordered and controlled societies, uncertainty and the unknown was not welcome.

Welcome to the present, dude! Shake-ups are needed. The unknown is relished. We have an ever-increasing appetite for everything that is not according to form. The more out of the box, the better! This is the era of shift and so we ‘moderns’ do not react to eclipse energy in the same way as our long past progenitors.

Nevertheless, any eclipse activity can open up areas of the psyche that may startle us or even ‘shake’ us up a bit. So, be prepared! If you begin to feel strange sensations, it just might be your secret self peeking out of the cave and wanting to get your attention.

Lunar eclipses are all about the emotional body, habits and patterns that we have constructed, sometimes over many, many years, even lifetimes, if you are inclined to that philosophical viewpoint. Its time, during these cycles, to clear out anything that is past its ‘BEST BY’ date. But, as we all understand, purging is challenging. All of us tend to hang on to stuff that we no longer use or need. Just go into your closet and ask yourself when you wore that ‘favorite’ piece of clothing last. That’s right. You probably forgot that it was a favorite! Get it out of there!

The creative push initiated at the last New Moon is still in full force and if you took advantage of the ripe conditions for creative activity 2 weeks ago, then you probably are still riding the wave. Good for you, if you did. If not, you still have time to dig into your psyche and pull something out.

What do you want to manifest? And it does not need to be limited to art. How are thing going in your relationship life? What about planning for the future? Are you in the midst of a change of heart and mind? Its all on the table with this lovely boisterous energy.

If your focus is centered on your relationship life and what holds meaning for you, there is potential for you to face up to the challenges of loving or even of being loved. A lot of us think that if we just had a decent relationship, everything would be better but that is a ‘cinderella’ myth that has been perpetuated over many, many centuries. Much better to get real about what is most important in our lives and to see our partners as they really are and not as what we wish they were or imagine them to be. Sink your values into something concrete. Seek real worth and not made up worth.

Jupiter is about halfway through Libra now and moving fairly rapidly through the last half of Libra, soon to hit into Scorpio. There is a really close alignment of the great Ganesh to both the Moon (trine) and Pluto (square). The potential here is that we could experience a surge emotionally.

The Jupiter/Pluto alignment widely includes Venus in Cancer so exploring the emotions, expressing the emotions and clarifying them is entirely possible if not inevitable. Just be willing to ‘go for the gold’. And remember that getting that gold can be painful in the process. Just ask any winner of any event what they had to do in order to get to the finish line. Nevertheless, the suggestion is that, if you make the effort, you will be rewarded for that effort. Jupiter is fundamentally the icon of the reward barometer in our psyches.

Saturn is soon to go direct in Sagittarius while Uranus has just days ago turned retrograde in Aries. There is a very wide trine between these two at this point but that trine will close in and be exact by November. This is the energy of constructive invention, absolutely out of the box thought process and the genius to implement those radical ideas to positive result. Effectiveness. Productivity. Success. The key to maximizing this potential is to be anal about exploring those inspirations as they present themselves. And remember, they don’t have to be Einstein caliber kinds of things. Just a different way of looking at an old paradigm in our mundane lives fits the bill.

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:






It’s up to you, baby! You are where the buck stops. If you can dream it, you can absolutely do it. Of course, you need to WANT to do whatever it is. Open your heart, clear your mind and set the appropriate intention that best reflects where you are in the story of your life AT THIS MOMENT in time. You are the leading character in that story, so SHINE ON…

The promise is that if you follow your passion and go with the flow of your own energy, you will get to that ‘sweet spot’ of rest and regeneration. Life is cyclical, ‘a wheel of fortune’ that never stops spinning. The sweet spot is at the center of the wheel and your job is to get there.  


Get ready, children…this energy is SO important that in two weeks we get yet another NEW MOON in LEO.  Wait for it!!!!




New Moon in Leo, July 23, 2017, 4:47 am CDT


Calling all Leos!

And especially those born close to the above date all the way up to the first few days of August. And just for the heck of it, let’s include all you late degree Cancers…those born from about July 13 or so.  The partner signs to Leo & Aquarius also factor in here so if your birthday falls between January 10 or so to January 30 or so, be prepared to be   prodded into action as well!

This is your New Moon…and what a New Moon it is!

Remember New Moons are a ‘clean the slate and let’s start something new’ kind of energy. It’s all about planting the seeds for a whole new cycle of growth. If you feel the urge to MOVE and GROOVE, you are getting the vibe of the next few days.

Here’s a very Leo thought to consider:

“Realization is not knowledge about the universe,

but the living experience of the nature of the universe.”

Choygal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche

The Rinpoche pinpoints the essence of the leonine perspective. It is all about the sheer joy of BEING, and not the endless rumination of what that ‘beingness’ might mean.  Instead of trying to understand—(there will be time for that later on)—just embrace the present moment and revel in the sweetness of NOW.

So, set aside some time over the next few days to just sit and enjoy or walk and enjoy or run and enjoy—well, you get my meaning…


Mars is closely conjoined to this Sun/Moon meeting, adding a wallop of energy and incentive to whatever it is that is making us want to jump into action.  This is the pulse of sheer and relentless joy moving in our veins. Creativity is highlighted so if you are in the mood to create, go for it.

Be open to sudden inspirations, ideas that come out of the blue and flashes of insight that suddenly drop fully formed into your mind. This New Moon configuration is aligned to the asteroid goddess, Pallas Athene, suggesting heightened mental activity.

I know one very strappy Leo who has made it his life work to just be creative whatever it is that he is doing, (he is an artist but it doesn’t stop with his art—you should see his garden!) He always has a notebook close at hand so that he can jot down random words or pictures or even melodies that float through his fertile mind.

It’s a good habit to get into and to MAINTAIN. If you don’t concretize those gifts from the collective consciousness, they will for sure dissolve into the ether where someone else may catch them and use them. It’s happened to me more than a few times so I speak from chagrined experience!

There’s a lovely Venus/Jupiter Trine that promises abundant yields if we put the work into any projects that we may begin. This is the energy of summer magic; soft breezes, warm nights, long lazy days and the aroma of blossoming plants to tickle our senses. We want to do things because it feels easy to do things. Work seems more pleasurable and life is, generally speaking, a charm.

Speaking of charms, this is hummingbird season and a group of hummingbirds is designated a CHARM. Lovely! (See my article on hummingbirds in the next Aquarian…)

This same Venus/Jupiter configuration also gives a nod to Saturn. When Jupiter and Saturn combine, expect miraculous events to occur. In this case, there is a sense of flow while Saturn challenges Venus to step up and claim who she is. Do your values enhance your activity? Are you doing what you WANT to be doing? Well, at least inch in that direction, little bud!

We’ve still got Pluto and Eris sizzling away in cardinal energy and an uncertain Chiron is looking for some answers to long held wounds by trying to get in sync with Mercury but these things are in the background for now.

It’s summer. Its warm. Everything feels fine, at least for the moment.


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:





Here is a caution that if we do not find an outlet for our creative impulses or if we are TOO much in control of our emotions and thoughts, we could find ourselves ‘fit to burst’!! Everyone knows that if something is repressed it can get way out of control so how important it is to find productive and REGULAR ways to let off some steam—the steam of creative impulse in this case. And, of course, this concept can be applied to just about every aspect of day to day life and is certainly NOT limited to artists alone.

The second Symbol gives us a clue as to how we can channel our various creative impulses in a positive fashion. That ‘adobe mission’ suggests a belief that is basic, fundamental, uncomplicated and certain of itself. Those early proselytizers followed their faith into distant lands and alien cultures without a blink of an eye—for the most part.

The message is: believe; believe in your dreams, yourself, your abilities, your hopes—the whole nine yards of it.

Fix it in your heart, stroke it with your mind and follow the bread crumbs to that sweet spot of contentment. It’s the contentment that comes from a path well-traveled and a hope firmly held.

As Queen so simply, yet eloquently put it, “We are the Champions of the world!”

(A very Leo thing to think and feel!)

So go at it. Do something different or dramatic or dashing…well, do anything at all for that matter!

Summer kisses to all!