New Moon In Taurus

New Moon Taurus, May 15, 2018 @ 6:49 am CDT


Once a month we get a New Moon in one of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Its always an exciting prospect to start off a period of time with renewed vigour and enthusiasm. But this month, we have a really rare event occurring. Just after the early morning New Moon, Uranus, the planet of the unexpected and inventive shifts into Taurus at around 10:00 am CDT. The orbit of Uranus is 84 years so moving from one sign into another only occurs every 7 years. Think about the chaos of the last 7 seven years while this celestial body was transiting the fiery and impulsive sign of Aries. Things certainly kept on popping!

Now Uranus will spend the next 7 years in Taurus. This is the energy of consolidation, groundedness, stability. Its organic and earth oriented. Compared to the speed of Aries, it’s the slow down. Under normal circumstances, things don’t exactly stop moving but they move very slowly for the most part. But these are not normal times. Uranus is the archetype of change, the lightning bolt, the sudden shift without any warning. Even in the stable energy of Taurus, there will be movement. After the probing initiatives of the last 7 years, the search for some kind of focus, some sense of direction, we, as a collective are ready to align our actions to our values and, if need be, turn those values upside down so that they sync in with new plans of action, new areas of exploration, a new way of being. The earth and her intrinsic structures are changing dramatically. Our eco-systems are under siege. Our economic foundations are shifting sand. Our understanding of the world from the scientific point of view is exploding into areas that once were only explored in science fiction novels. Everything is up for grabs, it seems. Expect the natural world and all that ensues from it to be altered significantly over the next 7 years. Be ready to change your attitude to how this whole thing called life actually works. Expect the unexpected, little children. It is on its way whether you are ready or not.

This New Moon very nicely sets up the move of Uranus into Taurus. The call to action is to take the time to think about who you really are, what you really believe, what you actually want—not what you think you want. Think about the actual structure of your aliveness. What inspires you? What motivates you? What keeps you going? What deters you from your goals? Who are you, really? It seems simple enough but it is not. Most of us live in the illusion, not the reality of ourselves. The challenge at this very auspicious moment in time is to PAUSE, REFLECT, and INTEGRATE the TRUTH of OURSELVES into the choices we make and the actions we take.

The energy of the NEW MOON is supported by a beautiful flow of Neptunian and Jupiterian energy. Spiritual aspirations can help to keep us on course. There is a fierceness about Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio that can infuse us with emotional power. Remember, belief comes, not from the head but rather, from the living, beating heart. Love is what causes us to hope, to believe, to aspire so build your love energy. Take care of your tentative heart. Coax it into courageous action. Actions that are founded on the emotion of love are those that find the true north so learn to love. Teach yourself how to love. It is not easy but it is worth it after all is said and done. Neptune in Pisces, his home sign, can point the way into a strong and stable heart.

On a lighter note, it is definitely ‘play time’. The earth has woken up. The birds are out in full force. I saw a bee in my garden the other day. My winter garlic is up and growing and the perennials are poking up. For the next few months, we will become outside people so let’s all take advantage and enjoy it. Summer is the time to let down our hair and kick off our shoes!


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:









Both aspects of this New Moon energy are addressed by these images. We are encouraged to get out, to tend to the earth, to enjoy the fruits of our labour and with others. There is something extremely pleasant about being in a place where there is order and flow. We can commune with the divine in nature. We are filled with appreciation and awe in natural surroundings. It is pleasant. But we are encouraged to keep examining ourselves and the deepest part of ourselves. We should not become complacent or lazy about seeking out the real truth of any given situation or condition. If something does not feel entirely right, we must dig deeper and find out why that is. It may not always be comfortable to do this detective work but it will always be rewarding in the end.


“I am willing to open the doors of my mind…

I am ready to lay bare my heart and welcome wisdom into myself…”



Scorpio Full Moon

Scorpio Full Moon April 29, 2018 @ 7:59 pm CDT

It’s here!

Once a year we have a Scorpio Full Moon as the Sun transits the partner sign of Taurus. It can be any day after April 21 (+/-) and up tp May 21 (+/-). This year it falls on April 29.

The Buddhist festival of Wesak

( Vesakh) is associated with this Full Moon though this year Wesak is celebrated on May 21 which is neither a full Moon nor a time when the Moon is transiting Scorpio. Still, at this Full Moon, we can begin thinking about the Buddha and his glorious birthday!

The Scorpio Full Moon is both mysterious and magical. It’s a great time to do rituals of healing, transformation, release, intention and self-empowerment. Scorpio is the energy of the magician, the shaman, she/he who can walk between the worlds, navigate both the lower dark depths and the upper light-filled heights. In Scorpio we encounter our most secret desires, our deepest needs and our most fearful feelings. Scorpio is where the monsters hide and the angels brandish their flaming swords both in vengeance and in righteous anger. It can be a scary kind of energy and it is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Those who are born with Moon in Scorpio—check with your local astrologer to find out if your own personal Moon falls in this sign—often do not understand what they are feeling until long after they have acted on those feelings. When they do feel things, it is with intensity, passion, single-mindedness and a certain inability to shift their focus. Once the emotion is fully rooted in the psyche, its pretty hard to veer off course, even when the end result is a cliff with jagged rocks at the bottom. These Scorpio Moon people are also keen of insight and have the ability to take anothers emotions and transmute those emotions by sheer force of will. They can make great counselors since there is little that they cannot handle. Telling a Scorpio Moon your dirtiest, deepest, darkest secrets is comforting since they have already explored a lot of the scenarios that they might hear from troubled souls, if not in real experience, then in imaginative exploration. This is the energy that cracks open the jar of TABOO, that is able to find the gold even in the ugliest of raw ore.

There is a strong alchemical component to these Scorpio Moon personas. Those who gravitate to bodywork can often trigger real life physical healing through the auspices of their touch. Once properly focused, these types can actually envision the DNA and work to shift its structure to a greater or lesser degree. Spontaneous remission can be the result of sessions under the healing hands of a Scorpio Moon.

Of course, there’s always a shadow side to any energy and with this one, the shadow can be pretty dreadful. If you have Moon in Scorpio, your job is to constantly monitor your impulse to control, to disempower, to overlord, to manipulate or to take revenge. Unfortunately, you are the elephant of the zodiac and seldom forget a slight or transgression. Well, fine, go ahead and remember, just do not act on that memory in a reactive, unprincipled way. Better yet, take that memory and use it for good. Find a way to forgive (without forgetting, of course) and create strategies to transform the harm into healing. If someone talks trash about you and you hear about it, DO NOT reciprocate in kind. Rather, find something pleasant, even flattering to say about the perpetrator.  Kind words are powerful and create a resonance of positive energy that will surround you and reach the other’s consciousness either literally or subliminally.  It is how one creates positive and healing karma. And Scorpio Moon, above almost all others has the ability to shift negative karma.

This Full Moon is a second chance energy. It sits almost exactly square the nodes. Use this opportunity to deliberate on the choices you are making and to really penetrate into the heart of the matter.  Why, exactly are you doing the things that you are doing? Will the choices you are making help to create security for you or will they send you even farther into confusion. The call to action is autonomous responsibility, an awareness that YOU are the boss of yourself and that blaming external factors will get you nowhere. This is your drama, baby, and you are the leading actor in it. It sounds easy enough—don’t we all take responsibility for what we create?—but, in fact, most of us do incline to shifting blame or projecting that which should be ours to own onto the others around us.  “Well, if she hadn’t asked me to go along with her, I wouldn’t have ended up there…”  Have you ever thought that? Or, something like that? Sure you have. So, with Pluto conjunct Mars in Capricorn, the energy of efficiency of management, and Saturn supporting the Moon with Capricornian strength of purpose and gutsy nerve, there is more than enough energy to actually follow through on resolutions that may be on the shelf. Drag them down, dust them and start all over again.  Yes, I will lose that weight. Yes, I will stop being a shopaholic—or any other kind of ‘holic’ that there is.  It takes honesty, a commitment to purpose and then the grit to grind it out. Scorpio Moon makes the promise that if there is a will, there is always a way.


The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are :




Devotion, dedication and a true and willing heart. When you want to go deep, you have to be prepared for that moment when you just might get the bends. Surrounding yourself with like-minded energy, with friends and lovers who are rooting for you to grow and evolve and with pure thoughts to fill up a pure heart is the key. Whatever the choice is that you have to make, keep examining your deepest motivations, self-check when doubt rises to the surface and take counsel from those you can trust.

Remember, Scorpio is all about secrets so, dive into your deepest secrets and make sure that they are for building up and not tearing down. If you do find darkness down there in your heart, root it out. Anger only hurts the angry one. Bitterness leaves you with a bad taste, not the other. Fear stops the heart from loving. The antidote to all of these negative emotions and any others that you may be feeling is LOVE, not the little love that we toss back and forth to each other; the BIG LOVE, that transcends the human condition and moves us just a little closer to the divine.


Thought for the Month

I can transform my reality to better represent who I truly am…



New Moon in Aries, 2018

NEW MOON IN ARIES: April 15, 2018 @ 8:59 pm CDT





Seeding time; conception; beginnings; the quickening…all phrases that evoke the expectant energy of the New Moon, this time, as we edge into the latter weeks of April, situated at the end of the third decanate of Aries.

It’s a potent lunation, activated by both Jupiter (inconjunct) & Pluto (square) and surrounded by Eris & Uranus on either side. This is a no holds barred, let’s get down to it—whatever it is!—in your face energy.

There’s an operational contract that is ongoing between the energies of Aries & Scorpio. Traditionally, both of these archetypal forces were ruled by Mars, nicely reflecting the outer and inner expression of action. Secondly, Mars & Pluto are linked in much the same way. Mars is symbolic of the external expression of will while Pluto symbolizes the deep, often inaccessible urges of the soul force. With Jupiter currently transiting Scorpio and in aspect to this lunation, there is a suggestion of a real power potential for getting things going. The call to action is to go deep and really get a handle on what your next step should be. The sense is that everything could end up anywhere, that its all up for grabs, that something needs to shift and the sooner the better—even yesterday, thank you very much.

Aries waits for no one. Scorpio tends to do it on its own. Put those two things together and we get the sense that we have come to a time of decision. With Pluto lending loads of energy to this time of beginnings, there is a sense that strategies can be laid, plans made and enacted. It’s a great energy of action at a time when action is exactly what is needed. If you are angry, use it. If you are frustrated, lose it. Put emotions to the side where you can access them and get strategic.

Both Mars & Saturn are still in Capricorn, providing a steadiness that is more than necessary with all of that irrepressible fiery late degree Aries energy. In the last decanate of Aries, Sagittarius is woven into the tapestry giving Aries an even more raucous nature. This is all about the far horizon, the impossible quest, the unreachable star, the dream that we hope we are dreaming. So, think big. Think hard and long. Think the unthinkable—in a good way, of course. With so much energy in the mix, something is inevitable. Our part in all of this is that we should get with the process and not allow mere instinct to call the shots. Unless Aries is well managed, that is exactly what will transpire. Ultimately, Aries is pure instinct, untethered to ration or reason. We need it, no question. Its what makes things happen but as we grow and evolve, we want to include considered response into all that action. That’s the job that Capricorn does in this drama. Aries is pulling hard to move forward and Capricorn is holding steady at the rear so that we don’t all fall down.

But its spring. Its time to crawl out of our caves. Its time to squint up at the sun and throw back our heads in delight that the geese are back. We have a few months ahead where we can enjoy being in motion. This lunation reminds us of what that motion feels like—KABOOM!!

The SABIAN SYMBOLS for this New Moon are:





Here we get the sense that we can turn things around and that we are absolutely on the edge of doing so. There is always a potential for another try at whatever it is that you think that you have botched or missed. Opportunity is ongoing. It is up to us to find that opportunity and to work it. If you don’t win the lottery with ticket number one, what’s stopping you from buying another ticket? Failure only concretizes when we stop trying to succeed. The key is effort, resilience, fortitude and courage in the face of resistance. Those who are successful worked HARD to get their success. It did not just fall into their laps. So, if you can imagine it, you can pursue it, and IT CAN HAPPEN with your will power and determination added into the mix. The sense of impending eventuality is so strong at this present moment that we cannot imagine that something will NOT happen. It must. It is almost upon us, hovering overhead, almost seen. What is necessary for every one of us at this moment is fearlessness and faith. So, if you feel fear anywhere in your body and mind, face it square on and tell it to go away in no uncertain terms. There is just no room for hesitation or equivocation. Just do it, baby, just do it.


Prayer for the month:






CRW 2018




Ah, the ethereal glow of the Full Moon, this month in the graceful sign of Libra. March began with a Full Moon & it is ending with a Full Moon. This is referred to as a Blue Moon visitation; the Moon reaches its fullness for a second time in one month.
In folklore, the March Full Moon is called either the WORM MOON or the SAP MOON, indicating that the worms are waking from their slumber and that the sap is beginning to run. Here, north of the 49th we are beginning to wonder if either of these things will ever happen! The winter has been long.

However, any way you look at it—and, please, do go out and look at it, this is one of the sweetest Full Moons of the year. Libra energy is soft and lovely and those who are actually born under a Libra Moon, are blessed with one of the kindest of hearts. Relationships play a significant role in their lives and they seek every avenue of cooperation and compromise that they are able to. If you have a Libra Moon person in your life, you are lucky. They will always make you feel loved and significant! They can’t help it; it just comes naturally.

The Libra Full Moon focuses her beam directly on the exuberant Aries Sun, providing a wee bit of balance and mindfulness. Libra is all about ‘the other’ while Aries is a complete celebration of self. When the two perspectives are integrated, a good working relationship can be developed. Take the time to sit and plan out the projects that you are undertaking. Consider consequences for actions that you feel compelled to make. Take off the rose coloured glasses and really examine all possible outcomes. If there is one thing that we have discovered is that others do not always react to what we do in the way that we think they will. Yikes! So sit and deliberate on just what might occur if you leap into that unknown territory of ACTIONS TAKEN.

Mercury is retrograde until mid-April and beyond if you count the shadow degrees (which you should), so this adds to the energy of consideration and deliberation. The way to get the biggest bang for your buck during retrograde periods is to SLOW DOWN, both literally and metaphorically. Take a second look. Give a second thought. Measure twice. You get it. The retrogrades are wired into the whole scheme of things for a reason. Maximize the opportunity.

Mars just moved into Capricorn and will conjoin both Saturn and Pluto in the next couple of months. Those of you born under Capricorn should feel an extra surge of energy, a compulsion to put those track shoes on and get moving. Both the Moon and Mars are triggers, indicators of action so this month with a cardinal Full Moon and a cardinal Mars, energy picks up steam.

Jupiter is retrograding in Scorpio providing us with even more of a focus. Hey, all you Scorpio Suns, are you enjoying crawling out from under your rocks? When Jupiter transits any sign, opportunities can present themselves accordingly.

Saturn is slowing down considerably in preparation for his retrograde in Capricorn. This can be a very steadying influence if you have dotted your ‘I’s’ & crossed your ‘t’s. The key is always attention to detail. Pay attention.

We are right on the edge of the once in 8 year energetic shift of Uranus. He moves into Taurus in May. At this late degree placement, 28-30 of Aries, be ready for the unpredictable in the Aries sector of your chart.

Finally, Pluto is virtually at a standstill @ 22* of Capricorn, ready to station retrograde on April 22. As you can see, the energy fully supports caution, consideration, review and refinement.

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:

We are encouraged to be sovereign in all that we do, take responsibility for the construct fo our reality and carefully consider all thoughts and actions as we do so. Why do you do the things that you do? What are the fundamentals of your value system? Are you comfortable with the decisions that have brought you to this place in your life journey? Is there something that you can change to improve your situation? Are you willing to do what is necessary to get to where you want to be? Oh my, so many things to review!

With all of the retrograde energy around us, it is clear that the divine is asking us to take the time to scope out the landscape. With the weather turning, the sun getting stronger, the days getting longer, we can start to move out of our lairs and sit under the sky and contemplate just what, exactly, we might like to do! Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to actually do whatever it might be!



Pisces New Moon, March 17, 2018 @ 8:14 am

We have arrived!

This is the last New Moon before the Equinox, a time of birth & growth, especially here in northern climes. It is somehow fitting that we are on the brink of the turn of the seasons & we experience a Pisces New Moon, the last and most complex energy of the entire zodiac.

In Pisces all comes together in one whole. This is where we dream our dreams and this is where we find our souls.

This is a most magical, a most mystical and a most dynamic New Moon. Think Lucid Dreaming. This is a process whereby the dream does not dream you but rather, you direct the dream. With the energy of this lunation around you, you can take the step into self-directed purposeful action via the dreaming process. Dreaming, in fact, is not limited to the hours of sleep but can also be present when the self is fully awake, conscious and in flux. In some ways this is the most powerful of all dreaming states. We can truly ‘dream ourselves into full aliveness’ while engaged in lucid and/or wakeful dreaming.

What is your dream? What do you need to do to make that dream a reality? Are you fully alert and ready to direct that dream?

This lunation suggests an urgency of action, a need to change things up, a hunger for new ideas to fill up the empty places in our psyches. Jupiter, the god of growth and abundance strongly aligns with the New Moon at 24* Scorpio. When Jupiter is transiting Scorpio, the call to action is ACHIEVEMENT. The self begins to explore all the possible ways that it can express itself more fully, more brilliantly than ever before. There is born an ‘appetite’ for accomplishment. In the case of this particular alignment of energies, the emphasis is on the interior self and how it can best be represented through positive and purposeful action in the world out there. Naturally, first one has to become comfortable with who one is so that the action taken is founded on a solid sense of self.

Mercury is soon to turn retrograde in Aries. Exercise caution, both in thought and action. Watch your feet. Literally and figuratively. I have heard of actual stumbles when this little fellow is retrograding through Aries energy and of course, thoughts can get thoroughly jumbled up so that the result is confusion and chaos. Aries is fast…always. Fast to start and fast to the finish. Mercury rules the mind, the nervous system, the limbs so you can imagine the rest of the story. Slow down consciously. It will still seem fast.

Mars is just about to land firmly into Capricorn where he is the King of the World. This gives the potential of actually making some of those dreams come into fruition. Key strategy? Hard work. Mars in Capricorn is no slouch and revels in taking on task after task after task…well, you see where I’m going. Diligence. Application. Determination. Perseverance. Yup, that is what makes Mars happy when he is transiting Capricorn.

New Moons lay down the groundwork for the month ahead. This time around, the heavens suggest that it is entirely up to you. Dream big. Dream long and dream hard. What is there to lose, really?

The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:




We can be anything that we aspire to. There is an inherent nobility in the human spirit. (Really, there is.) But, along with nobility comes responsibility. How are you using the gifts that you have been given? Have you fully accepted the responsibility that comes along with those gifts? Are you serving self alone or do you have the impulse to ‘do good’ in the community of your choice? The second symbol asks us to consider all these things. Whatever the answer is, however we undertake to express our gifts, the light of the harvest moon will reveal all. In the end, we surely do reap what we have sown.


Thought for this New Moon

Be all that you have ever wanted to be and be good!


Full Moon in Virgo, March 1, 2018 @6:52 pm

Virgo Full Moon, March 1, 2018 @ 6:52 pm


Lunations can follow a regular pattern with a New Moon culminating in a Full Moon, usually along the same zodiacal axis. However, at this particular moment in time, the Full Moon following the immediately preceding New Moon, falls in the axis that is one over. So, on Feb 15, we had an Aquarius New Moon (partial eclipse) and now, as the Sun moves through Pisces, we enter the light of the Full Moon in Virgo.

Aquarius energy provides us with all sorts of stimulation and inspiration. It urges us to step outside the boundaries of our comfort zones and look intently into the far future with hopefulness and aspiration. The shadow side of this electric energy (think lightning bolt) can illuminate those parts of our inner psyche that are fractured, wounded or simply disconnected. Soul fragmentation and the subsequent soul retrieval is brilliantly demonstrated by the sometime jagged Aquarian edges that find their way into our souls. By using out of the box methods, we can begin the process of assimilation and integration. And, honestly, all of us, no matter how grounded we might think that we are, have some healing work to do.

Virgo, that down to earth, practical and functional energy is all about integration, healing, synthesis, application. Yes, the shadow side of this energy can be overly anal, critical and unforgiving but used appropriately, it is one of the most productive and efficient energies that we can access. At the highest of levels, this is the energy of the HEALER, she who makes things whole. A strongly ‘virgo’ person is an absolute must if there is a project underway. They will organize, manage, run interference and generally carry all the anxiety if given the opportunity. Creativity is brought to fruition through the process of Virgo application.

So, after all of the potential ‘dreaming’ that may have occurred in the embrace of the New Moon, along with anything that needed to be released (the eclipse vibration), this Virgo full Moon says—‘ok DUDE, work…’

Everyone has Virgo somewhere in their psyche. It is that part of personal self that is under the strong light of the Full Moon with this lunation. If you know the structure of your own personal mandala (horoscope), then you can give some thought as to what, exactly, is being brought out into its fullness at this point in time.

But, back to the general impact of it all…Take those ideas and run with them. Create a plan of action that will actually produce results. Good intentions go nowhere if not supported by careful and strategic planning. I want to lose weight, you say, after I eat this black forest cake. Well, how’s that working for you? Intention must be immediately and emphatically reinforced with forward movement based on thoughtful assessment of the situation. Virgo provides the impetus for this in spades. To continue with the cake analogy, Virgo will ensure that no cake is purchased or baked. Worst case scenario, that it goes promptly into the recycle trough if it is lurking around in your refrigerator.

The focus on value assessment continues with this Full Moon. We have Mercury and Venus closely conjunct in Pisces, reminding us that for any value to be lasting and useful, it must somehow reflect our spiritual nature, whatever that may be. The more closely we align our core values to positive spiritual viewpoints, the more likely will it be that we gain true satisfaction as we pursue our goals. As the princess said to Han Solo, “If it’s money that you love, then it’s money that you will receive.” Our current reality construct certainly proves that to be true. Humans are driven by that powerful force, GREED, rather than by a feeling of brotherhood, compassion and communion. Pisces energy reminds us that we are merely passing through this earthly place, temporarily taking on a physical form, and that the real life is something far more than what we can perceive with our limited 5 senses. Venus in Pisces, especially, urges us to give freely and to take sparsely.

There is a truly beautiful alignment between Venus and Jupiter that is sparked and amplified by yet another alignment to Mars. If we set our sites high, if we reach for the stars, we can at least somewhat jump over the moon.

The key concept with this Full Moon is all about how to make that dream take form. It’s the combination of the soaring imagination and the down to earth tool kit full of useful items that can help those ideas to be born. So, dream a little longer, dream baby, and then roll up those sleeves and get busy.


The Sabian Symbols are:





There is certainly a lingering resonance here of the eclipse at the New Moon. With the Full Moon now following, whatever is uncovered is able to be seen in its entirety. The elements of any situation are now exposed and it is up to each of us to take action accordingly. If we suddenly sense that a change of direction is needed, can we muster up the necessary oomph to take that action? Virgo is nothing if not totally realistic in its approach to life. With this energy its about facing facts and then creating corresponding strategies to deal with those facts. No more denial, repression or avoidance. In Virgo, we joyfully call a spade a spade, not a garden ornament in the making.

And, as we face reality, uncover the truth and generally get down to brass tacks, we scrutinize ourselves in the process. We test ourselves to stay aligned to hard won principles. We keep refining our inner moral compass while not imposing our belief system on anyone but ourselves. We strive for authenticity and ‘trueness’, each one according to her own criteria. Its called being human in a fully conscious and engaged fashion. Each person we greet is a potential teacher. Each situation we find ourselves in is a potential refiner of action. It is not about what we should have done after the fact. Rather, it is about what we choose to do in each unfolding moment.

Ain’t it grand to be alive?


Moon Meditation

I apply myself to all that I do with a wholesome heart, a peaceful mind and a willing spirit.




New Moon in Aquarius, Feb 15, 2018 @ 3:06 pm


Susan Weed, Master Herbalist and Wise Woman Shaman says:

 “The dark months are a time of rest and RENEWAL, not a time of high energy. The fairies return to their underground homes at Halloween and return above ground on May Day. GIVE IN to the slower pace of the winter. EXPECT LESS of yourself; ENJOY MORE time in bed. STOP FIGHTING the dark. LET IT BE deep and NOURISHING.

The renewal that she refers to is now drawing to an end. It is the beginning of a whole new cycle of possibility and promise. Though we will not immediately jump into summery action, we can begin to lay the foundation for that season with this NEW MOON, happily seeding in the electric energy of Aquarius.

It’s a good time to shake the sleepiness off just a little bit and imagine our prospects.  First, we dream. Then we imagine how we can make that dream come true. Finally, we begin the work of building that imagined dream into reality. Aquarius is the energy of possibility times ten. Just think of all your Aquarius friends. They are just a wee bit more crazy than the rest of us and their craziness challenges the status quo, demands that boundaries be crossed, invites us all into an adventure of creativity and exploration. At the highest of levels, this is the energy of the future, of what could be, rather than what is. Without it, we would all still be looking for that tool, trying to invent the wheel and generally keeping to our caves.

On a personal level, when Aquarius is featured, as with this upcoming New Moon, we can suspend our disbelief and open the doors of perception so that what is only possible can sometimes take on a concrete form. Be inventive. Be bold. Be preposterous. And why not? Be a little dangerous!

The energy of Uranus in Aries flows into this lunation like a supercharged electric wave, lending support to the imagining process while Jupiter in Scorpio demands that we set a high bar for ourselves and remove the limitations that only exist in our minds. When the heart is open, the spirit soars.

The call to action with this new cycle is one of self-expression in whatever form that presents itself in OUR INDIVIDUAL lives. Artistry is not limited to any one discipline. Artfulness can be associated with anything. It is skillfulness, cleverness, imagination as applied to any undertaking. So, whatever you are engaged in or hope to be engaged in, do it boldly and with artfulness. Dream yourself into the possibility of all that you could imagine yourself to be. Start making your plans for the ‘big change-up/wake-up’. We live in restless and unpredictable times; sometimes, even, uncertain times, so we must be ahead of the curve, always looking to alternatives and never allowing ourselves to get overly attached to any particular way of being. Let’s all commit ourselves to the ongoing process of REINVENTION. After all, that is the ultimate invitation that soul force gives us—grow, evolve, illuminate yourself in this age of darkness.

If you study astrology, locate the degree of this lunation—27/28 Aquarius in your own chart and follow the energy lines around the wheel. Does this degree touch any of your own placements? In what house of your own chart does this lunation fall? Whichever house it is, consider how you can make a fresh and even revolutionary change in that area of life. As an example, let’s say it falls in your first house?  Well, you are anyway an unusual sort of person and you will absolutely benefit from introducing some edgy elements into your life. A truly radical diet? A commitment to approaching relationship differently (if this is needed)? A shift in your lifestyle? Apply the same kind of thinking to whatever house is featured. This is the most practical way to deal with transiting energy. And always, no matter what else, keep your spiritual eyes fixed firmly on the prize of a more vital, a more lively connection to the divine (Mars in Sag square Neptune in Pisces.) When active energy is funneled into spirituality rather than material reality, the self expands rather than contracts. Conversely, if spiritual motivations are not part of the active impulse, thoughts can get muddled, reasoning can be incomplete and any action taken can come to naught.

The energy of Aquarius gives us permission to dream preposterous dreams, to imagine impossible outcomes, to go where we have never been and bring back messages from those distant and unseen places so that our community of choice can shift, change and grow. Very exciting.

The Sabian Symbols for this lunation are:




Trees are the most magical beings on the planet. Many of them live through countless ages and bear witness to the human dramedy. They do not resist, nor do they assert. It is up to us to protect and sustain them, to live harmoniously with them. We are at a critical time in our collective evolution. The choices that we, as a collective make, right now, right here, will be the foundation of our collective future. We must be diligent in ‘dreaming’ ourselves into a reality that is balanced between conservation and appropriate resource management. Every choice results in a karma that we, as a collective absolutely will deal with. We are, all of us, like those little birds gathered together on that large tree. It is one earth that we share and never before in recent human history has this been so clear. One earth. One soul. One voice. We must all come together and discover that ONE SONG so that we create harmony and not discord. Blessed Be thee and me.



Thought for this lunation:

I am the world and the world is within me.





Beautiful dreamer

I want to find you

Dancing in the mists

Singing in the shadows

Of the great trees of myth and memory

I want to kiss your shining face and hold you in my arms

And dream along with you forever and ever










When the Sun is transiting (going through) the zodiac sign of Aquarius, (ca January 20-Feb 19), the Full Moon will always be in the partner sign to Aquarius—LEO.

Aquarius/Leo are fixed and yang by nature. Another way of saying this is that they are powerful energies that are assertive, certain and able to follow through on what they initiate. The subjective creative energy of Leo compliments the altruistic visionary energy of Aquarius. Put the two things together and you have a potential for brilliance, for innovation, for self-proclamation and a rollicking good time to boot! Here we just might discover the inventors, the artists, the community activists and the leaders of our time.

Leo is shiny. It wants to express itself, to twinkle and glow, to stand out in a crowd and be loved by all who see them. It’s a seductive energy that can often be found at the center of any gathering. Even the shyest of Leo types can’t help but like it when other people praise them.

We all have Leo somewhere in our psyches and even if there are no sensitive points in the 30 degrees of this energy in our psyches, it still contributes in some manner to the whole of your persona. When figuring out how any given lunation may be interacting with your own specific natal energy, it is necessary to know just what part of your psyche is in play. But, even if you are not sure where Leo is in YOUR chart, never mind. You can intuitively assess how the energy of this upcoming Full Moon may enhance your experience as you read about it. All of you who have birthdays around the following dates, put on your reading glasses and perk up your ears. This Full Moon is YOUR Full Moon.

Jan 26-Feb 6                       (Sun sign Aquarius)

April 25-May 7                   (Sun Sign Taurus)

July 28-August 9                ( Sun sign Leo)

Oct 29-Nov 10                    (Sun Sign Scorpio)

And especially is this true for YOU, Leo!

This is the second Full Moon this month—often called a ‘blue moon’– and even more importantly, it is a Lunar eclipse. Eclipses are times of release and renewal at the highest of levels; times when changes can be made. If there is anything in your life that needs to be removed, do it. And while you allow yourself to let go of the old and no longer useful, give yourself permission to open the door to something new.

And yet, there is a murmur here that this something that is ‘new’ may well be something that is not entirely unfamiliar. This Full Moon is holding out its hands to you and asking you to ‘remember the dream’…

What was it that used to incite you to action? What was it that made you feel alive, passionate and ready to go? What used to be meaningful to you? What did you believe in? What did you really want to be when you grew up? Oh, if only we could just go back and remember it all the way we felt it back then, when we were young and full of the vitality of what was possible!  This Full Moon whispers in our ears and says, why not? You can still do it. It can still come true.

For a bit longer the major planetary forces are all moving ahead in concert; that is, there are no major retrograde movements at the moment. This gives us a sense of freedom and fluidity. We can feel an itch to get going deep down in the soles of our feet. Mars, the energy of action and assertion has just moved into Sagittarius. Feel a need to go somewhere and get there fast? That is certainly one possible scenario from this placement. Adventure, and especially adventure that feeds the emotional self, that fulfills a need to explore the unknown, the far away, is highlighted. Mars has long been regarded as a ‘trigger’ energy so all of you Sag’s out there, fasten your seat belts and get ready to ride the wave. The little warrior will be knocking on your door for the next few weeks as he gallops through the 30* of Sagittarius. Gemini, put on your armor just in case you have to fight off any opposition from forces unknown! Pisces and Virgo, don’t be surprised if you feel sudden bursts of energy over the next little while.

This lunation also has Jupiter, the god of opportunity and reward four square and holding. This infuses a great deal of energy into the days around this Full Moon (3 prior & 3 after). The sense here is one of hopefulness of purpose. Jupiter, currently in Scorpio, is fierce about what to reach for. A sense of goal orientation surrounds us as we sit and recall who we once were, who we might have become, who we could still be. With Pluto in compatible aspect to Jupiter, we feel as if we maybe can do all the things that we want to do. Aren’t we all that little engine that could?

So, dream without restraint. Perfect your forgotten ideals. Finish up any projects that may be holding you back from moving forward. And, have a party, why don’t you?

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:





How fitting! These images suggest community conviviality and forward movement We are encouraged to mingle and mesh, to find common ground, to create a community where we can be comfortable, entertained and safe, while always looking ahead and improving ourselves so that this community can, in turn, be improved.

Leo Buscaglia said:

What you are is God’s gift to you, what you do with yourself is your gift to God. Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life. Change is the end result of all true learning.”

And that about sums it up. We are here to learn, to change, to improve and most important of all, TO LOVE.


Thought for the full Moon

Let me be filled with the electric power of creative force

Let me sing my song for all to hear.

New Moon in Capricorn: Its Time to Gather Our Little Gods and GO!

New Moon in Capricorn…Its Time to Gather Our Little Gods and GO!

What a spectacular New Moon is coming our way! Well, we won’t see it, of course, since the Moon is tucked away into the Sun’s brilliance at New Moon but what a line-up of possible energies is ours if we want to use them!


Firstly, at the time of this New Moon, January 16, 2018 @ 8:18 pm CST, we have an action-packed line-up in Capricorn with all of the major planets in direct motion. We can really start to shake that most recent aggravating Mercury Retrograde period off! If you felt any degree of frustration over the past little while, you should now begin to feel like there is more oxygen for the breathing and more space for the moving. Enjoy this next couple of months. When we get to March, both Jupiter and then shortly thereafter, Mercury station retrograde in Scorpio & Aries respectively, both of which are ruled by Mars. More on this in March! But for now, its full steam ahead and mind your must-do’s as you get things moving.

If you have been waiting for that perfect moment of initiation and productivity, this could well be it. This upcoming New Moon signals a new start for strategy that can be applied to any project on the boards. The Sun/Moon union is flanked by Pluto and Venus suggesting that we can make some constructive and meaningful changes to the way we approach problems, engage in relationship and pursue our deepest desires. We may be ready to change things in any or all of those areas of life and now, with a sense of energy unleashed, focused and determined, we get the feeling that we may actually be able to do it. Pluto, at 20 * of Capricorn and in balsamic relationship to the Sun, says, ‘get it done, finish it once and for all, do it…’ while Venus @ 29* Capricorn echoes Pluto’s sense of completion but also promises that endings are followed by beginnings, that death is merely the foundation for new life.

All that perishes must be re-born, so says the sage.

Capricorn is the doer energy of the zodiac and this once a year (mostly) Sun/Moon union in Capricorn is definitely the time to start doing. Yes, its still winter but the days are getting longer. Yes, its still cold but when the sun shines, we remember the power of warmth. This year, that New Moon is well supported with Mercury, Venus, Saturn & Pluto, all in Capricorn and Mars & Jupiter conjoined in Scorpio. Scorpio has always worked well with Capricorn so this is a perfect time to pull up our inner power and apply it to all that we want to work on in our lives. Capricorn is Cardinal energy and as such, inclines to movement but it’s a movement with purposefulness. If you are cardinal by nature (Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn), this is your time of peak potential. This New Moon will engage with your own energy body dynamically, giving you the energy to sort yourself out, ground yourself out and generally, get moving proactively. It’s a call to positive action so get acting positively!

The Mars Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio so sweetly aligned to this New Moon provides extra power, extra determination, extra oomph just when we need it. Our cocoons are beginning to thin out. We can almost feel the need to stretch our butterfly wings and fly away into the waiting warm skies. It’s all good.

That unpredictable and exciting Uranus energy is still hanging around in Aries and in square relationship to this lunation. Be ready for anything. Be prepared for the unexpected. Get set to catch the lightning rod and use it effectively. Uranus is only upsetting if we are stuck in a rut with no intention of moving out of it. If we are willing to follow the energy, to think outside the box, to accept that which we have not actually prepared ourselves to accept, then this energy is stimulating, invigorating and refreshing. Positive thoughts, everyone!

The Sabian Symbols for this Lunation are:





When we set out on a path, we must be sound in body, mind and soul. We have to ensure that we have the tools to get to our destination. We have to be aware that as we move along this path, we need to take in all that is around us, check for impediments along the way, generally be mindful and attentive. In many cases, more is acquired from the process than from reaching the goal. We have all heard that old cliché that the path is the goal and there is some truth to that saying. However, the goal is also the end of the path and it is alright to set goals, aim for targets, make plans. The key is that we understand that anything can happen to impede those goals and that, when we change plans, we are not failing, merely surviving the pitfalls of the path.

When we set out on ‘mountain pilgrimages we can often be caught by ‘a storm in the canyon’ along the way. These storms, however, can be useful to slow us down, give us time to think things through, correct our compass points or at least check them out to make sure we are still on point. The storms remind us that challenge remains on this ‘mountain pilgrimage’. We grow in wisdom as we learn to ‘read the signs’ that storms may be coming. That wisdom then protects us from undue damage from unexpected ‘storms’. We read the signs and seek shelter. We see it coming and we take measures to protect ourselves. Then, when the storm passes, as they always do, we trek out onto that mountain once again and get going.

Very Capricorn New Moon kind of energy!

Thought for the day:

The doing of good brings peace to both the giver and the receiver


I am a tall mountain reaching for the heavens

I am the river that seeks the sea

I am the bird who returns after the winter

I am the I, the YOU and the WE…

Full Moon in Cancer, January 1, 2018

The Cancer Full Moon: The Real Feel?

If you are up at the mundane New year and the sky is clear, you will see a big fat Moon beaming down at you—and seeing everything that you do—believe it! The first Full Moon of 2018 occurs on January 1 @ 8:25 pm CST. According to the lunar laws, that puts the 2018 New Year celebration into the orb of a Full Moon. So…just a wee heads up…everything will be heightened, intensified and generally highlighted since a Full Moon tends to bring all sorts of things out from under the bushes. And since this Full Moon is a Cancer Full Moon, the home station of the Moon in astrological lingo, emotions especially will be ready to rise to the surface and crash upon the shores of your psyche! Be prepared.

It’s a potent energy grid this time around with 5 significant energies situated in Capricorn, a hard-hitting, get down to the basics sort of energy, along with 2 other significant energies situated in Scorpio, never an energy to shy away from the truth of all things. This alignment can lead to an intense need to truly understand what one is feeling and to then to devise solid and workable strategies to address any or all issues that may still be lurking around in the mind and heart. Not a bad idea for this turning of the wheel of the year. Auspicious that this combination of energies is occurring on the first day of the mundane New Year. If you have felt stuck about situations in your life, if you have felt frustrated that you could not shift things more easily, this Full Moon provides exactly the right kind of environment to, at the very least, think about taking action. It has often been said that strategy is the key to successful outcome. Capricorn is the consummate energy of strategy. Cancer is the heart that is needed to make any strategy work effectively. The Cancer Full Moon is a great time to examine the plans that we have been making and locate the heartfelt reasons that can ignite those plans into effective actions.

Mercury is now direct in Sagittarius though still not at the degree of retrograde so small glitches and interruptions of forward flowing energy can occur. In Sag, Mercury moves quickly so the retrograde period can feel like tripping over one’s own feet—or thoughts in this case! Any retrograde period will act according to the energy that it occurs in so its our job to balance that out as much as we can. When that impulse hits, just take a breath or two before plunging off the cliff. It seems easy enough but Sag energy is highly active, often overly impulsive and enthusiastic about it all. With the retrograde in effect, the tendency is to disregard the need to go over things twice—at least! Resist that tendency if at all possible.

Here are the coming years retrograde periods and the signs in which they occur:

March 22-April 15 (Aries)

July 26-August 18 (Leo)

November 16-December 6 (Scorpio & Sag)

Put these dates into your date-keepers with a few weeks before and after also marked so that you remember to pay more attention to details than you normally would.

Saturn is newly entered into Capricorn and with this advent begins a 2ish year period of his transit through that energy. Saturn return time for all of you who have Saturn in Capricorn, a time to put on your ‘big boy’ pants and get busy with organizing your life according to some reasonable rules of engagement. Make a plan, check it once or twice and get ready to work.

This Saturn, newly entered into Capricorn lends a gravity to this Full Moon. Life is a serious business, says he, and you have to start taking it seriously. With Mars conjoined to Jupiter in Scorpio and squaring the nodal axis, the call to action is to pursue the reward with passion. But first, figure out what that reward is. Consider what you love. It is that thing, the thing that you most revere, that defines who you are and how you act. Act well. Act decisively. But be truthful about it all. Scorpio energy, at the highest level, demands honesty, authenticity, so sit a bit with your deepest feelings during this Full Moon and allow them to demonstrate to you the fullness of your SELF.

Cancer energy, the energy of this Full Moon, nicely held by the boundaries of Capricorn is the ultimate expression of the heart. Cancers feels it and Capricorn manages the feeling of it. Together these energies can form a powerful force within our psyches, a force that can heal, that can soothe, that can shelter, that can shoulder the burdens of the grieving soul. Used properly it is the energy of the householder who serves through the action of responsible nurturing. Lovely.

So, be ready to feel the whole spectrum of emotional response but also be ready to examine those feelings and decide if they are really ones that come from deep within you. Remember, we are merely monkeys and as such, are really adept mimics.

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:





Here we have the suggestion of the coming together of diverse elements to create a unique whole. We are encouraged to find common ground, not through sameness but rather through different-ness. Let us be nurtured by that which is alien to us so that it can become the thing that is in union with us. This is a hard concept to embrace in this time of polarization. The ego self seeks, yes, craves, the security of the known and yet it is the known that is the very thing that is preventing the collective from growing into something other than dispute, disagreement, discord and divisiveness. The promise is that if we can embrace the opposite, it will complete the circle of energy once and for all.

The answer, naturally, lies in the natural world around us. It is the very diversity of this organism—Gaia herself, that holds the ‘right’ solution to our ongoing struggle to find common ground. We do not have to be all the same. In fact, we have to be all different. So, while Capricorn makes the rules and regulations—and they are absolutely necessary!—Cancer says, ‘let’s apply them with love, with compassion, with fellow feeling, WITH HEART.


Thought for this Month:

I hold the boundaries of my heart in my loving arms