New Moon in Gemini–Yay!!!

New Moon in Gemini: May 25, 2017 @ 2:46 PM CDT


When the Moon is new in Gemini, we have the opportunity to go to the heights and be free when it comes to flights of fancy & imagination. I think we need that right now. The mundane world is embroiled in conflict and chaos and there is a rumbling in the near background that can feel ominous at times. But, as seekers and objective observers, we have access to a world view that supersedes the mundane, the ordinary. It is not that we totally remove ourselves from what is going on but we have the capacity to see beyond the immediate and get a grasp of trends that may not yet be clearly evident. That helps when it looks like everything is dissolving into tumult. This is a time of change; and CHANGE, by its nature can be frightening to us—poor creatures enslaved to security and comfort.  We like what we know, what we are used to and when the status quo begins to shift, we can become skittish and hysterical.  Just hang in there.  The change has not arrived in its fullness. There is much more yet to be revealed and with the revelation will come more change and so it goes.

One thing that we, as students of history and metaphysics have come to understand is that EVERYTHING is cyclical and that EVERTHING eventually passes. This may not seem like solace, but, in truth, it is. We are not the first or only creatures that have built empires and dealt with the idiocy of common politics. There have long been tyrants. There have long been conflicts. Those of us who have glimpsed what the REAL solution to world disorder is—LOVE & FORGIVENESS, TOLERANCE & COMPASSION—must work to get to that invisible yet necessary ‘tipping point’ of consciousness. Once enough sentient beings actually embrace the real solution, it is manifested, and oh so easily. ( I know that some of you are finding this hard to believe…) However, ordinary politics will not, ultimately, solve any problems. It is far too reflective of that which is the root of the problem—desire driven action that chooses to ignore the common humanity of all.

That is not to say that we, as individuals should divorce ourselves from local action. That is a right that we all have and can exercise as we see fit—as long as we understand that whatever we appear to gain is but a shadow of what we actually need to solve the problem. Activism that is humanitarian in impulse is the best way to express our social awareness but, honestly, do what you feel works for you. Just keep those wise metaphysical glasses firmly fixed! We are going for the long game here, folks.

With the Moon in Gemini, we should get a sense of lightness, even if only briefly! Adventure and exploration is the key word for this cycle. Find something that gets you going and follow the bread crumbs to its location. It could be real travel. It could be a new philosophy, a new idea, a new thought process, a new way to interact, to communicate. Whatever it is, let it take you away from pressing concerns at least for a bit. Gemini likes to have fun! So, find some fun to have!

Mercury is newly direct and in Taurus. Our thoughts are turned towards earthly things and we feel that we want to find something stable and secure to shore up our scattered emotional body. Garden. Take walks. Do something practical with your hands. Any activity that gives form to your concepts will help you to feel more connected to what is real and tangible.

Venus is still in Aries and at the very beginning of her 19-month loop under the influence of this dynamic, independent energy. As she moves through the various signs of the zodiac over the next year and a half, each of those energies will be laced with a little Aries Fire, spirited, fierce and free. The Aries ‘call to action’ is about re-invention of self from the core value system, and up. When the Inner Goddess consorts with the element of Cardinal Fire (Aries), she is a warrior for what she believes in. It is critical that we all embrace this activist energy, especially now, at this most interesting time in social history. Each of us must be clear about what is true (to us), what is important to promote, what we want to base our lives on. The Goddess, clothed in fire, is relentless in opening up our senses to that which stimulates us to be more in our own selves than ever before.  Believe in who you are and take it to the limit!

Transiting Mars in Gemini supports the call to adventure and exploration, saying ‘hurry up, hurry up…let’s get going…NOW!’’ Jupiter in Libra is in a mundanely supportive aspect to this Gemini cluster of activity that includes the Sun & the Moon and quietly whispers encouragement for any efforts undertaken. Be willing to take that step, maybe one you haven’t taken before and try something different. It could open to the door into a whole new way of being for you. With Saturn in Sag sitting silently across from this flighty Mars, rest assured that you have an anchor firmly attached to your feet and—promise—you won’t get lost in the flurry of action if that is what you find yourself dealing with. Saturn has a habit of getting real when reality needs to be got.

The Sabian Symbol for this lovely, light and fanciful New Moon is:



AN OLD OWL UP IN A TREE (Sagittarius)


Let it all fly free, children. Seek out that which most gets you juiced up, ready to fight for what you stand for. But fight with insight. Use your inherent and natural wisdom to lead you in the right direction (s).

This is a great time to explore NEW ways of saying an old thing. Search out what may yet be inaccessible to you and then figure out how you can actually make it usable in your real day to day life. Can a new approach to an old problem be the answer? Could it actually be so simple a solution—to JUST TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT?

We all come to this place equipped with stuff that helps us and sometimes harms us. However, in all that rubble that we carry around—our genetic make-up, our family dynamics, our experiences, our social conditioning—there is knowledge gained and, if we are blessed, wisdom that we can access. Sometimes we hear it and ignore it and sometimes we hear it and listen. It’s a choice, every second of the day.  Are you listening and doing? Or hearing and ignoring?

Let’s all of us shake off the muddle and the chaos of the last few months and try something new. Gemini New Moon—here we come!




Full Moon in Scorpio

by christina rai


May 10, 2017 @ 4:43 pm CDT

Tracking the NEW MOONS and the FULL MOONS each month gives an EXPERIENTIAL sense of how energy works. The wonderful thing about this is that for each of us it will be unique—not different but rather, particular to us as we operate as an individual. It’s also one of the easiest ways to learn astrology. If we are students of astrology, this will greatly enhance our ability to translate any chart that we see on a piece of paper.

So, there is usually one New Moon & one Full Moon every month, separated by about 2 weeks. The New Moon signifies the beginning (seeding) of the cycle for the next 30 ish days and the Full Moon signifies the culmination (fruition) of that cycle.

Whatever sign of the Zodiac the New Moon is in at the beginning of the cycle, the Full Moon, 2 weeks later, will be in the partner sign, for the most part. The signs of the Zodiac can be grouped into ‘pairs’ that face each other across a 180* axis.

Hint! Find out what sign partners your own Sun Sign and read about it to gain some tips on how to balance your impulses. Self-directed and impulsive Aries gets some fine tuning from Libra’s compromise and consideration!!! Just saying…

The Moon travels rapidly through the entire Zodiac. She completes the circuit once every month so for the 30 ish days of the Moon cycle, we get a taste of all 12 designated energies of the Zodiac for about 2 ½ days per sign. It’s not a hugely long time but as month follows month, we can start to notice how or if there is a similarity on the days of each month that the Moon lands in a particular sign. Keeping a Mini Moon Journal can help with this process. Start with the NEW MOON and the FULL MOON and just jot down key words for HOW YOU FEEL on those days. Don’t forget to note which sign of the Zodiac is highlighted. After doing this consistently for a few months, you may start to notice an emotional pattern appear.

Remember, the MOON is all about feelings, reactions and conditional responses. Not a lot of head stuff going on here. It’s all about the gut. And, ingrained habitual patterns of behavior which may or may not be fully understood. Remember the duck who thought she was a dog?  That kind of thing.

Consciousness is key and the beginning of increasing one’s consciousness is to actually begin to NOTICE things. Let’s call it the RITUAL OF OBSERVANCE. Observe and digest and then hopefully, learn so that you can apply the learning to your day to day life.

Example: After a few months, you notice that when the Moon is traveling through a given sign, you tend to be less self-controlled than usual. How can knowing this little nugget of data be useful to you? HMMMM…give it some thought…

This Month, with the Full Moon bursting out in Scorpio, we enter into a potential of power and impulse. The Moon in Scorpio is one of the most complex placements that a person can have in their natal chart. Hard to understand, potentially quite secretive, often difficult to manage even just by oneself.

When the Moon is full in this energy, the key thought is ‘ a powerful impulse towards transformation & regeneration’. What, if anything, in your life needs an overhaul? This energy provides us all with the potential to dig deep and find out what is hidden.

There is a powerful focus on the value found in relationship; what makes us want it and what makes us want to lose it. Examine what fuels your needs in this area to more clearly define how to provide yourself with what you truly need in your relationship life.

Venus is newly returned to Aries, having just risen in the morning sky to begin a whole new cycle of becoming for the next 19 months. Who do we imagine ourselves to be? What can we do to refine that vision? Where is our inner feminine ‘wild woman’? What does she truly desire? With this Full Moon energy activating our psyches, we can begin the process of re-defining ourselves. Aries energy is a BIG component part of this Full Moon and combined with the Scorpio/Taurus energy, it creates a tremendous amount of movement. Allow yourself to explore all facets of your life; your values, your needs; your wants; your ‘others’ and then muster up your courage and truly admit to yourself what needs to be re-born. Maybe you don’t kick him out but maybe you do have a sit-down heart to heart and bring some clarity into the relationship????? The WILD WOMAN archetype is about reclaiming your own power of being and being willing to step into the unknown, to explore POSSIBILITY with ardor and bravery of soul.

This Full Moon is about digging into the past and bringing it into the present. You don’t need to keep feeling what you have been feeling if those feelings are not supporting your current values. Don’t be a concrete slab! Be a fast-moving river that is running to the sea!

Change is the fire that burns brightly in the soul. Fuel that fire and let it flame around you.

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:




Holy Cow! Could they be more fitting?

Here we get the sense that it is time to dig deep, to ‘open the curtains’ of our selves and let the light get in. Fear lives and persists in the dark so when we allow the light to enter a dark space, we begin the process of FEAR ELIMINATION. Once fear is eliminated, the Wild Woman is able to make her appearance in the story of our lives. We can live free; be free; soar the skies and go beyond the horizons that we thought were ours.

The image of the ‘winds, clouds and haste’ gives us a sense that permanence is an illusion. The only real truth is that everything changes and that includes US! Be unattached to anything and you will never experience disappointment again. Honestly. That is true. Expectation of outcome is the bane of existence.


Enjoy the Full Moon in Scorpio and stretch those fiery wings and fly!




New Moon in Taurus

by christina rai


April 26, 2017 CDT

The Taurus/Scorpio axis in the zodiacal wheel is considered to be one of the power pulses of the energy spectrum.  Here is where birth and death are linked to produce transformation of the deepest kind.  This birth/death can be literal or figurative. It is all about becoming and releasing. The becoming is the seed part of the initiation cycle into consciousness and the release part is where we allow old forms to dissolve so that the new consciousness can be fully embraced as it forms.

Taurus is one of the deepest and most sensual energies of the wheel.  It holds form as no other can.  In traditional astrology, this is the energy that was considered to exalt the Moon—the lunar force.  Though most modern astrologers shy away from so-called ‘rulerships’, referred to as The Dignities, it is useful to make note of the various signs (energies) that were linked by rulership to the various planets. It can give us a hint as to how a particular personality impulse, as symbolized by the planets, can operate when in that particular energy. The exaltations (one of the aforementioned ‘dignities’), were energies where the particular planet in question was considered to be able to operate within the psyche at optimum capacity. It was kind of like a King or a Queen residing prominently within the sphere of the personality dynamic. So, persons born with the Moon in Taurus have the capacity to be fully ‘in the body’, grounded, practical on an emotional level, not given to histrionics and able to navigate life’s sometime treacherous journey with skill and reliability. There can be reactive tendencies as well but we’ll discuss them in another post.

When we have a collective NEW MOON in the sign of Taurus, we know it is the spring coming alive. The earth is waking up and green things are poking out of the slumbering ground. How fitting that this explosion of growth happens at this time of the year, when the Sun transits the entire 30 degrees of the sign of Taurus, that organic and glorious energy, and meets briefly, (about 2 ½ days or so) with the flighty Moon. (If you have been following the Lunar cycle, you have probably realized that the Moon will pass through all 12 signs of the Zodiac in a one month period and that at some point in any given month, she will join with the Sun to form a NEW MOON. It’s a lovely dance that we can follow both figuratively and literally since the two lights—the Sun and the Moon—are clearly visible in the sky.

This time period also marks the birth of the Buddha but I’ll talk more about that at the Full Moon. Suffice it to say, that this time period—late April to late May is an auspicious one. The earth is waking up, the Buddha has been born and is transformed, and really, all should be right with the world. We have been re-invigorated to begin again.

The call to action for this New Moon is Reflect and Re-do! We have had a rocky few months of frantic and chaotic energy. Our values have been upended. We have faced each other down. Lines have been drawn and crossed. How did it all play out for you? Well, here’s an opportunity to settle in, meditate on all that has been going on and re-envision your own process. Plant those little seeds and nurture them so that they grow into big beautiful flowers.

Mercury is retrograde, slowing down and ready to turn direct any day now, and within range of this New Moon, suggesting that we can meditate on just how we can more fully concretize the dreams, hopes and intentions that we have had since Winter Solstice. The mental energies are highly focused, ready to make fantastic leaps into unknown realms if need be (Uranus, the energy of invention & inspiration close to Mercury in Aries). Think about your strategies. How have they been working for you? Can you shake off those cobwebs of ‘the same, the same, the same” and try something different, even shocking? Shocking, at least, to you if you have been feeling like you are stuck in a rut. That is the key here. You are being asked to step outside the box and experiment. With Saturn trining this unpredictable but invigorating energy of experimentation, there is more than enough resourcefulness to actually get things in gear. And if you are feeling a bit shaky, somewhat vulnerable, that is coherent with this kind of fiery fuel. Saturn is also squaring Venus, demanding that your values be squeaky clean and true to the real you. If it ain’t working, then it must be broke. Now is the time to consider all the risks of making necessary changes so that how you live reflects the ‘who’ that you really are. This newly direct Venus energy is almost back in Aries, ready to take off on a whole new adventure of re-invention of the core self as expressed through fundamental life values. Make a promise to yourself that you will change at least one old and outworn part of yourself over the next little while. Which goddess would you like to be? An independent fiery huntress? A deep and resourceful partner? A fierce but loving nurturer? You choose and then do it. Little steps can take you a long way.

Mars has newly entered Gemini which lends freshness and youthfulness to the energy body. You are the little engine that could and with a fast moving Geminian Mars fueling all efforts to reconstruct and re-align, you have the sense that maybe, just maybe, you can get that train up that hill and start to really roll. Remember, life is process and it Is not the destination that you are seeking. Rather, it is the embodiment of the process that is key. Be the thing that you most desire to create in the world around you and before you know it, you will begin to see that thing all around you.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is 7* Taurus: A WOMAN OF SAMARIA

To understand this symbol, recall the story of how Christ first revealed himself to a Samarian woman at the start of his short ministry. The Samarians were not God’s chosen people so it is highly significant that Jesus, the long-awaited Messiah of the so-called ‘chosen people’, took his message of peace and love to a gentile, and a female one at that. This shows the highest degree of universality possible. To live our lives fully, we must recognize everyone as our family. We must embrace one another without exception. As we move through the world, we must avoid hidden agendas and live without an expectation that what we do will elicit some kind of reward. That’s not an easy way to live, by the way, but, even so, if we can do it, we should try to do it. Let’s all approach each other as little children do when they meet and greet. The expectation is that there is something good and exciting possible in every meeting. Like the Woman of Samaria, let’s all maintain an open mind when in conversation with ‘the other’. You never know, you just might meet the Christ and hear his message.

Full Moon in Libra

by christina rai


April 11, 2017 @1:09 am CDT

The first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox opens us to the cardinal energies (Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn) in full force. Cardinal energy is action married to impulse. Emotionally driven decisions can be a theme with this Full Moon as Pluto, the god of the underworld sends missiles into the mix.

Look at the world scene and watch these energies ricochet around us. You might hear about lines being drawn and crossed. You might see encounters that leave no room for negotiation. It might appear that everyone involved is gathering up their ‘little gods’ (the values and principles that impel them to make the decisions that they make) and begin to entrench themselves in their bunkers.

And yet, there is more to this energy than just confrontation. We cannot do much to affect what is going on in the global village but we can review this energy with a view to our own lives.

With the Full Moon high in the heavens according to the event chart, you may find yourself drawn to thoughts of relationship and how it impacts on YOU at a core level. With Pluto in Capricorn lurking in the shadows, you may find yourself driven to take action to establish your own criteria in any given interaction. You may discover your own ‘red line’ when it comes to making compromises or engaging in relational enterprises. If you have neglected your own needs in consideration of the needs of the ‘other’, you may suddenly find yourself bucking the next big ‘ask’ or demand from your partner. With the Sun firmly ensconced in the 4th house of the private self, it just might be time to access your core power and sovereignty (Saturn in Sag trining the Sun & sextiling the Moon) and ‘do your own thing’ no matter what your ‘other’ says.

However, this energetic dynamic could be the boost that you have been looking for, allowing you to uncover hidden obstacles and ongoing impediments and irritations with composure (Saturn power flowing freely into the solar force).

To get the most out of this potentially explosive energy, KNOW YOUR OWN MIND. Plan your moves. Edit and refine your speeches so that you don’t come up short by some unexpected response from your listener. Libra energy is all about creating dialogue, finding the middle way but this Full Moon emphasizes that it must be a true middle way. Both parties have to give a little in order to get to that point of delicate balance and that agreement has to be ongoing for both parties.

Venus, the goddess of both love and war traditionally, has backed into the sweet and dreamy energy of Pisces in this, her current retrograde period. In terms of external events, this could trigger a remembrance of things past, even to the point of some old ideal lover reappearing in your life, either in dream-time or, even more extraordinarily, in real-time. I have often heard of friends finding long lost friends under the rays of this kind of energetic movement. At the very least, you may find yourself dreaming of people and things long gone and wishing that they would reappear in your life.

In terms of inner work, any retrograde period is a good time to review the play list of your life. Venus is representative, at the highest level, of the values (those ‘little gods’ I often talk about) that drive you to be who you are and, more importantly, who you are becoming.  Pisces focuses the mind on higher values, the divine intention, the importance of principle and goodness. Venus in Pisces is ultimate compassion and forgiveness. I have found, anecdotally through my client practice, that those who have this placement in their natal chart have an enormous capacity to exercise unconditional love and forgiveness. It is a rather grand blessing bestowed upon the native by the soul force, a karmic reward of the most wonderful kind. But, all of us, even those of us who do not have that ability come easily to us, can access this energy and find ways to weave it into our psyches by hook or crook. If you want it, you can get it! The key is mindfulness, cultivation of ‘right intention’ and an emphasis on ‘right thought’.  By ritualizing this process in your daily life, always monitoring your response mechanisms (often the area that creates the most negative energies in an unconscious way), ensuring that you think before you respond or take action, you can gradually refine yourself to be something like the Goddess of Grace—Venus in Pisces, the most beautiful, the sweetest, the best.

The Sabian symbols for this Full Moon are:



Both of these images conjure up the retrograde Venus in Pisces, giving us a clue as to HOW we can manage and even diffuse some of this explosive confrontational cardinal energy that is contained in this Full Moon.

We must be fully aware of just what is held in each our own individual desire bodies. Desire is a most wondrous force and yet, improperly used, can cause all sorts of indescribable chaos. In the area of human relationships, desire is the thing that can make or break any covenant made. Review your covenants. Keep your promises and if you cannot, then get it out in the open so that you do not destroy your ‘other’ with impulse driven actions.

The highly principled and unconditional love that is contained in Pisces is aptly expressed in the simple and innocent picture of a child feeding birds at a fountain, water being a fitting symbol for life itself. If we treat each other with the openness and acceptance of children, we will avoid battles, strife and other toxic actions that take away our humanity and aspiration to something than emanates from the divine.

Any combination of energies can be translated either negatively or positively according to the level of the interpreter’s consciousness. You are the interpreter of your own core energy and the energy that is constantly in movement around and within you. This is the MOST important job that you have while on this planet of craziness and conundrum: to translate into spirit based language everything that comes across your desk, even the hard stuff.


The Sabian Symbol for the ascendant energy of this Full Moon chart hints at a clue.


Ritualize your life to do good to all. Weave into your daily routines a mindfulness of the web of life, the inter-connection of all living things. Each one according to her values must seek the good, find the grace, discover what is the best expression for oneself in the context of each and every situation that one finds herself in.

It starts with the little things and eventually spreads out to encompass the whole of it. We can do it if we want to. Let’s all try.

THOUGHT FOR THIS FULL MOON: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Amen, sista!

Vernal Equinox into the New Moon in Aries

by christina rai


March 27, 2017 @ 9:59 pm

This year the Vernal Equinox, or as we folks call it—SPRING—precedes the Aries New Moon by about a week. Always a hopeful and re-energizing time of the year.  Are you thinking about your seed packets? How is that snow cover looking? Do you feel the warmth of the strengthening sun?

It’s a good time of the year to begin again.

Probably, a lot of the resolutions that you made at the Winter Solstice/mundane New Year have sagged a bit in terms of intention.  If not—good for you! Keep it up.  Most of us, however, do need a bit of a prod when it comes to staying true to the target.  Now is a good time to review and re-initiate anything that may have lost its original head of steam. After all, everything seems possible when the Sun is bright and the birds are chirping.

Aries is the energy of courage and movement. It is the rejuvenation of the self on many levels. Aries is optimistic, disregarding of any possible impediments and ready to get going, no matter what. It is zesty and juicy and does not like to sit still and meditate on anything for too long.  Action is the key impulse for this youthful energy. You are bound to get a bit of a boost at this time of the year, no matter how much of a couch potato you might be. Find that growth oriented attitude in yourself and exploit it—also an Aries kind of posture.  If you’ve got it—flaunt it!  If it’s available—grab it and use it to your advantage. That’s Aries. Always on the ready and ready to go always…

This new Moon is oriented to process and implementation here in the central time zone.  All old projects, all tired ideas, all good but forsaken intentions get a second chance if you want them to.  With a reflective Venus in retrograde (moving backwards), its definitely a good time to re-boot the system.  You may find yourself thinking of old loves, old plans, old places and old ideas at the oddest of times.  This serves the purpose of re-invention.  Remember, there is nothing NEW under the Sun but there is plenty to re-work and re-tool if you so desire.  All invention is based on old method—with a twist.  That is what that phrase actually means.  The key is to constantly be seeking so-called ‘new’ ways to be the you that is emerging on a daily basis.  What in your life needs an over-haul?  Let the retrograde Venus point the way by leading you into the valley of remembrance and showing you what you really wanted to be when you grew up.

There is a whack of Aries energy supporting this New Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius facilitates the process as well.  Saturn gives us the resolve and the ‘spark’ (Sag) to start the process.  In Sag, Saturn is the least cross that he can be.  Sagittarius is the ‘home’ sign for the great god of benevolence, Jupiter, so when Saturn transits this zodiacal energy, he is softened by Jupiter’s goodness and grace. Rather than beating you up with a big stick, he holds out a carrot to get you motivated.  Look for the carrots and dig them up!

The Sabian Symbol for 8* Aries (the degree of this New Moon) is:


There is a sense of energy, vigour and inspiration suggested by this image. If you are the woman wearing the hat, can you feel the power of the strong east wind as it blows into your body?  Are you hanging on to that hat or are you ready to let it go?

Whatever the intuitive response to this wind (intellectual stimulation), think about the result and how it will affect you.  Perhaps it is time to let that hat fly and get yourself ready to wear some other ‘hat’. Here, the principle of letting go or detachment from ownership comes into play.  As long as we can keep ourselves as ‘empty vessels’, the goodness of the universe (read spirit, god, Allah, whatever) will continue to fill us up.  Holding on to anything (greed) leads us all into negativity.  Trust that if you give yourself away, you will be infinitely replenished.   Stagnation is preceded by fear of loss.

So, follow your passions (Aries) and look to your little gods who have led you to this time and place. If you approve of where you are, good. Keep following those little gods. If you are discontented with what you have come to, gather up those little gods and chuck them out the window. They are no longer useful to you.

For those of you with the Natal Moon in Aries, this is your time.  Feel the restoration of your deepest self and answer the call to action, whatever it might be for you. You Aries Moons are the leaders, the front-runners, the explorers, the warriors of the Zodiac. You are fearless in the face of adversity and you have the deepest resources, emotionally. You can inspire. You can motivate. You can lead.  Just be careful not to bully and trample over those of us who are less resilient than you are.  But, honestly, we don’t know what we would do without you!

So, enjoy the spring. Re-boot that old body. Let’s make something happen!

Full Moon in Virgo

by christina rai


The Fulsome Moon in Virgo: Where the dream gets down to business…
March 12, 2017  @ 9:54 am

"Virgo" by Sheeba Maya

“Virgo” by Sheeba Maya

This time of the year, when we have the dual experience of a New Moon in Pisces leading up to a Full Moon in Virgo, 2 weeks later, is an opportunity to dream ourselves into reality, accessing practical & concrete strategies to do so. The mystical energy of Pisces provides us with that ethereal connection to the divine, from whence all things extraordinary are formed while the down to earth energy of Virgo gives us the skill set to work with the divine if we so choose.

A dream is only a dream until the dreamer gets down to work. The cocooning inclination of winter gives us the space to find the dream and with this current Full Moon on March 12, 2017 reaching apex @ 9:54 am, we can feel the stirring of the spring tickling our bones into action—soon! Soon!

The dynamic energy of this Moon is located in the 4th quarter of the event chart, suggesting a focus on dreaming our hopes and aspirations into concrete form, out there in the world, where we can impact on others around us. The messenger (Mercury) is about ready to leap into action as he catapults into Aries but for this Full Moon, he lingers dreamily in Pisces, aligned to the Sun and Chiron. Use this highly intuitive energy to explore your wounds and develop ways to heal whatever it is that keeps you from embracing the fullness of your SELF. A SELF that is whole and in flow is more able to assume the responsibility of creation beyond itself. The delicate and gentle Piscean thoughts never overpower, but rather coax and cajole. This isn’t scream therapy—more like giggle goodness.  If you have been struggling with something specific, forgive yourself, understanding that the divine lives within you despite the crack in your clay. You do not necessarily remove the wound; rather, you learn how to USE the wound. Scar tissue is protective. A broken bone, once mended, is less likely to break at the once broken point. Healing is not about forgetting the nature of the wound but rather, it is about UNDERSTANDING the nature of the wound and through understanding, we arrive at the place of the ADEPT, she who has traveled through the fire and come out the other side reborn. Embrace your wounds and then use them to bring the ‘dream’ (you) into reality.

An added facilitation is Mars, newly entered into Taurus, strong, vital and steady. Via this earthy energy of application, we can ground ourselves, slow down and get real about just exactly what we can do with all the things that fill up our souls. Do not overreach. Be practical. Don’t leap off tall buildings. Take it one step at a time. An example: You want to change your job.  First, work on your resume. While you still are working at your current job. Quitting without a plan of action is not strategic.

Venus is newly retrograde (March 4, 2017) and will continue retrograde until April 15, 2017.  However, do not forget that all retrogrades have shadow periods both prior and post the actual event.  When the goddess is in her backward shuffle, there is an emphasis on remembrance. This can play out in a variety of ways. Venus governs that which we revere in our lives, from people to things to ideals and values. This is the area of life that comes into the forefront with this retrograde. This is also a cue that whatever it is that we are working on can stand more scrutiny. Re-evaluate that which is important to you on whatever level—the physical material reality, the emotional one, the mental intellectual one or the spiritual one. You have time. Catch that dream, sit with it and explore it with Virgo like precision and an attention to detail.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is 23* Virgo/Pisces.




How fitting!

The raw untamed energy of the lower self must submit to the training necessary from a higher source in order to succeed and become the vessel for divine inspiration. You don’t become a prima ballerina by accident. You don’t just wake up one day as a fully empowered concert pianist. It takes discipline, mindful intention, commitment and perseverance.

All of us have the potential to exceed that which we think we can be. That’s what ‘dreaming’ is all about!

It begins with the DREAM, proceeds into the PROCESS to finally reach the goal of PERFECTED ABILITY.

Whatever your ability might be, whatever your hope might be, whatever your desire might be, apply yourself and work to create that DREAM OF YOU. Start on your resume today!




New Moon in Pisces

by christina rai


New Moon in Pisces, Solar Eclipse: February 26, 2017; 9:00 am CST


We won’t see it here but this particular eclipse is at the 98% mark, pretty darn total!  And though the actual physical viewing is spectacular when these full or almost full eclipses occur, the mystical/spiritual ramifications can be accessed whether we see it happen in the sky or not.

To briefly review, a solar eclipse is like a punctuation mark in the sentence that is life. Something is coming to culmination and an opportunity for a new, hopefully improved strategy is available. Of course, I’ll say it again:  Just because the opportunity is there does not mean that one will choose to seize it.  That’s the glitch in the works. Energy keeps moving and we, the energy containers, along with it, either working proactively to make the most of whatever it is or choosing to ignore potential and possibility.

I don’t mean to sound negative here. It is merely a fact that each one of us is a FREE MORAL AGENT and that is what it truly means when one says that we are the creators of our reality. It is all about CHOICE and there is a choice built into every second of every day for as long as you breathe. When one makes mindful choices, one creates a reality that is full of consciousness; of self, of other, of community, of values, a life worth living. So, monitoring where you are in the flow of time and space is a useful habit; taking what you learn and applying it to your day to day life is even better. Your progress doesn’t have to be huge; it just has to be.

This New Moon (& Solar Eclipse) is magical and powerful all at the same time. Pisces is the energy of the Dream. What do you dream about, little dreamer?

With a powerful cardinal T-Square with Pluto at the apex, and involving Jupiter in Libra opposite Venus, Mars & Uranus in Aries, the key phrase is Take Action! Evaluate how your long term goals, those things that provide you with a compass point of destination in your life, are either supported or challenged by what you hold dear, how you ACT & who you are on the deepest of levels—that part of you that even you, yourself only sometimes glimpses…

Plutonian energy demands that you change up the play book, especially if it is not working all that well. How can you align yourself more closely by word, deed & inner intention to that external goal? Is the Dream that you are dreaming truly in harmony with who you have become—or are in the process of becoming?

This cardinal explosion of energy may sometimes feel way too urgent—itching to break free possibly without a good strategy in place! Use this few days of New Moon Eclipse energy to meditate and find inner balance before leaping off that cliff.  Just take the time to DREAM THE DREAM.

And, as I have said many times, not all useful meditation is had when one is sitting still in one place. There are no rules except the ones that actually work for YOU. So, if you are a prodigious meditator and can sit for long periods of time engaged with the inner realm, great! But if that is not on the table for you, try a walking meditation. The Labyrinth was created for ones such as you. The woods are your sanctuary. Find a trail and follow it. Allow your mind to wander as it will. This, too, is a form of meditation. And if you are someone who finds movement challenging but sitting difficult, try MEDITATIVE Baking, MINDFUL Needlework or any such activity that involves a habitual kind of action. This is the beginning of creating for yourself a body of HABITUAL RITUAL—read my article in the next Aquarian, out March 1. Habitual Ritual is anything that provides you with a framework for meditative mindfulness. Mostly, we have lost the ability to find space in our lives for it. NOW is the time for us to reclaim it as our right. Make space and time for your SELF. Construct your own sacred acts. It’s good for the soul.

( I knew a lady once who, upon entering her home—a sacred space—always paused at the threshold and lit a stick of incense before going in. Of course, she had arranged her entryway so that she had easy access to the incense, a lighter at the ready and a place where she could rest her lit burnt offering. It took planning on her part to create that ‘habitual ritual’ but once the planning was done and all was in place, she never gave it another thought. She just DID it. Sacred acts of habitual ritual. Wonderful.)

Neptune is closely aligned to this New Moon in Pisces adding a mystical, magical element to your participation in your DREAM. Tap into your so-called ‘right brain’ and let yourself go.  Journal, write stories, paint pictures, create delicious artwork or artifacts. If you don’t do any of those things, find a way to change up something in your life that hasn’t changed for a long time. If you cook, find an ingredient you have never tried before and use it! If your make-up is running low, pick a lipstick that you have never worn before. If you always wear just one main colour, go to Winners or the Second Hand Store and buy something DIFFERENT. There are tons of ways to open up the creative center. You think of some.

The dual Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:


Position yourself to align with a forward vision. You have the skill. You have the courage. You have the determination. (Yes, you do!!!) Now, hold your place, keep your seat and move forward. You are the one riding the horse. The horse is not riding you so where you go depends on the moves (choices) that you make.

Remember what you dream, little dreamer, and then get in that saddle and ride!



Lunar Eclipse in Leo

by christina rai


The February 10, 2017 Full Moon


This is the Full Moon that we all love! The exuberance and joy of Leo balances out the detachment and objectivity of Aquarius, the energy that the Sun is currently transiting.

In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the very ‘heart’ of winter & our thoughts inevitably wind their way into the possibility of SPRING just around the corner. Even though the snow may blanket the earth, we remember…

This Full Moon adds to the energy and richness of our dreams. Incidentally, ancient peoples commemorated this time period—early February—as one of their yearly festivals. Though those rituals belong to the past, the concept is still timely. At its root this festival was all about fertility and purification, a nod to the advancing spring which would bring growth and the reappearance of potential food. For us ‘moderns’ this time period can give us a time to both acknowledge the turning of the wheel of the year and get ready for the work ahead. Even though most of us do not ‘toil’ in conjunction with the earth, we can still honour the very real fact that our sustenance does not come fully formed in plastic packages; that someone had to plant it, nurture it and reap it. And we can apply this concept to the ‘garden within’; make resolutions to carry on with any intentions that were set at Winter Solstice.

With this Full Moon falling so closely to the ancient festival of fertility and purification, we can incorporate those themes as we meditate on it.

Certainly, any Full Moon gives us the opportunity to ‘see’ the wholeness of what we are doing, adding perspective into our subjective realities—if we permit it. Think about the resolutions that you may have made over the past 6 weeks and then honestly assess whether you have personally (Leo) stepped up to the challenge that those resolutions posed. We all know that the only thing over which we have any control is that thing called SELF. Stop trying to change others and inspect yourself. Jesus said it pretty bluntly when he urged his listeners to remove the rafters from their own eyes before they started removing specks from their neighbours’ eyes.

What he meant was—WORK ON YOURSELF, DUDE and never mind what Joe Blo is doing over there where you can’t see it all that clearly anyway. Let’s all of us take the lead to raise our own moral compass without becoming overly self-righteous or pompous about others.

The energy of this Full Moon gives us the steam to get under way. Most of the celestial objects are moving forward, considered, in Astrological terms to be a license for flow. The ‘force’ is with us. Venus & Mars are both impulsively placed in Aries, the energy of full-on initiation. Do you have some work to do in regards to basic values? Can you make some changes when it comes to implementation—the way you actually do things on a day to day basis? With these two celestial objects charging ahead in Aries, you have the capacity to be an agent of change in the areas of your life that involve what you most want, love and even need. There is just a little bit of extra fuel in the tank this month.

There is a super charged Fire Grand Trine that involves the Lovely Leo Full Moon, Saturn in Sag & Uranus in Aries. Trine configurations can lead to incredible flow and in this case, the core energy of the personal, the ME, is supported nicely by a renewed sense of purpose (Saturn) and invention (Uranus).

With the Moon located in the 12th house for the central time zone, the focus is on the dream that we all dream. What is your dream? How can you align it more closely to practical application in your own life? Conversely, what can you do in concrete terms to support that ‘big dream’? As seekers of knowledge we all have heard that form follows thought. In fact, we have witnessed the truth of this in both our personal lives and our community lives. When we think in terms of love, houses are built, the disenfranchised are supported, animals are protected and communities are healed. When hate is the thought-form, we see war, poverty, prejudice and discord. This Full Moon urges us to Dream the ‘dream of love’ that, if enough of us do so, can absolutely change the status quo. It starts in the heart (Leo) and moves to the head (Aquarius) and filters out into the collective (Aquarius) via the action of the individual (Leo).

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon is (Leo) A BAREBACK RIDER & (Aquarius) A BIG BEAR SITTING DOWN AND WAVING ALL ITS PAWS.

The theme of power is well illustrated. We must connect to the sheer force of raw power while being absolutely mindful about how we use it. Power for good is a wonderful thing. Let us all remember how easily it can shift into a power for evil. Always align the use of power to the highest of moral perspectives. Never allow power to infuse you with pomposity and pride. So, understand your world, both its boundaries and its horizons.

The ascendant energy for this Full Moon, occurring @ 6:33 pm CST, is 4* Virgo, the energy of selection, application and perfection. We are all urged to choose wisely, to work in putting that choice into practice and to do so diligently.

The Sabian Symbol is A BLACK CHILD PLAYING WITH WHITE CHILDREN, suggesting that only if we seek and choose INTEGRATION on every level, will we be able to right the wrongs and heal the past. This instruction is directed not only to the greater community but to the internal self. How in sync with yourself are you? Do you feel chaotic and harmonious internally or is the reflection cracked? When the self is in conflict, actions seldom reach their intended goals.

This is a hopeful Full Moon despite any nay-saying to the contrary. The hope, dear friend, must start with YOU.

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools…”Martin Luther King


For those of you who are students of astrology, place the planetary points of this Full Moon around the wheel of your natal chart just as you would with any transit chart and determine which, if any of your personal points & houses are triggered by this energy.  Some questions to consider are:

What part of myself is being illuminated by this energy?

How can I access the enthusiasm of this energy and use it in my life?

In what area of my life can I make the most of this energy?


The Full Moon points are as follows:

Sun/Moon @ 22*Leo 28’

Mercury @ 5*Aquarius 27’

Venus @ 5* Aries 20’

Mars @ 10*Aries 15’

Jupiter @ 23*Libra 6’ RX

Saturn @ 25* Sag 28’

Uranus @ 21* Aries 21’

Neptune @ 10*Pisces 59’

Pluto @ 18* Capricorn 17’

Chiron @ 22* Pisces 50’

Nodes @ 3* Pisces/Virgo 20’

New Moon in Aquarius

by christina rai


The Aquarius New Moon—Forge Ahead With Hopefulness!
January 27, 2017 @ 6:08 pm CST

The New Moon is always a promise of things yet unseen and this month, with the energy falling in the future oriented sign of Aquarius, it is doubly so!

Aquarius energy is far reaching, visionary, and altruistic in its fundamental nature; community oriented from start to finish. It facilitates our seeing things in the big picture sense and aids us to make broad strokes with our dream brushes. We can fill in the details later! With Aquarius fuel, it’s time to make plans, rough out the plan of action and gather with others who share our values.

When we review this current New Moon, occurring as it does on January 27, 2017 at 6:08 pm CT, we are encouraged by the forward moving energy that surrounds it. All planets are currently direct suggesting a thrust into the future, an open door into the ‘next step’! It feels like everything is moving at lightning speed around us and we have to relinquish control just a bit and  ‘go with the flow’, as suggested by Mars, situated @ 30* Pisces, in conjunction to Venus & Chiron.

Within 24 hours of New Moon, she will be in trine alignment (using the 10* orb) of lovely Jupiter in Libra. The great god of serendipity and abundance will lend a hand with a smile and a nod to Luna as she dreams her Aquarius dreams. This is the energy of good will and peace. Take a cue!

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is 9* Aquarius, A FLAG TURNED INTO AN EAGLE. How fittingly Aquarian! There is a suggestion here that whatever the potential, it can be made real; that we have the ability within us to make something from nothing, to legitimize our hopes and intentions via concrete action that aligns to the higher will ( Mars in Pisces/8th). We all have the divinely inspired responsibility to be who we say we are, demonstrating this through measurable actions, not just empty words. Do a good deed. Smile at somebody in the grocery line. Bite your tongue even if you think you are right. Yield to the extent that you can. Imagine if we all did even a fraction of those kinds of things! What a world it would be!

The Sun/Moon alignment (New Moon) is located in the 6th house of the event chart suggesting that as we dream our high and far reaching dreams, scheme our impossible schemes, we should constantly refer all such abstract concepts back to practical methods of implementation. Let’s ask ourselves:

How can I bring just a little bit more hopefulness into my life?

What can I do right here and right now to be kinder, more peaceful, more generous?

What is one thing that I can do TODAY that will help to improve my life and the life of those that know?

You could make up some more questions to challenge yourself.

With Pluto aligned to Mercury, we are challenged to be absolutely truthful with one another, to see beneath the surface of things and to attempt to understand why someone might be acting in the manner that they do, instead of immediately judging and condemning. This is hard. We all have our partisan positions. Generally speaking, we believe what we believe because we think that it is true, not because we think that it is NOT true. The challenge then, is to see that TRUTH is a diamond with many facets and that, though Truth is absolute, the EXPRESSION of that TRUTH is necessarily variable. Yes, there is one truth and it can be summed up in one word, LOVE. Let’s all begin there.

So, how can we take up this enthusiastic and vibrant energy and run with it? The ascendant for the event chart is located in the joyful and childlike energy of LEO. Let’s believe it! Let’s share it! Let’s communicate with each other in upbuilding and creative ways. The Sabian Symbol for the ascendant degree (19* Leo) is a HOUSEBOAT PARTY. This is not the time for withdrawal. It is the time for gathering together. We definitely are all in this together (at the global level) so it is imperative that we find the ways and means to work together no matter how different we might actually be. In the end, we are all born and we all die. What happens in between those two pillar posts really is up to each of us individually. The more that we are certain of who we are and what we stand for, the more will we be able to form the community that best reflects that. The key is to follow our hopes and dreams with an inclusive, Aquarian attitude—ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL! Sounds good to me! You?

Full Moon in Cancer

by christina rai


Cancer Full Moon: January 12, 2017 – The Promise of Possibility

Full Moons are that part of the timeline when we can pause & take a look at how our resolutions & intentions are forming.  The January Full Moon, if it falls any time after the turn of the year gives us an increased opportunity for assessment. This year, this ripe and ready energy cascades around us drenched by the waves of Cancer.  Whenever the Sun is transiting through Capricorn & there is a Full Moon, that Moon will always fall in Cancer, the opposite sign to Capricorn. I love how these two energies provide the psyche with the opportunity to find emotional balance.  While Capricorn is steady as she goes, down to earth and often controlled on an emotional level, Cancer feels deeply & can often be extreme in its reactions. When the two impulses find a common ground within the psyche, the results are spectacular. Balanced, yet deeply feeling, down to earth, yet sympathetic and nurturing. For those of you with strong Capricorn or Cancer energy operating in your psyches, this is YOUR Moon. Feel it baby!

The general import of this particular Full Moon is FULL SPEED AHEAD! Most of the planets are direct with Mercury having turned direct on January 8, & just about ready to shift into Capricorn and move out of the shadow of the retrograde by the time of the next New Moon.  There might still be a few mercurial  issues to deal with as Mercury rapidly moves through the shadow of the most recent retrograde but with the rest of the energy of this time period raring to go, the issues will, no doubt, be dealt with easily and efficiently—the promise of Capricorn to anyone who might want to access it.

The Moon is involved in a very tight Grand Cross or Square configuration with Sun/Moon @ 23* Cap/Can & Jupiter @ 23 * Libra & Uranus @ 21 * Aries. Square relationships can often reflect struggle or impasse but full of explosive potential if the energy involved can be opened up.  What is the potential?  If you can move into this energy of aspiration (Jupiter)  & invention (Uranus) & apply it to your own personal creed & self-actualization process (Sun/Moon), you will make tremendous headway.  You have to locate your own inner authority (Capricorn), lace it with the passion of fellow feeling (Cancer) & apply it to even the smallest part of your personal life (Jupiter in Libra & Uranus in Aries). Follow the path of peace with others without relinquishing independence or giving way on reasonable boundaries within the context of personal relationships. Know what you REALLY think & don’t be afraid to stand by it, always with a measure of grace & kindness. Unity is not based on everyone being the SAME. It is born out of a deep mutual respect for each others’ differences & a willingness to hear an opposing point of view without the threat of violence or suppression.  How dull it would be if there was never any dissension or difference.  I mean, roses are nice but so are daisies! Diversity supports growth and wholeness. We all know what inbreeding produces.

The way to stir this Square energy up is via ACTION, as represented by the absolutely inspirational trine that Mars in Pisces makes to the Full Moon in Cancer. Resolve to walk the Gentle Warrior Pathway at every opportunity. Be mindful when making choices & always choose based on the Law of Love. Pisces, at its most proactive, is the energy of the divine, selfless, considerate & kind. Have the first 2 weeks of this year been heading in that direction for you?

The Sabian Symbols for the Sun/Moon fall at the 23* Capricorn/Cancer.:



Within any group, there must be an agreement of principle and yet a healthy and vibrant debate of that principle is what contributes to any group’s health and welfare. We want to seek common purpose especially with those who may not entirely agree with our positions. It is through that sort of process that we will find success in the “WAR”!

Communicate & open up.  Listen & learn.

With a super charged ascendant energy located @ 12* Sagittarius, we have the will to take up the challenge of righting whatever is wrong, of pursuing ideals & exulting in any accomplishments that may come because of mindful & proactive intention.

The Sabian Symbol for the ascendant is A FLAG THAT TURNS INTO AN EAGLE THAT CROWS.

Let’s all of us be flag bearers to whatever we passionately adhere to and then let’s all Crow in joy!