Full Moon in Pisces



Full Moon in Pisces, September 6, 2017 @ 2:04 AM


Well, how did you all do with that wallop of creative juice that hit you with a one/two punch in the last few months?

The Leo New Moon which we enjoyed in July and again in August surrounded us with the energy of creative expression. Lovely. But, as with all things in life, nothing is nothing unless you actually make it into something. Now with this dreamy Full Moon in Pisces, we have the opportunity to let those creative ideas simmer and sizzle and gradually take form!

There are a couple of things to ponder with this concentration of energy. Firstly, think about the energy being highlighted. Leo is all about opening the heart and singing your own particular song at the top of your lungs. So, take a look at your life and determine how you can best express yourself. This is not exclusively about artistic expression. It could be anything that has to do with a singular and exquisite expression of self.

Secondly, a New Moon in any given sign is usually followed by a Full Moon in the partner sign so, technically, this upcoming Full Moon should be in Leo’s Partner sign, Aquarius. But it isn’t. We skip Aquarius altogether and jump right into Pisces energy. Think about that and see what floats to the surface of your mind.

Pisces, at the highest level is the energy of bliss. This could be bliss in any area of life. This summer, however, that blissfulness has turned its eye towards the fullest expression of the creative self.  New Moons lay out the potential and Full Moons reveal the manifestation of that potential. If it occurs.

The best-case scenario for this combination of energies is that we allow whatever creative force is flowing within us to blossom and reveal itself. You could be trying to have a child. You might be in the midst of starting some new enterprise. You may suddenly conceive of some new diet or exercise plan. Or, you may be an artist and have a burst of inspiration in connection to your artwork. This is creativity in all of its various forms. And with Pisces as the lens for this creative force, there is a potential to take that energy into its highest and most spiritual level of manifestation. Pisces is the all-encompassing OHM.

Of course, Pisces energy is not only about bliss and so-called enlightenment. If the energy is manifested unconsciously, it can produce confusion, a muddled psyche and an inability to see the truth of any given situation. Creative impulse can just dissolve into a dreamy and unfocused reverie. We could waste hours of valuable action time as we contemplate what we might do or attempt to figure out what we should do.

The gold in Pisces MUST be founded on the hard work of Virgo, a practicality and definition of purposefulness that is necessary if we want to follow the inspiration all the way to its complete revelation. This is even more necessary to be mindful of since this Full Moon is aligned to Neptune; the archetype for spirituality, yes, but also for confusion. Neptune is the ruler planet of that ethereal Pisces energy. That’s what I call a ‘double, double’. Two for the price of one! We will have to be extra mindful to keep our noses to the grindstone this coming month.

So, that is the caution. Enjoy the blissfulness. Embrace the dream but don’t get lost in the translation of that impulse into real terms. Ideas are nothing if they do not assume a concrete form.

Mercury stations direct at the exact degree of the last New Moon, 29 Leo, with Mars slightly ahead @ 1*Virgo, having finally left Leo. Change of focus is in the air. Seize this opportunity to tie up loose ends of anything that has been simmering in your mind and get ready to begin a whole new phase of activity. It’s the end of the summer, folks, and there is work to be done.

This Mercury/Mars union is involved in a grand fire trine with Saturn, 22* Sag & Uranus/Eris, 29* Aries/24* Aries. When Mercury & Uranus connect in this way, there is a potential for inspirational ideas. With Saturn in the mix, there is a capacity for implementation. Throw in Eris and the unpredictability quotient increases exponentially. Saddle all of this onto the back of that old workhorse, Mars in Virgo, and you have all the ingredients for tangible results! Jupiter is also involved, now direct in Libra, speeding on to crash into Scorpio and in contact by opposition with Uranus/Eris and in sextile to Mercury/Mars & Saturn. Anything that is undertaken is sure to be magnified and augmented.

Pluto supports that Moon/Neptune by sextile with the promise that if we can maintain our focus, we will find the gold. This Pluto/Neptune sextile is a generational marker for our times, folks and the real potential of this energy is that spiritual search will be rewarded, that we can and should transform our connection to the entirety of life as it exists on this plane, that this is one of our prime directives at this ‘turning of the ages’.

So, make some plans, set some intentions and make sure your tools are in good working order. The way to maximize potential is to get ready to do it. Grasshoppers might have fun in the sun but it’s the diligent ants that get things done. Of course, if you do find yourself getting lost in reverie, be kind to the old ego. Taking a break can be useful when there is so much work to be done.

So, pay attention to whatever it is in your life that you may have been avoiding or denying. Don’t get lost in excuses but rather, when you feel the impulse to deny the truth of any given situation because you’d rather stay in the illusion of it, force yourself to at least admit the reality to yourself. The first step in any healing or corrective process is admission that healing or correction must take place. Don’t be an ostrich! If your head is stuck in the sand, your eyes can’t see what is right in front of your nose.

And, honestly, you students of astrology have read all the horror stories about Pisces and Neptune and lack of focus and confusion and avoidance but the real story is all about SPIRIT, the spirit of goodness, the spirit of forgiveness, the spirit of love. It’s a sweet energy, the long-released sigh after a job well done so keep focusing on that and not the negative.


The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:


A LADY IN FOX FUR ( 14* Pisces)


A FAMILY TREE (14* Virgo)

These images are truly Piscean in nature highlighting both the external image and the internal foundation for that image. We all create an illusion of self, the ‘lady in fox fur’, which may not be representative of the whole picture of who we truly are. We put on a show. This is not necessarily a bad thing, just a thing that we, deep within ourselves, must be aware of. There is a reality that exists behind the manufactured image that is projected. It is this reality that will fortify us if the image begins to crumble or tarnish. And as you focus on creating that external image of self, that ‘lady in fox fur’, bewitching, provocative, enchanting, do not forget who you really are, where you come from, the legacy that you are carrying forward on behalf of those who came before and for the benefit of those who are yet to follow. Magical (Pisces) creativity (Leo) is the stuff that makes life exciting and practical mindfulness (Virgo) is what gets us to the finish line.


A Pisces Rumination

Rumi says:

“You are not a drop in the ocean: you are the ocean in a drop…”



End Note:

Take some time to just sit with this upcoming Full Moon on Wednesday. I have noticed over the years of my own ‘moon-watching’ that this Full Moon (the Pisces Full Moon) is potentially one of the dreamiest and most magical Moons of the entire lunar year.





Solar Eclipse in Leo Aug 2017

by christina rai

Solar Eclipse in Leo, August 21, 2017 @ 1:29:58 PM CDT



Thought for this New Moon in Leo Solar Eclipse:

Osho says:

            “…like a sudden clash of thunder,

               suddenly you are together,

            suddenly you have direction,

                        suddenly you know where your gold is.”

Eclipses are regular celestial events but they range in scope from invisible to the eye all the way to the spectacular one that is coming for parts of North America on August 21, 2017.

So, what’s the big deal?

Well, astronomically, it’s a pretty strange thing to observe. One can imagine the shock and awe that must have gripped those early observers as they saw the sun shrink away behind a mysterious dark disc. Our modern, science-saturated psyches understand the physical nature of what is happening but still, most of us cannot help but take a breath as we see the inexorable movement of the Moon as she swallows up the unsuspecting Sun for a few brief moments. Beautiful, marvelous celestial sights!

Energetically, eclipses represent a potential for shift, a clearing away of detritus and an ushering in of newly forming energy. They always come in pairs with the lunar eclipses activating emotional programming and the solar ones giving opportunity for a re-boot in terms of identity, purposefulness &, really, the nitty gritty intricacies of the self. (Our last Full Moon was also a Lunar Eclipse.)

Depending on the individual, this can be welcome or dreaded and, naturally, the more one tends to hang on to what one already knows, the more tentative one might feel about the winds of change sweeping through one’s life. There is a simple solution, of course, and that is to remain unattached to any particular element of life and to allow shift to occur without judgment or censure. Sounds easy enough but we all know that it is the most difficult thing that any of us do. The ego self, rooted in all sorts of emotional complexes, prefers to cleave to what is familiar and known no matter what the intellect, with its convoluted mental gymnastics, might assert.

This eclipse occurs during the second Leo New Moon in this cycle. Remember, I mentioned that the potential energy of the first Leo New Moon back in July was so magnificent that the door was left open for even more exploration at this second New Moon in August. Early degree Leos (& late degree Cancers) were the prime beneficiaries of that first New Moon (though, of course, everyone has those degrees somewhere deep in their psyches) and now, at this New Moon late degree Leos & early degree Virgos can expect to feel a burst of inspiration. If your birthday falls anywhere from about August 10-August 31, ( and, of course, the quarter and polarity points: that is, 3 months down the line—late degree Scorpio and into early Sag & late degree Taurus & into early Gemini–and 6 months across the sphere—late degree Aquarius and into early Pisces) you have the honor of being the focus of the goddess—the Moon—as she powerfully steps up and asserts her presence in the middle of the day on August 21.

So, what in YOUR life needs a clean sweep? What is coming to an end? What is waiting to be born. For those of you who are students of astrology, locate 28* of Leo in your chart and ponder the environment. What area of life is the focus here? Are there any planets around this degree? Don’t forget to look at the oppositional degrees and the square degrees and for a subtler, but nevertheless significant ripple, the trines and sextiles. For you Virgo types, keep going and explore all or any aspect that you may want. There are, simply put, no rules here and anyone who says there are is feeding you a line. Energy is all inclusive, whole in its sweep. It is up to us to be discerning as it washes through us. So, if this degree of Leo, this upcoming New Moon, is merely a location in your own individual chart, (that is, there are no significant celestial objects in its vicinity), you may, in fact, not feel any ripples in your life. That is the beauty of this whole thing. We are all unique and we all experience energy uniquely.  But, again, New Moons are great times for getting things going whether there are eclipses or not so even if you have no planets around that point, you can still benefit from setting goals and making intentions.

This is a much more inwardly intense energy in some ways. Mercury has recently stationed retrograde in Virgo and moves all the way back to the degree of this current Eclipse—28 Leo!!! BTW, that is no coincidence. Spirit is demanding that you examine your creative assets!

Yes, there are all sorts of warnings about retrograde periods but I have always maintained that forewarned is forearmed. If you know that you are working with potential ‘oopsies’, you will be ready with strategies to address those ‘oopsies’. Life is never straightforward, even with all of the best laid plans. So, be ready to jump into action if something goes sideways. There is always more than one route to take to get to your destination.

More importantly, retrograde periods present you with an opportunity to take a breath, do some analysis if needed, and re-boot. Get out a flashlight and aim it at your life story. What do you want to change? How do you want others to view you? Is the character that you are playing in this drama, the one that YOU chose to play? Go back and back and back yet again. What, really, was ‘the secret dream’? How can you recapture it? Or, if you are living it, how can you amplify it?

There is a truly sweet fire trine in operation between the SUN/Moon/Mars (an energized expression of your core self), Saturn (your ability to craft the concrete reality of your choice) & Uranus (that illusive yet irrepressible personal store of unconscious but very real ability and talent). Trines always indicate a potential for manifestation if accessed with consciousness and purposefulness. This particular configuration is loaded with opportunity. When Saturnian energy combines with Uranian energy it can be unstoppable and at the very least, inventive, futuristic and ground-breaking. On top of all that, Jupiter is doing a balancing act by opposing Uranus & sextiling Saturn, demanding some objectivity in the process.  All combined, the energy is fueling that central external expression of the self that we all are chasing. Very sweet, indeed. Use it.

What about boundaries? Are you clear about where you draw the line? Do you know how to say ‘NO’ without creating offense? Do you honor your own sacred self and not allow yourself to become a victim? Note, please, that YOU are the one who assumes the ‘victim’ role. No one does it to you. With Venus still in an operative opposition to Pluto, questions like these beg to be answered. Do not sacrifice your own internal set of values for some bogus reason. Stick up for yourself and face that opposition down! With a truly helpful boost of energy from Chiron, Venus is supported in this endeavor. Yes, you can, says the Goddess and the Wounded Healer. It is time to put yourself at the head of the line and serve personal needs so that you can grow stronger and better and be of service to those around you in a more effective way. Got that? ‘be of service to’. No one says that this is about being selfish. It is all about becoming more adept at giving, being clear about what the personal limit truly is. No point in exhausting yourself and ending up flat on your back either physically or metaphorically speaking.

So, this New Moon says, ‘go for it’! Set yourself a high goal and then grab that brass ring. Imagine the impossible and make it real. But be kind to yourself and if the dream does not swell into full fruition, do NOT recriminate and do not punish yourself. Understand that everything is cyclical and that goals can be adjusted and deadlines can be extended. That is the nature of the game we are all playing.

The Sabian Symbols for this NEW MOON are:





Go ahead, little dreamer, and search for your own personal mythic self. Be whoever you want to be and enjoy the process of self-discovery. Revel in the infinite potential of the ‘story of your life’. Maybe you are a fighter, maybe a winner, maybe a pauper, maybe a king but whatever the role, it is the one that you chose to play whether you realize it or not. So, make the most of it and, if you find something lacking, get up off your behind and do something about it. You are the actor, yes, but more importantly, YOU ARE THE DIRECTOR of this little drama—your little life…


Now…go back to the beginning and re-read what Osho said…




Aquarius Full Moon 2017

Aquarius Full Moon & a partial Lunar Eclipse, August 7, 2017 @1:12 pm CDT


If you have been tracking the lunar cycle for a while, you already know that the FULL MOON can be a time of revelation and culmination. With a partial eclipse getting added into the mix with this upcoming Full Moon, it’s a time when we can take what has been ‘lit up’ by those silver rays and decide what we want to keep and what we want to discard. On a symbolic level, that’s what eclipses represent…clean-up, purge, shift and generally a change of pace.

Back in the day, eclipses were viewed with a degree of trepidation but that was due to the nature of the social structure back then. Society was much more rigid, almost petrified into a pattern that was difficult to break out of. The energy of eclipses tended to align with a  shake-up of that rigidity, bringing in uncertainty and the unknown. In those very ordered and controlled societies, uncertainty and the unknown was not welcome.

Welcome to the present, dude! Shake-ups are needed. The unknown is relished. We have an ever-increasing appetite for everything that is not according to form. The more out of the box, the better! This is the era of shift and so we ‘moderns’ do not react to eclipse energy in the same way as our long past progenitors.

Nevertheless, any eclipse activity can open up areas of the psyche that may startle us or even ‘shake’ us up a bit. So, be prepared! If you begin to feel strange sensations, it just might be your secret self peeking out of the cave and wanting to get your attention.

Lunar eclipses are all about the emotional body, habits and patterns that we have constructed, sometimes over many, many years, even lifetimes, if you are inclined to that philosophical viewpoint. Its time, during these cycles, to clear out anything that is past its ‘BEST BY’ date. But, as we all understand, purging is challenging. All of us tend to hang on to stuff that we no longer use or need. Just go into your closet and ask yourself when you wore that ‘favorite’ piece of clothing last. That’s right. You probably forgot that it was a favorite! Get it out of there!

The creative push initiated at the last New Moon is still in full force and if you took advantage of the ripe conditions for creative activity 2 weeks ago, then you probably are still riding the wave. Good for you, if you did. If not, you still have time to dig into your psyche and pull something out.

What do you want to manifest? And it does not need to be limited to art. How are thing going in your relationship life? What about planning for the future? Are you in the midst of a change of heart and mind? Its all on the table with this lovely boisterous energy.

If your focus is centered on your relationship life and what holds meaning for you, there is potential for you to face up to the challenges of loving or even of being loved. A lot of us think that if we just had a decent relationship, everything would be better but that is a ‘cinderella’ myth that has been perpetuated over many, many centuries. Much better to get real about what is most important in our lives and to see our partners as they really are and not as what we wish they were or imagine them to be. Sink your values into something concrete. Seek real worth and not made up worth.

Jupiter is about halfway through Libra now and moving fairly rapidly through the last half of Libra, soon to hit into Scorpio. There is a really close alignment of the great Ganesh to both the Moon (trine) and Pluto (square). The potential here is that we could experience a surge emotionally.

The Jupiter/Pluto alignment widely includes Venus in Cancer so exploring the emotions, expressing the emotions and clarifying them is entirely possible if not inevitable. Just be willing to ‘go for the gold’. And remember that getting that gold can be painful in the process. Just ask any winner of any event what they had to do in order to get to the finish line. Nevertheless, the suggestion is that, if you make the effort, you will be rewarded for that effort. Jupiter is fundamentally the icon of the reward barometer in our psyches.

Saturn is soon to go direct in Sagittarius while Uranus has just days ago turned retrograde in Aries. There is a very wide trine between these two at this point but that trine will close in and be exact by November. This is the energy of constructive invention, absolutely out of the box thought process and the genius to implement those radical ideas to positive result. Effectiveness. Productivity. Success. The key to maximizing this potential is to be anal about exploring those inspirations as they present themselves. And remember, they don’t have to be Einstein caliber kinds of things. Just a different way of looking at an old paradigm in our mundane lives fits the bill.

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:






It’s up to you, baby! You are where the buck stops. If you can dream it, you can absolutely do it. Of course, you need to WANT to do whatever it is. Open your heart, clear your mind and set the appropriate intention that best reflects where you are in the story of your life AT THIS MOMENT in time. You are the leading character in that story, so SHINE ON…

The promise is that if you follow your passion and go with the flow of your own energy, you will get to that ‘sweet spot’ of rest and regeneration. Life is cyclical, ‘a wheel of fortune’ that never stops spinning. The sweet spot is at the center of the wheel and your job is to get there.  


Get ready, children…this energy is SO important that in two weeks we get yet another NEW MOON in LEO.  Wait for it!!!!




New Moon in Leo, July 23, 2017, 4:47 am CDT


Calling all Leos!

And especially those born close to the above date all the way up to the first few days of August. And just for the heck of it, let’s include all you late degree Cancers…those born from about July 13 or so.  The partner signs to Leo & Aquarius also factor in here so if your birthday falls between January 10 or so to January 30 or so, be prepared to be   prodded into action as well!

This is your New Moon…and what a New Moon it is!

Remember New Moons are a ‘clean the slate and let’s start something new’ kind of energy. It’s all about planting the seeds for a whole new cycle of growth. If you feel the urge to MOVE and GROOVE, you are getting the vibe of the next few days.

Here’s a very Leo thought to consider:

“Realization is not knowledge about the universe,

but the living experience of the nature of the universe.”

Choygal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche

The Rinpoche pinpoints the essence of the leonine perspective. It is all about the sheer joy of BEING, and not the endless rumination of what that ‘beingness’ might mean.  Instead of trying to understand—(there will be time for that later on)—just embrace the present moment and revel in the sweetness of NOW.

So, set aside some time over the next few days to just sit and enjoy or walk and enjoy or run and enjoy—well, you get my meaning…


Mars is closely conjoined to this Sun/Moon meeting, adding a wallop of energy and incentive to whatever it is that is making us want to jump into action.  This is the pulse of sheer and relentless joy moving in our veins. Creativity is highlighted so if you are in the mood to create, go for it.

Be open to sudden inspirations, ideas that come out of the blue and flashes of insight that suddenly drop fully formed into your mind. This New Moon configuration is aligned to the asteroid goddess, Pallas Athene, suggesting heightened mental activity.

I know one very strappy Leo who has made it his life work to just be creative whatever it is that he is doing, (he is an artist but it doesn’t stop with his art—you should see his garden!) He always has a notebook close at hand so that he can jot down random words or pictures or even melodies that float through his fertile mind.

It’s a good habit to get into and to MAINTAIN. If you don’t concretize those gifts from the collective consciousness, they will for sure dissolve into the ether where someone else may catch them and use them. It’s happened to me more than a few times so I speak from chagrined experience!

There’s a lovely Venus/Jupiter Trine that promises abundant yields if we put the work into any projects that we may begin. This is the energy of summer magic; soft breezes, warm nights, long lazy days and the aroma of blossoming plants to tickle our senses. We want to do things because it feels easy to do things. Work seems more pleasurable and life is, generally speaking, a charm.

Speaking of charms, this is hummingbird season and a group of hummingbirds is designated a CHARM. Lovely! (See my article on hummingbirds in the next Aquarian…)

This same Venus/Jupiter configuration also gives a nod to Saturn. When Jupiter and Saturn combine, expect miraculous events to occur. In this case, there is a sense of flow while Saturn challenges Venus to step up and claim who she is. Do your values enhance your activity? Are you doing what you WANT to be doing? Well, at least inch in that direction, little bud!

We’ve still got Pluto and Eris sizzling away in cardinal energy and an uncertain Chiron is looking for some answers to long held wounds by trying to get in sync with Mercury but these things are in the background for now.

It’s summer. Its warm. Everything feels fine, at least for the moment.


The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:





Here is a caution that if we do not find an outlet for our creative impulses or if we are TOO much in control of our emotions and thoughts, we could find ourselves ‘fit to burst’!! Everyone knows that if something is repressed it can get way out of control so how important it is to find productive and REGULAR ways to let off some steam—the steam of creative impulse in this case. And, of course, this concept can be applied to just about every aspect of day to day life and is certainly NOT limited to artists alone.

The second Symbol gives us a clue as to how we can channel our various creative impulses in a positive fashion. That ‘adobe mission’ suggests a belief that is basic, fundamental, uncomplicated and certain of itself. Those early proselytizers followed their faith into distant lands and alien cultures without a blink of an eye—for the most part.

The message is: believe; believe in your dreams, yourself, your abilities, your hopes—the whole nine yards of it.

Fix it in your heart, stroke it with your mind and follow the bread crumbs to that sweet spot of contentment. It’s the contentment that comes from a path well-traveled and a hope firmly held.

As Queen so simply, yet eloquently put it, “We are the Champions of the world!”

(A very Leo thing to think and feel!)

So go at it. Do something different or dramatic or dashing…well, do anything at all for that matter!

Summer kisses to all!

Full Moon in Capricorn/2017

With the New Moon in Cancer two weeks ago, our emotional centers were triggered and the themes of self-care, self-love and self-affirmation were highlighted. Any wounds that may have been hiding deep within our hearts may have been opened up to the possibility of healing or at the very least, to the beginning of exploratory work by us into any sensitive areas. Now, with a glorious summer Full Moon in the partner sign to Cancer, CAPRICORN, we can take the steps that are needed to implement strong and steady strategies that could facilitate ongoing self-reliance, self-assurance and self-promotion.

Capricorn is the energy of competency, self-motivation and efficient management of all areas of living. Its real-time application of real kinds of strategies—not pie in the sky fantasy but hard core, down to earth things that actually might work in the now.

In Capricorn, we set aside histrionics, moodiness and co-dependency. Now we enter into the arena of adulthood, taking charge of our reality, ensuring success of our undertakings not because of some vague emotional desire but rather, because we have made good solid plans of action that will incrementally and inexorably lead to that desired success. As the Moon soars in the summer sky, we drink up the truth serum that she bestows upon us via the hard-nosed and unrelenting rays of Capricorn.

So, how are you doing with addressing emotional stresses? Have you taken some time to face up to any issues that may be lurking around in your psyche?

If yes, good on you. Keep at it.

If no, set aside some time for self-reflection on Saturday night—ideally before you go out and party—and let that fat full Moon work her magic on you. If you have the opportunity to enjoy the night hours of the July 8 and you have a clear sky, grab it! It is truly amazing how the mind and heart open up under the light of the Moon.

This Full Moon is full of earth-shaking energy if we choose to access it. Pluto is hand and glove aligned to the Capricorn Moon and both are ruled by a lofty and spirit seeking Saturn in Sagittarius, one of the loveliest placements for the God of time to find himself in. In Sag, Saturn seeks meaning and the light that comes from a spiritual perspective—relatively speaking. The relative part is dependent on the soul in question. We are all at different levels of evolution, spiritually speaking, so one person’s sense of spirit may be quite different from anothers. The key is to find your own comfort level in this area and fit yourself into a framework that works for you. No judgments and no evaluations of anyone elses choices, please.

That Pluto/Moon conjunction is itself involved in a GRAND CARDINAL CROSS that includes Uranus/Eris in Aries, the Sun in Cancer, conjoined to Mars—of course exactly opposed to the Moon/Pluto—and Jupiter in Libra in his last gallop through the latter half of that energy. Now, if you are a student of astrology, you have probably heard rumours about Grand Crosses or as they are sometimes called Grand Squares. And some of those rumours may have been less than happy. Well, here’s the thing; ENERGY, in and of itself, is neutral, and just waiting for the variable factor—YOU—to stir it up. If you are conscious, you can use whatever energy is present for growth and improvement. It truly is up to you. Cardinal configurations of this type can be extremely useful for hitting those home runs, so to speak. If the contained energy of the Cross is opened up effectively, the results to the Variable Factor—YOU—can be impressive.

Saturn in Sag is closely involved in this potentially explosive configuration and he is himself involved in a toe to toe with Chiron in the last few degrees of Pisces. The opportunity here is that we can gain some perspective on what those wounds that we are carrying around with us are really all about. Jupiter in Libra, as the ruler of this strategic Saturn demands that we face the truth of any anger, resentments, sorrows, or even a sense of personal inadequacy and dig ourselves out of the muck of self-pity or the blaming of others and grab a hold of what WE can do to effect healing, integration and, hopefully transformation. With the Sun aligned to Mars, there is more than enough get up and go for us to at least begin to do the work that is necessary. Anger is an effective tool for motivation if used mindfully and with a clear-eyed understanding of how to manage anger energy. So, stop blaming others—even if they are to blame—and shoulder your own burden with the inner strength and awareness that YOU CAN DO IT!

Cancer/Capricorn is the energy of self-awareness, inner work that often is messy but always is necessary.


The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:





What’s your mandala? What’s the image that helps you to focus and concentrate? A ‘flag’ is representative of an ideal, an aspiration, a destination that is imagined and held up as a beacon. So, be clear within yourself as to what, exactly you are loyal to. Hold those ideals high and keep on polishing them up. This month, be committed to following through on any resolutions that you may have on that tricky and slippery emotional level.

The image of the “Hen & Chicks” is truly fitting as the themes of self-care and self-love are played out. Care for others and allow others to care for you. We are in this together, after all!


New Moon in Cancer & the Solstice..woohoo!!!


New Moons are beginnings and yes, they do come around once every month so the initiations are not necessarily large scale but more along the lines of short term directives and easily accomplished goals; in short, sprints rather than marathons.

I really like these little incremental strategic plans of action. Goals that are actualized always result in a sense of accomplishment and act as a spur for even more courageous initiative on the part of the successful doer. It’s the easiest way to build up confidence. Set yourself small goals, fulfill those goals and then take it to the next level.  Baby steps is always the best course of action. No leaping off tall buildings without some kind of safety net, please. We are not super-humans—YET…

You can tailor your plans of action around the central energy of each New Moon as it rolls around each month. So, for instance, this month it’s all about the emotional body—how we feel, how we react, how we process what the heart receives.

Added to this is the fact that we have just had one of the most glorious events of the annual cycle—THE SUMMER SOLSTICE. We luxuriate in those long sultry summer days that drift lazily into sweet velvety nights filled with gorgeous celestial objects that enrapture us as we gaze at them, especially for those of us in the Northern hemisphere (the more north you go, the better). With the New Moon falling so soon after the solstice, the halfway point in the year, we have the opportunity to delve into our hearts and feeling natures and take a good look at how we operate on this most important level. We are more relaxed during the summer and this relaxation provides us with a measure of security as we review our relationship life, our feeling nature, the things that incite emotion within us.

The question:  How SECURE do you feel about this part of your life?

What fears rise up in your consciousness when you think about these elements and/or issues?

Can you come up with any strategies to address the things that are not working?

Take some time to sit with these thoughts and brainstorm a few ideas. Then, as the month progresses, you can see if what you imagined can actually be put into action.

The call to action, then, is EMOTIONAL GROWTH, at the very least and EMOTIONAL TRANSFORMATION, if we pull up our boot straps and really get down to business.

There is a load of Cancer energy supporting this New Moon event, with both Mercury and Mars aligned to it.  Within the next 24 hours, Luna shashays her way into orb of Pluto @ 18*31’ Capricorn, promising insight if we are open to it.

It’s a Friday, so if you can, just sit under the sky. Don’t attempt to solve any problems, just allow yourself to appreciate the sheer joy of being alive in your body at this most precious moment in time. Even if you do not intellectually perceive any gems of wisdom or insight immediately, rest assured that they found their way into your psyche and in the coming days, you may be surprised at what you suddenly understand or realize. Life is truly a mystery.

The Moon is also moving into a square to Jupiter, also within the day so be prepared for emotions to run fast. Don’t be caught off guard. Watch your responses. Confrontations are a result of carelessness so be careful. there is a hint of explosiveness with Mars opposed to Pluto so keep those handles safely in a drawer or you might find them flying around haphazardly!

The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are :




There are several admonitions contained in these symbols.

We must take charge of ourselves, our emotional welfare, and sometimes do the hard thing to get to the good end. Growth is challenging simply because we basically do not want to do it. Most of us like the security of what we know, what we are familiar with. The idea of incorporating new, strange patterns into our lives can sometimes overwhelm us. We are but babies, after all; little entities bouncing around in an infinite universe. When you actually sit down and think about it, it sobers the questing soul. So, courage is needed to do the deal. We have to identify that part of ourselves that doesn’t quit and keep on going.

Dane Rudyar stated, in writing about this symbol;

“In India the deer was the symbol of Brahma, the Creative God. The antlers represent the extension of the mind-power located in the head.”

As we negotiate our way through our emotional issues, we can access the wisdom from Spirit to facilitate our transformation on this most delicate of levels. Even if we do not see a tangible connection between what we are going through and the wisdom that is coming from our higher selves, we must trust the process. In time, understanding will come.

Another aspect of the first strange symbol is the primal connection between HUMANS and NATURE. If the going gets to be too tough, get going out there, into the woods, metaphorically and literally speaking.

Do you remember when it was first suggested that we all go out and hug trees?

Well, it actually does work on a very guttural level. The energy of the tree floods into the gut as we stand in close proximity to it. The natural world has an uncanny sentience that supersedes anything that we experience. If you don’t believe me, go and examine the weeds in your garden. They mimic whatever plants they have invaded. My strawberry patch was inundated with weeds that looked exactly like strawberries but without the prize of the berry!

How do they do that? Natural Law, baby, Natural Law.

How fitting, then, that the second symbol indicates what it’s all about! Challenge and process, when undertaken with appetite and determination will result in growth. So, look at the situations of your life and, however challenging they might be, however sorrowful you might feel, however gut-wrenching the actuality, if you set your will to getting through, (baby steps, remember), and just keep breathing, you will come out of it in the end. Not always easy to do, but always satisfying once done. That long sigh of relief is waiting for you just around the corner.

So, enjoy the New Moon. Do what needs to be done this month. And always remember to insert some FUN, no matter how difficult that might be to do!

Full Moon in Sagittarius


by christina rai


June 9, 2017 @ 8:09 am CDT: 18º Sag 53′

When the Moon is full in a summer sky, there’s nothing quite like it!

She glows mysteriously, casting down her silvery light through the velvet folds of the night. It’s a good time to wander outdoors and just reflect on the glory of the night sky. This Full Moon is the closest one to summer solstice, (June 20, 2017), that we will have this year. In a way, it’s like a double, double—the fullness of the Solstice combined with the fullness of the Moon just before. We have come to the point of greatest light here in the Northern Hemisphere.

There is a restrained excitement around this Full Moon. Sag is the energy of unfettered exploration and a hunger for the unknown. This energy is connected to Jupiter, which, in astrological terms is the symbol for growth and an aspiration to that which is just beyond the reach of our fingers.  Wherever Jupiter falls in your chart is where you hunger to achieve MORE, where you strive to reach farther. It’s the part of your psyche that wants the ‘reward’, the accomplishment of something not yet fully actualized within you. In short, we grow under the guidance of Jupiter; we learn; we reach. Not for nothing is he called ‘GURU’. He teaches us to imagine possibility and not settle for probability.

And, in Sag, we find elements of this same impulse—the urge to go beyond the limits that have been set.

At the New Moon we were encouraged to step outside the box and try something new. Did you have any so-called ‘new ideas? Did you begin investigating any ‘new’ ways of looking at your life? Well, whether you did or not, you have arrived at a point in time—now at this Full Moon—when you can review any or all of your thoughts and impulses and see how useful they might be.

Saturn is sitting close to the Moon, suggesting that we take the time to ponder and meditate on the structural conditions of our reality. How are our lives working for us? What can we do to be more effective, more responsible, more in charge of our own destinies? Think about it.

Jupiter is just about to go direct—move forward in astrological terms—which suggests that whatever may have been percolating is ready to burst out. Test your ideas, your philosophies and your dreams to see just how practical and doable they might be. Take the time to thoroughly turn them inside out.

Mercury is sitting square the nodal axis of the Moon suggesting that we should review and re-think even as we are imagining new strategies.  Re-cycling old or discarded ideas is a good way to use the energy that you spent creating them in the first place. Wonderful items can be had by using old elements to create new ones.  Just think of all the quilts that have been made from well-worn fabrics!  Same principle. So, give yourself permission to go back and re-do, if need be, while also allowing yourself to imagine all that is yet to come into form. Who knows, you may find something useful from past thoughts that may be just what is needed for your new ideas.

Writers! Take note and pay attention. This is fertile energy and you just might find your words flowing both from past experience and imagined possibility.

Neptune, the planet of compassion and mysticism is strongly featured in this Full Moon.  Magic is in the air! When you go out and gaze at the Moon on June 9, notice if there is a hazy glow around her as she soars high into the sky. Make a wish as you contemplate her magic.  If that wish is in harmony with who you truly are, it WILL manifest in your life.  The key, of course, is that it must be harmonious with YOU!

Poets, take your notebooks with you and jot down words and phrases that Lady Luna might send you. Neptune is inspiration for those of you who love to write!

Yes, there is chaos in the world. Yes, things sometimes FEEL scary and unmanageable. But here’s a thought. Chaos demonstrates to us where the changes must be made. Chaos is the best clear indicator of what must be done. We just need to be open-eyed as we regard the situation. This, by the way, is not only applicable to the ridiculous politics of our time, but also to the politics of personal interaction that we all experience on a day to day basis.

For those of you who follow astrology by using your own natal charts, locate where this Full Moon falls in that chart. Whatever house is activated is where you can harness the energy of emotion to facilitate action. You may feel a strong ‘need’ to do something in whatever area of life is illuminated by the Moon. Emotion is the fuel that can make a difference when action is taken. Without it, our efforts might just fall flat and come to nothing. It is feeling that drives impulse.

The Sabian Symbols for this Moon are:




Here we get a sense of change that is born of a need to survive, grow, thrive and continue. The natural world follows natural law. The idea of pelicans moving gives a sense of natural flow based on natural needs. And yet, we do not abandon what is past. In fact, we use it to move forward as is suggested in the second symbol. That which we build is based on all that has been built. How beautiful it would be if everyone acted from a deep internal resonance with ‘natural law’, all the while revering the ancestors and understanding that all that is ancestral becomes the fabric of all that is yet to be born. It’s a thought that will save the world if we let it.

So, please take the time to, at the very least, look out your window once the Moon is up on June 9! But the best thing would be to actually go out and stand under her light and breathe in her magic. There is no month quite like June. There will never be another Moon quite like this one. Onward we go!

New Moon in Gemini–Yay!!!

New Moon in Gemini: May 25, 2017 @ 2:46 PM CDT


When the Moon is new in Gemini, we have the opportunity to go to the heights and be free when it comes to flights of fancy & imagination. I think we need that right now. The mundane world is embroiled in conflict and chaos and there is a rumbling in the near background that can feel ominous at times. But, as seekers and objective observers, we have access to a world view that supersedes the mundane, the ordinary. It is not that we totally remove ourselves from what is going on but we have the capacity to see beyond the immediate and get a grasp of trends that may not yet be clearly evident. That helps when it looks like everything is dissolving into tumult. This is a time of change; and CHANGE, by its nature can be frightening to us—poor creatures enslaved to security and comfort.  We like what we know, what we are used to and when the status quo begins to shift, we can become skittish and hysterical.  Just hang in there.  The change has not arrived in its fullness. There is much more yet to be revealed and with the revelation will come more change and so it goes.

One thing that we, as students of history and metaphysics have come to understand is that EVERYTHING is cyclical and that EVERTHING eventually passes. This may not seem like solace, but, in truth, it is. We are not the first or only creatures that have built empires and dealt with the idiocy of common politics. There have long been tyrants. There have long been conflicts. Those of us who have glimpsed what the REAL solution to world disorder is—LOVE & FORGIVENESS, TOLERANCE & COMPASSION—must work to get to that invisible yet necessary ‘tipping point’ of consciousness. Once enough sentient beings actually embrace the real solution, it is manifested, and oh so easily. ( I know that some of you are finding this hard to believe…) However, ordinary politics will not, ultimately, solve any problems. It is far too reflective of that which is the root of the problem—desire driven action that chooses to ignore the common humanity of all.

That is not to say that we, as individuals should divorce ourselves from local action. That is a right that we all have and can exercise as we see fit—as long as we understand that whatever we appear to gain is but a shadow of what we actually need to solve the problem. Activism that is humanitarian in impulse is the best way to express our social awareness but, honestly, do what you feel works for you. Just keep those wise metaphysical glasses firmly fixed! We are going for the long game here, folks.

With the Moon in Gemini, we should get a sense of lightness, even if only briefly! Adventure and exploration is the key word for this cycle. Find something that gets you going and follow the bread crumbs to its location. It could be real travel. It could be a new philosophy, a new idea, a new thought process, a new way to interact, to communicate. Whatever it is, let it take you away from pressing concerns at least for a bit. Gemini likes to have fun! So, find some fun to have!

Mercury is newly direct and in Taurus. Our thoughts are turned towards earthly things and we feel that we want to find something stable and secure to shore up our scattered emotional body. Garden. Take walks. Do something practical with your hands. Any activity that gives form to your concepts will help you to feel more connected to what is real and tangible.

Venus is still in Aries and at the very beginning of her 19-month loop under the influence of this dynamic, independent energy. As she moves through the various signs of the zodiac over the next year and a half, each of those energies will be laced with a little Aries Fire, spirited, fierce and free. The Aries ‘call to action’ is about re-invention of self from the core value system, and up. When the Inner Goddess consorts with the element of Cardinal Fire (Aries), she is a warrior for what she believes in. It is critical that we all embrace this activist energy, especially now, at this most interesting time in social history. Each of us must be clear about what is true (to us), what is important to promote, what we want to base our lives on. The Goddess, clothed in fire, is relentless in opening up our senses to that which stimulates us to be more in our own selves than ever before.  Believe in who you are and take it to the limit!

Transiting Mars in Gemini supports the call to adventure and exploration, saying ‘hurry up, hurry up…let’s get going…NOW!’’ Jupiter in Libra is in a mundanely supportive aspect to this Gemini cluster of activity that includes the Sun & the Moon and quietly whispers encouragement for any efforts undertaken. Be willing to take that step, maybe one you haven’t taken before and try something different. It could open to the door into a whole new way of being for you. With Saturn in Sag sitting silently across from this flighty Mars, rest assured that you have an anchor firmly attached to your feet and—promise—you won’t get lost in the flurry of action if that is what you find yourself dealing with. Saturn has a habit of getting real when reality needs to be got.

The Sabian Symbol for this lovely, light and fanciful New Moon is:



AN OLD OWL UP IN A TREE (Sagittarius)


Let it all fly free, children. Seek out that which most gets you juiced up, ready to fight for what you stand for. But fight with insight. Use your inherent and natural wisdom to lead you in the right direction (s).

This is a great time to explore NEW ways of saying an old thing. Search out what may yet be inaccessible to you and then figure out how you can actually make it usable in your real day to day life. Can a new approach to an old problem be the answer? Could it actually be so simple a solution—to JUST TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT?

We all come to this place equipped with stuff that helps us and sometimes harms us. However, in all that rubble that we carry around—our genetic make-up, our family dynamics, our experiences, our social conditioning—there is knowledge gained and, if we are blessed, wisdom that we can access. Sometimes we hear it and ignore it and sometimes we hear it and listen. It’s a choice, every second of the day.  Are you listening and doing? Or hearing and ignoring?

Let’s all of us shake off the muddle and the chaos of the last few months and try something new. Gemini New Moon—here we come!




Full Moon in Scorpio

by christina rai


May 10, 2017 @ 4:43 pm CDT

Tracking the NEW MOONS and the FULL MOONS each month gives an EXPERIENTIAL sense of how energy works. The wonderful thing about this is that for each of us it will be unique—not different but rather, particular to us as we operate as an individual. It’s also one of the easiest ways to learn astrology. If we are students of astrology, this will greatly enhance our ability to translate any chart that we see on a piece of paper.

So, there is usually one New Moon & one Full Moon every month, separated by about 2 weeks. The New Moon signifies the beginning (seeding) of the cycle for the next 30 ish days and the Full Moon signifies the culmination (fruition) of that cycle.

Whatever sign of the Zodiac the New Moon is in at the beginning of the cycle, the Full Moon, 2 weeks later, will be in the partner sign, for the most part. The signs of the Zodiac can be grouped into ‘pairs’ that face each other across a 180* axis.

Hint! Find out what sign partners your own Sun Sign and read about it to gain some tips on how to balance your impulses. Self-directed and impulsive Aries gets some fine tuning from Libra’s compromise and consideration!!! Just saying…

The Moon travels rapidly through the entire Zodiac. She completes the circuit once every month so for the 30 ish days of the Moon cycle, we get a taste of all 12 designated energies of the Zodiac for about 2 ½ days per sign. It’s not a hugely long time but as month follows month, we can start to notice how or if there is a similarity on the days of each month that the Moon lands in a particular sign. Keeping a Mini Moon Journal can help with this process. Start with the NEW MOON and the FULL MOON and just jot down key words for HOW YOU FEEL on those days. Don’t forget to note which sign of the Zodiac is highlighted. After doing this consistently for a few months, you may start to notice an emotional pattern appear.

Remember, the MOON is all about feelings, reactions and conditional responses. Not a lot of head stuff going on here. It’s all about the gut. And, ingrained habitual patterns of behavior which may or may not be fully understood. Remember the duck who thought she was a dog?  That kind of thing.

Consciousness is key and the beginning of increasing one’s consciousness is to actually begin to NOTICE things. Let’s call it the RITUAL OF OBSERVANCE. Observe and digest and then hopefully, learn so that you can apply the learning to your day to day life.

Example: After a few months, you notice that when the Moon is traveling through a given sign, you tend to be less self-controlled than usual. How can knowing this little nugget of data be useful to you? HMMMM…give it some thought…

This Month, with the Full Moon bursting out in Scorpio, we enter into a potential of power and impulse. The Moon in Scorpio is one of the most complex placements that a person can have in their natal chart. Hard to understand, potentially quite secretive, often difficult to manage even just by oneself.

When the Moon is full in this energy, the key thought is ‘ a powerful impulse towards transformation & regeneration’. What, if anything, in your life needs an overhaul? This energy provides us all with the potential to dig deep and find out what is hidden.

There is a powerful focus on the value found in relationship; what makes us want it and what makes us want to lose it. Examine what fuels your needs in this area to more clearly define how to provide yourself with what you truly need in your relationship life.

Venus is newly returned to Aries, having just risen in the morning sky to begin a whole new cycle of becoming for the next 19 months. Who do we imagine ourselves to be? What can we do to refine that vision? Where is our inner feminine ‘wild woman’? What does she truly desire? With this Full Moon energy activating our psyches, we can begin the process of re-defining ourselves. Aries energy is a BIG component part of this Full Moon and combined with the Scorpio/Taurus energy, it creates a tremendous amount of movement. Allow yourself to explore all facets of your life; your values, your needs; your wants; your ‘others’ and then muster up your courage and truly admit to yourself what needs to be re-born. Maybe you don’t kick him out but maybe you do have a sit-down heart to heart and bring some clarity into the relationship????? The WILD WOMAN archetype is about reclaiming your own power of being and being willing to step into the unknown, to explore POSSIBILITY with ardor and bravery of soul.

This Full Moon is about digging into the past and bringing it into the present. You don’t need to keep feeling what you have been feeling if those feelings are not supporting your current values. Don’t be a concrete slab! Be a fast-moving river that is running to the sea!

Change is the fire that burns brightly in the soul. Fuel that fire and let it flame around you.

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:




Holy Cow! Could they be more fitting?

Here we get the sense that it is time to dig deep, to ‘open the curtains’ of our selves and let the light get in. Fear lives and persists in the dark so when we allow the light to enter a dark space, we begin the process of FEAR ELIMINATION. Once fear is eliminated, the Wild Woman is able to make her appearance in the story of our lives. We can live free; be free; soar the skies and go beyond the horizons that we thought were ours.

The image of the ‘winds, clouds and haste’ gives us a sense that permanence is an illusion. The only real truth is that everything changes and that includes US! Be unattached to anything and you will never experience disappointment again. Honestly. That is true. Expectation of outcome is the bane of existence.


Enjoy the Full Moon in Scorpio and stretch those fiery wings and fly!




New Moon in Taurus

by christina rai


April 26, 2017 CDT

The Taurus/Scorpio axis in the zodiacal wheel is considered to be one of the power pulses of the energy spectrum.  Here is where birth and death are linked to produce transformation of the deepest kind.  This birth/death can be literal or figurative. It is all about becoming and releasing. The becoming is the seed part of the initiation cycle into consciousness and the release part is where we allow old forms to dissolve so that the new consciousness can be fully embraced as it forms.

Taurus is one of the deepest and most sensual energies of the wheel.  It holds form as no other can.  In traditional astrology, this is the energy that was considered to exalt the Moon—the lunar force.  Though most modern astrologers shy away from so-called ‘rulerships’, referred to as The Dignities, it is useful to make note of the various signs (energies) that were linked by rulership to the various planets. It can give us a hint as to how a particular personality impulse, as symbolized by the planets, can operate when in that particular energy. The exaltations (one of the aforementioned ‘dignities’), were energies where the particular planet in question was considered to be able to operate within the psyche at optimum capacity. It was kind of like a King or a Queen residing prominently within the sphere of the personality dynamic. So, persons born with the Moon in Taurus have the capacity to be fully ‘in the body’, grounded, practical on an emotional level, not given to histrionics and able to navigate life’s sometime treacherous journey with skill and reliability. There can be reactive tendencies as well but we’ll discuss them in another post.

When we have a collective NEW MOON in the sign of Taurus, we know it is the spring coming alive. The earth is waking up and green things are poking out of the slumbering ground. How fitting that this explosion of growth happens at this time of the year, when the Sun transits the entire 30 degrees of the sign of Taurus, that organic and glorious energy, and meets briefly, (about 2 ½ days or so) with the flighty Moon. (If you have been following the Lunar cycle, you have probably realized that the Moon will pass through all 12 signs of the Zodiac in a one month period and that at some point in any given month, she will join with the Sun to form a NEW MOON. It’s a lovely dance that we can follow both figuratively and literally since the two lights—the Sun and the Moon—are clearly visible in the sky.

This time period also marks the birth of the Buddha but I’ll talk more about that at the Full Moon. Suffice it to say, that this time period—late April to late May is an auspicious one. The earth is waking up, the Buddha has been born and is transformed, and really, all should be right with the world. We have been re-invigorated to begin again.

The call to action for this New Moon is Reflect and Re-do! We have had a rocky few months of frantic and chaotic energy. Our values have been upended. We have faced each other down. Lines have been drawn and crossed. How did it all play out for you? Well, here’s an opportunity to settle in, meditate on all that has been going on and re-envision your own process. Plant those little seeds and nurture them so that they grow into big beautiful flowers.

Mercury is retrograde, slowing down and ready to turn direct any day now, and within range of this New Moon, suggesting that we can meditate on just how we can more fully concretize the dreams, hopes and intentions that we have had since Winter Solstice. The mental energies are highly focused, ready to make fantastic leaps into unknown realms if need be (Uranus, the energy of invention & inspiration close to Mercury in Aries). Think about your strategies. How have they been working for you? Can you shake off those cobwebs of ‘the same, the same, the same” and try something different, even shocking? Shocking, at least, to you if you have been feeling like you are stuck in a rut. That is the key here. You are being asked to step outside the box and experiment. With Saturn trining this unpredictable but invigorating energy of experimentation, there is more than enough resourcefulness to actually get things in gear. And if you are feeling a bit shaky, somewhat vulnerable, that is coherent with this kind of fiery fuel. Saturn is also squaring Venus, demanding that your values be squeaky clean and true to the real you. If it ain’t working, then it must be broke. Now is the time to consider all the risks of making necessary changes so that how you live reflects the ‘who’ that you really are. This newly direct Venus energy is almost back in Aries, ready to take off on a whole new adventure of re-invention of the core self as expressed through fundamental life values. Make a promise to yourself that you will change at least one old and outworn part of yourself over the next little while. Which goddess would you like to be? An independent fiery huntress? A deep and resourceful partner? A fierce but loving nurturer? You choose and then do it. Little steps can take you a long way.

Mars has newly entered Gemini which lends freshness and youthfulness to the energy body. You are the little engine that could and with a fast moving Geminian Mars fueling all efforts to reconstruct and re-align, you have the sense that maybe, just maybe, you can get that train up that hill and start to really roll. Remember, life is process and it Is not the destination that you are seeking. Rather, it is the embodiment of the process that is key. Be the thing that you most desire to create in the world around you and before you know it, you will begin to see that thing all around you.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is 7* Taurus: A WOMAN OF SAMARIA

To understand this symbol, recall the story of how Christ first revealed himself to a Samarian woman at the start of his short ministry. The Samarians were not God’s chosen people so it is highly significant that Jesus, the long-awaited Messiah of the so-called ‘chosen people’, took his message of peace and love to a gentile, and a female one at that. This shows the highest degree of universality possible. To live our lives fully, we must recognize everyone as our family. We must embrace one another without exception. As we move through the world, we must avoid hidden agendas and live without an expectation that what we do will elicit some kind of reward. That’s not an easy way to live, by the way, but, even so, if we can do it, we should try to do it. Let’s all approach each other as little children do when they meet and greet. The expectation is that there is something good and exciting possible in every meeting. Like the Woman of Samaria, let’s all maintain an open mind when in conversation with ‘the other’. You never know, you just might meet the Christ and hear his message.