Intro to Astrology - Part 1

Starting Wednesday, October 4!
Register online at Louis Riel Continuing Education or by phone at 204-237-8130.


Learn what the Sun, Moon and planetary placements say about your unique personality and potential in this 8 week journey around the Zodiac! Become familiar with the symbols of the astrological alphabet and identify key elements within your own natal birth chart while exploring the fundamentals of astrology - signs, planets, houses, aspects. You will also be introduced to the correlation between planetary cycles and major life events, chart patterns and chart interpretation basics. Loaded with cheat sheets and assessment techniques this course gives you the solid foundation to embark on your astrological journey!


Dates: 8 Wednesdays from October 4 - November 22
Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location: Nelson McIntyre Collegiate, Room 207 - 188 St. Mary's Road
Instructor: Shannon Jennissen
Course: W30-F17  Cost: $104


Intro to Astrology - Part 2

TBA - Please contact us to stay informed!


Expand and refine your understanding of astrological delineation! This course covers additional techniques for interpreting signs and planetary placements, explores how to incorporate Chiron and the MC/IC axis and uses a hands-on approach for finding and interpreting aspect patterns. Again this knowledge will be applied directly to participant’s charts, unfolding your own self-understanding. Intro to Astrology – Part 1 or basic knowledge of Signs/Plants/Houses is required.    

8 Weeks - TBA
Instructor: Shannon Jennissen
Cost: $100


Shannon Jennissen has studied astrology for over 15 years both locally and in the UK. She has taken advanced courses through the London School of Astrology with Frank Clifford and Sue Tompkins, has attended international astrology conferences and is currently working on her Diploma through the Mayo School of Astrology. Shannon is also a qualified teacher with ten years experience.

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