For the Love of Leo

by christina rai


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Most astrologers co-relate this fiery fixed sign with love, birth, creativity, power, luck and romance! Sounds pretty attractive to me! Leo is aligned to the 5th house in the natural wheel of the zodiac thus endowing that segment of the horoscope with Leo-like attitudes. If, for instance, you are not born under the sign of Leo but have a lot of your planets in the 5th house, especially the personal ones like the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars; you will probably be interested greatly in the things associated with that house of the horoscope, like love, children, creative activity, self-expression and any and all forms of ‘drama’, just to name a few things. And, you may approach life in a Leo-like way; that is, with gusto, intensity, self-interest and dramatic flair. Certainly, you should have some sort of creative outlet to exercise all that potential heart-based energy that will, no doubt, be a significant influence in your life. This does not mean that you MUST be an artist, but it does mean that you must FEEL like you are being artful in some way. If you like cooking—experiment. If crafts interest you, develop one to a high level of proficiency. If you adore children, expand this love in your life either through having your own or taking care of others.

Of course, the actual sign that any of these personals—the planets mentioned above– is in will modify the way you behave in the end. For instance, you might be a “5th house Capricorn”. Capricorn is much more sedate, more reserved than Leo so you might be creative, but quietly so, romantic, but with some reserve, powerful, but in a dignified way. Or, one could observe that you have a deliberate approach to your creative side, a controlled response to your love life or you might be a strict disciplinarian when it comes to your kids, expecting them to step up and perform on your command. (These are merely random thoughts and not set in stone pronouncements. So many factors affect the way any individual functions that each horoscope MUST be evaluated individually. However, understanding how energies might perform in the 12 sectors of the chart certainly is helpful when initiating an analysis.)

Leo’s opposite sign is Aquarius and according to the law of polarity, duality is the underlying resonance of all manifestation. Applying this to the zodiac then, we can see that the energies that sit ‘across’ from each other in the zodiac wheel ideally work in harmony with each other and the ebb and flow of anything is regulated by polarity forces. While Leo brings focus to all that is primarily personal—the ‘me’ factor, Aquarius brings focus to all that is primarily collective—the ‘we’ factor. So, the intention of anyone with a focus in Leo is to find a way to pull in the energy of that opposite force. So, Leo, what can YOU do for the greater whole? What is the focus in your life that relates to community? What is the gift that you bring to society?

Leo loves the limelight and who is it that is able to give the limelight? The collective, of course! If Leo has no audience for the sheer magnificence of his manifestation, well, then, he might just lazily lie around doing nothing and basking in the noonday sun!

The shadow side of Leo is the tendency to rest on ones’ laurels and on a deeper level, a sense of entitlement. There is a reason why one of the archetypes linked to Leo is “The Royal” or “The Aristocrat”. Taken too far, this self-image can cause trouble in Leo’s life and relationships. The all powerful ME can eat up a lot of space in any room, leaving little for anyone else. Here is where the simple use of principled love can minimize the tendency to move into the shadow side of this energy. Love for the sake of love itself can help to refocus the Leo persona that has gotten caught up in ego concerns or self-love, become overly invested in the drama and as a result lost sight of what is actually real and true. Again, pulling in the Aquarian ideal, that sense of collective power rather than singular power, can be helpful to balance out any preoccupation with self. Not to say that the self should not be served! It is through the self that we all get things done so let’s not be too quick in battering the ego senseless! The key is common sense at all times. By all means use your ego gifts but keep focused on what is really true, what is really real. The ‘truth’ is, that when one stands alone, one can easily be toppled but when one stands united with others, a wall of protection can be developed.

Another Leo shadow is a deep-seated feeling of insecurity. Another one of Leo’s archetypes is The Child. Childish energy requires ongoing and even limitless affirmation so if the Leo soul is not given just the right amount of affirmative response, he might develop a lop-sided need to seek it at any cost. We have all met those individuals who constantly require affirmation for every step that they take. The little lost girl or the sad and hungry boy persona is a shadow energy that can cripple relationship and impede self-growth. Of course there can be many different real-life triggers that kick-start this kind of behavior and that sort of self-study can take up a lifetime. Still, just identifying a presence of Leo energy in any one of the personals can be helpful when doing this kind of reparative therapy. Ultimately, the key to healing is also found in the opposite sign of Aquarius. By connection to the higher self and tapping into the collective consciousness, Leo can come to some profound understandings about himself and his place within that collective thus alleviating some of the needful pressure to be constantly affirmed by another.

Leo co-relates to the heart chakra and, indeed, the physical heart is linked to Leo when one studies medical astrology. Working with the heart chakra is always beneficial for strong Leo types. If you have a lot of Leo energy, create meditations for yourself that focus on moving within to the center of your heart. Work on building that love energy, fortifying the heart chakra. Visualize a soft pink glow around the heart center. This can calm the self and bring it balance. By mindfully drawing in the highest form of love energy—that of the divine, Leo can amplify his already ‘sunny’ self and become an inspiration to those around him. This is a fixed energy so the inclination is to stay centered, to sustain. Just think of the Sun, the celestial object associated with Leo. It burns with a constancy, and we have the assurance in the last fingers of the dusk and the first tendrils of the dawn, that he will never let us down; that there will always be a new day on the horizon. Like the Sun, strong Leos can provide security and stability to those they love. Think about the last time you lay out in the Sun and how scrumptious that was. Sort of like being loved by a Leo!

And talking about love…When Leo loves, he loves magnificently! He can be completely attentive and single-minded in his focus. His loved object will feel herself totally consumed by the heat of his attention. Of course, she must be very certain to let him know how splendid his love is—the best love, the hottest love, incomparable love. If he is sufficiently stroked, Leo will keep purring contentedly, keeping his eyes fixed on his darling. If not, well then, he just might feel that he needs to move along and find a more worthy recipient of his lordly love. So, all you who partner with a Leo, make sure you keep scratching him where he wants you to scratch!

Everyone has Leo somewhere in their psyche as represented by the birth mandala. And whenever the Sun transits any energy, that part of the psyche is illuminated—brought out into the light, so to speak. The Sun transits or moves through Leo during parts of the months of July & August. As I have often stated when discussing this subject of transits, each cosmic connection is necessarily personal. (Yes, yes, there is the whole issue of the collective consciousness but that is another topic!) So, in some ways, transit reports can only give the reader a general sense of what is going on since that reader has her own unique energetic construct that is interacting with the energy swirling around her. The way to get the ‘most’ out of following the stars is to have a familiarity with one’s own natal horoscope so that one can follow the star crossings with the mind’s eye.

So, picture your natal mandala (birth chart) and plop the transiting Sun into that area of your chart that is described by Leo. Wherever that is, it is this area of life that will be under the spotlight when the Sun is transiting Leo. Even if you have no formal training in astrology, you can begin to track external events and then go back to the diagram and see if anything makes sense. This is called the ‘observation and co-relation’ method of learning, experiential learning.

The horoscope can be divided into 4 quadrants, two below the central dividing line (ascendant/descendant) and two above. Even just noting which one of these 4 quadrants is being ‘lit up’ can be very revealing. Remember, wherever the Sun is transiting in your personal horoscope as it moves through the Zodiac sign of Leo is where your psyche reflects the properties of Leo. This is the area of life that you may approach in a Leo-like way. Or, that part of your life may have aspects of the Leo energy woven into it.

So, when the transiting Sun is moving through the lower left hand quadrant of YOUR chart, you might be feeling somewhat preoccupied with your own personal concerns. Your sense of self-worth may be of paramount or at least increased importance. During these transits you may be thinking about what you really want to do with yourself, what holds true value for you, what you have on your mind and just exactly how to express it so that you are properly understood. If you have Leo in this area, you could well be an imaginative and creative thinker, get ‘big’ ideas, be a dramatic communicator. The Sun’s transit of this area could trigger ideas that you can explore or develop.

If Leo is present in the second quadrant, your focus may turn to family issues, love, romance and fun, or how to energize your own work life. Having Leo energy in this area of the psyche suggests an individual who has a flair for family life or is an artist or works in a creative field. This could be an individual who loves intensely, has a desire to express herself on a creative level and approaches her work with zest and panache. All of these sorts of concerns, then, would take center stage at this transit time.

When the Sun is transiting the 3rd quadrant, the focus turns outward. Relationships take on more importance or things begin to happen in the relationship life. You may find yourself dealing with issues of power, control, even life and death or taxes. This could be a good time to sign up for a course that you have wanted to take for a while or just buy a book on an esoteric subject. You might suddenly find yourself dreaming about distant places.

Finally, when the Sun lights up the 4th quadrant of the mandala, you are ready to rock! You may feel the need to be seen, noticed, talked about upon. You could find yourself getting more involved in social issues, community work, or even just partying. On a more spiritual level, you may find that you have the urge to more completely align your outer self with your inner set of values. At some point, when the Sun transits this sector, most everyone needs to take a breath or two. Track yourself. Monitor your body rhythms. Pay attention!

Leo is the energy of expression, joy, creativity in both physical and emotional ways and more subtly, the need for recognition; the need for affirmation, approval and ultimately, the urge to both draw love and express love. The absolutely first step into Leo is the plunge into SELF-LOVE. If we are not able to wholeheartedly love ME, it is, indeed, impossible to draw the kind of love from others that we need so that we can feed our soul.

There is incredible joy in discovering the ‘Leo’ part of your psyche. Go on a journey of search and discovery and see if you can locate your little Leo self. And then, plunge in and just revel in the sheer joy of being.

Following is a snapshot of what its like to have Leo occupy the 12 houses. (In no way complete or ultimately definitive.)

HOUSE 1—creative action

HOUSE 2—an exquisite sense of correctness

HOUSE 3—dramatic communications

HOUSE 4—familial love

HOUSE 5—self-expression

HOUSE 6—personal commitment to service

HOUSE 7—a personal touch with others

HOUSE 8—fearless exploration of the mystery

HOUSE 9—an appetite for the unknown

HOUSE 10—a flair for leadership

HOUSE 11—love for the ideal and the community of choice

HOUSE 12—inspired dreaming/magnificent meditating


Thought For the Month

I am the fullest expression
of love that I can be.

Let me shine my light
upon everyone
I greet

Blessed be the joyful
for they will fill the earth with


i laugh and laugh
into the face
of the goddess
she plays me
she tempts me
she loves me
and long
and i curl into her
where i am warm
and safe
and surrounded
by her Sun







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christina rai is an astrologer working in Winnipeg. She is a member of the Manitoba Astrology Association

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