Full Moon in Aries, Oct 5, 2017, 1:41 pm CDT

When the Sun and Moon face off zodiacally, exactly opposite each other in degrees, we call it a FULL MOON.

This particular Full Moon is loaded with fiery energy and squaring off with the force within that represents transformation or at the very least some cataclysmic kind of shift that could lead to transformation, (Pluto).

The Libra Sun draws our attention to the relationship part of our life and with a very tight conjunction between Venus & Mars in Virgo, we might find ourselves questioning the practical benefits of any relationship that we might be in.

Is it still useful to our growth and development?

Does it still serve our deepest emotional needs?

Does that partner still resemble some aspect of the thing that drew us to him or her?

These dual archetypes that represent value and action are in active contact with a prominent (in the context of the event chart) Saturn in Sag. We might find ourselves feeling a sense of determination and resolution to follow our natural impulse when it comes to getting to the bottom of these questions. Sag is all about the real truth and nothing but the truth so when this energy is highlighted, it is our job to FACE THE TRUTH and especially so with Saturn in Sag.

Remember, Full Moons can provide perspective and illuminate any given situation if we let them. That is not to say that every Full Moon will provide you with an ‘aha’ moment. That really depends on YOU and whether you are ready to have that ‘aha’ moment. But the potential is present, for sure.

So, allow your intuitive side to kick in, Neptune/Pallas in a YOD to the Sun/Moon. Neptune, at the highest possible vibratory level, is spirit descended into the heart and mind (crown and ajna chakra), while Pallas represents that part of the mind that is supremely and even mystically intellectual.

When joined in this way, an almost exact sextile and both almost exactly inconjunct the Sun/Moon (the YOD), we have a set-up that could produce sudden insights and inspirations. These ideas, often elusive, can then be implemented to forward whatever practical (Mars in Virgo) strategies are needed to concretize the nebulous.

That is how these energies can be made useful. On its own, Neptunian impulse can sometimes dissolve into a sea of nothing but bolstered with more down to earth energies, that singular idea can take form and blossom into something substantial.

So, dream away and then do it. And certainly, take those rose coloured glasses off. All they do is obscure the truth of anything you are looking at.

Jupiter is just about ready to dive into Scorpio. Get ready for a year of focus and drive like none other. When Jupiter transits this powerful energy, the need for success takes a prominent place within the psyche. Complete those projects. Allow the drive to be the best fuel you to refine your skills. There is absolutely nothing wrong with accomplishment.

For all of you who are born under the sign of Scorpio, this is your year to receive. What you receive will be exactly commensurate with what you have invested. That is the real law of karma.

Nevertheless, I do rather like the transit of Jupiter to the Sun, Moon or ascendant. The energy is so irrepressible and does not take NO for an answer. So, enjoy it while it lasts. Just remember to get some sleep when you can!

Jupiter in the Full Moon chart is pretty much in exact opposition to Uranus in Aries indicating the surprise element in any goals that we might set. Expect the unexpected, as they say!

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:





Resourcefulness is the keyword. Yes, bombs do blow things up but contained in this symbol is the sense that disaster CAN be averted, be that disaster literal or figurative. A bomb can fail on its own but more importantly, we can develop and refine skills that can diffuse whatever ‘bomb’ might fall across our path. Be a solver of problems rather than a victim to circumstance.

There are no perfect pathways. There are always ‘oopsies’. If you are not a ‘natural’ problem solver, that does not mean that you do not have the ability to develop problem-solving skills. Often, the solution to any impasse can be found deep within the impasse itself. Strange but true.

So, go ahead and confront those problems, tackle those impossibilities and conquer the world.

The second symbol demonstrates that often, it is during so-called ‘play’ that the mind finds the way out! Childlike imagination can provide us out of the box solutions to long-standing issues. Often, it is the most obvious pathway that takes us to the exit point of a seemingly insurmountable situation. Simple is best even though sometimes it seems most complicated.

Day-dreaming, suggested by the pastime of ‘blowing bubbles’ can lead to incredible insights. The mind never stops working so even when YOU think that you are wasting time, don’t kid yourself. You might be, but your mind (and your heart) are busy at work. Sleep is regenerative and so is taking a break.

If that impasse in your life just feels too large to overcome, take that break. Give it a rest. Let your trusty higher self do the work. You will not be let down. I promise.

Of course, you do have to be obedient to what the higher self reveals.

Can you do it?


Thought for this Full Moon:


“A Man’s true life is the way in which

He puts off the lie imposed by others on him.

Stripped, naked, natural, he is what he is.

This is a matter of being, and not becoming.”


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christina rai is an astrologer working in Winnipeg. She is a member of the Manitoba Astrology Association

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