Full Moon in Cancer, January 1, 2018

The Cancer Full Moon: The Real Feel?

If you are up at the mundane New year and the sky is clear, you will see a big fat Moon beaming down at you—and seeing everything that you do—believe it! The first Full Moon of 2018 occurs on January 1 @ 8:25 pm CST. According to the lunar laws, that puts the 2018 New Year celebration into the orb of a Full Moon. So…just a wee heads up…everything will be heightened, intensified and generally highlighted since a Full Moon tends to bring all sorts of things out from under the bushes. And since this Full Moon is a Cancer Full Moon, the home station of the Moon in astrological lingo, emotions especially will be ready to rise to the surface and crash upon the shores of your psyche! Be prepared.

It’s a potent energy grid this time around with 5 significant energies situated in Capricorn, a hard-hitting, get down to the basics sort of energy, along with 2 other significant energies situated in Scorpio, never an energy to shy away from the truth of all things. This alignment can lead to an intense need to truly understand what one is feeling and to then to devise solid and workable strategies to address any or all issues that may still be lurking around in the mind and heart. Not a bad idea for this turning of the wheel of the year. Auspicious that this combination of energies is occurring on the first day of the mundane New Year. If you have felt stuck about situations in your life, if you have felt frustrated that you could not shift things more easily, this Full Moon provides exactly the right kind of environment to, at the very least, think about taking action. It has often been said that strategy is the key to successful outcome. Capricorn is the consummate energy of strategy. Cancer is the heart that is needed to make any strategy work effectively. The Cancer Full Moon is a great time to examine the plans that we have been making and locate the heartfelt reasons that can ignite those plans into effective actions.

Mercury is now direct in Sagittarius though still not at the degree of retrograde so small glitches and interruptions of forward flowing energy can occur. In Sag, Mercury moves quickly so the retrograde period can feel like tripping over one’s own feet—or thoughts in this case! Any retrograde period will act according to the energy that it occurs in so its our job to balance that out as much as we can. When that impulse hits, just take a breath or two before plunging off the cliff. It seems easy enough but Sag energy is highly active, often overly impulsive and enthusiastic about it all. With the retrograde in effect, the tendency is to disregard the need to go over things twice—at least! Resist that tendency if at all possible.

Here are the coming years retrograde periods and the signs in which they occur:

March 22-April 15 (Aries)

July 26-August 18 (Leo)

November 16-December 6 (Scorpio & Sag)

Put these dates into your date-keepers with a few weeks before and after also marked so that you remember to pay more attention to details than you normally would.

Saturn is newly entered into Capricorn and with this advent begins a 2ish year period of his transit through that energy. Saturn return time for all of you who have Saturn in Capricorn, a time to put on your ‘big boy’ pants and get busy with organizing your life according to some reasonable rules of engagement. Make a plan, check it once or twice and get ready to work.

This Saturn, newly entered into Capricorn lends a gravity to this Full Moon. Life is a serious business, says he, and you have to start taking it seriously. With Mars conjoined to Jupiter in Scorpio and squaring the nodal axis, the call to action is to pursue the reward with passion. But first, figure out what that reward is. Consider what you love. It is that thing, the thing that you most revere, that defines who you are and how you act. Act well. Act decisively. But be truthful about it all. Scorpio energy, at the highest level, demands honesty, authenticity, so sit a bit with your deepest feelings during this Full Moon and allow them to demonstrate to you the fullness of your SELF.

Cancer energy, the energy of this Full Moon, nicely held by the boundaries of Capricorn is the ultimate expression of the heart. Cancers feels it and Capricorn manages the feeling of it. Together these energies can form a powerful force within our psyches, a force that can heal, that can soothe, that can shelter, that can shoulder the burdens of the grieving soul. Used properly it is the energy of the householder who serves through the action of responsible nurturing. Lovely.

So, be ready to feel the whole spectrum of emotional response but also be ready to examine those feelings and decide if they are really ones that come from deep within you. Remember, we are merely monkeys and as such, are really adept mimics.

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:





Here we have the suggestion of the coming together of diverse elements to create a unique whole. We are encouraged to find common ground, not through sameness but rather through different-ness. Let us be nurtured by that which is alien to us so that it can become the thing that is in union with us. This is a hard concept to embrace in this time of polarization. The ego self seeks, yes, craves, the security of the known and yet it is the known that is the very thing that is preventing the collective from growing into something other than dispute, disagreement, discord and divisiveness. The promise is that if we can embrace the opposite, it will complete the circle of energy once and for all.

The answer, naturally, lies in the natural world around us. It is the very diversity of this organism—Gaia herself, that holds the ‘right’ solution to our ongoing struggle to find common ground. We do not have to be all the same. In fact, we have to be all different. So, while Capricorn makes the rules and regulations—and they are absolutely necessary!—Cancer says, ‘let’s apply them with love, with compassion, with fellow feeling, WITH HEART.


Thought for this Month:

I hold the boundaries of my heart in my loving arms

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