Full Moon in Gemini

by christina rai


The Gemini Full Moon—December 13, 2016 @ 6:06 pm

After the deep dark days of November and early December, as the Sun moves sluggishly through the mysterious energy of Scorpio & the exuberant energy of Sag, we await the burst of light that comes in the form of the Gemini Full Moon. She is at her fullest point just after dark, here in the central time zone and if we are lucky, it will be one of those clear nights that can happen for us on the prairies and if we are hardy and brave, we can venture out into her silvery light and dance for joy! This year, especially, this light filled full moon is the promise that the wheel is turning and the sun is soon on his return path at the Solstice.

It’s a glorious energy! The Moon forms a lovely close grand trine with Mars and Jupiter from her position in the 12th. Mars is inches away from leaving the 8th while Jupiter locks his feet firmly in the 4th.  This is all about bringing clarity to the emotional body. Feel it, explore it and act on it. Dreams can lead to ideas. Depth perception can bring balance to erratic emotions. A strategic plan of action can be formulated with help from the lower chakra energy of groundedness and impulse and then carried out with mindfulness. What is still bothering you? What are the fears that hold you back. Dig them out and shake them under the light of the carefree Gemini Full Moon. She tells us that self care, when undertaken with empathy and kindness to oneself can lead to breakthroughs in terms of perception and self-understanding.

Gemini is the butterfly energy. It is light and lovely and whimsical. Nothing stays hidden for long and nothing is taken too seriously. We want this attitude in our lives. Throw a beach party in your warm house to remind you that winter is on his way out—yes, yes, believe it!

The Sabian symbol for this lovely Full Moon is THREE FLEDGLINGS IN A NEST HIGH IN A TREE, juxtaposed against the Sag symbol, IMMIGRANTS ENTERING. Here we have a sense of anticipation, a sense of movement and flux. Both nervousness and resolution are suggested by these symbols. How apt this is for our current time. We are at the front end of something new and we feel edgy because the unknown always makes us feel edgy. And yet, we know, deep in our bones, that the solution lies in universality, in a coming together, in an opening rather than a closing. For those of you who are really frightened—and I know that a lot of you are—don’t be. Rather, find your faith and follow it. The world will change if YOU change but YOU cannot change anyone else so change yourself and believe. Use the brilliance of this Full Moon energy to clear your mind and to think outside the box. Just because someone says that a thing is bad does not mean that thing is bad. Use your wits and think for yourself. Do not be limited by prejudice and censure. Airy energy is the flying mind especially when it is found in a grand trine. This is the mind that leaps across the boundaries that we build for ourselves, that does not cave to conventional thinking. Do YOUR deal. Follow your ideals relentlessly. Practice what you preach without imposing it carelessly on others. After all, at the end of the day, we are all just little children looking to find our way home.

The Sabian Symbol for the MC of the Full Moon chart is 17 Pisces—AN EASTER PARADE.

Yes, there really is a spring coming and it is a cause for celebration. Use this slumber time to renew yourself. Find new ways to express who you are. From a new hair colour all the way to a change of location, you can follow it all! We humans tend to cleave to what we know, what makes us feel comfortable and yet, growth involves a measure of discomfort. How much can you stomach? How much can you absorb? Push your limits and find out just what it is that lies beyond the scope of your vision. You might be pleasantly surprised!

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christina rai is an astrologer working in Winnipeg. She is a member of the Manitoba Astrology Association

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