When the Sun is transiting (going through) the zodiac sign of Aquarius, (ca January 20-Feb 19), the Full Moon will always be in the partner sign to Aquarius—LEO.

Aquarius/Leo are fixed and yang by nature. Another way of saying this is that they are powerful energies that are assertive, certain and able to follow through on what they initiate. The subjective creative energy of Leo compliments the altruistic visionary energy of Aquarius. Put the two things together and you have a potential for brilliance, for innovation, for self-proclamation and a rollicking good time to boot! Here we just might discover the inventors, the artists, the community activists and the leaders of our time.

Leo is shiny. It wants to express itself, to twinkle and glow, to stand out in a crowd and be loved by all who see them. It’s a seductive energy that can often be found at the center of any gathering. Even the shyest of Leo types can’t help but like it when other people praise them.

We all have Leo somewhere in our psyches and even if there are no sensitive points in the 30 degrees of this energy in our psyches, it still contributes in some manner to the whole of your persona. When figuring out how any given lunation may be interacting with your own specific natal energy, it is necessary to know just what part of your psyche is in play. But, even if you are not sure where Leo is in YOUR chart, never mind. You can intuitively assess how the energy of this upcoming Full Moon may enhance your experience as you read about it. All of you who have birthdays around the following dates, put on your reading glasses and perk up your ears. This Full Moon is YOUR Full Moon.

Jan 26-Feb 6                       (Sun sign Aquarius)

April 25-May 7                   (Sun Sign Taurus)

July 28-August 9                ( Sun sign Leo)

Oct 29-Nov 10                    (Sun Sign Scorpio)

And especially is this true for YOU, Leo!

This is the second Full Moon this month—often called a ‘blue moon’– and even more importantly, it is a Lunar eclipse. Eclipses are times of release and renewal at the highest of levels; times when changes can be made. If there is anything in your life that needs to be removed, do it. And while you allow yourself to let go of the old and no longer useful, give yourself permission to open the door to something new.

And yet, there is a murmur here that this something that is ‘new’ may well be something that is not entirely unfamiliar. This Full Moon is holding out its hands to you and asking you to ‘remember the dream’…

What was it that used to incite you to action? What was it that made you feel alive, passionate and ready to go? What used to be meaningful to you? What did you believe in? What did you really want to be when you grew up? Oh, if only we could just go back and remember it all the way we felt it back then, when we were young and full of the vitality of what was possible!  This Full Moon whispers in our ears and says, why not? You can still do it. It can still come true.

For a bit longer the major planetary forces are all moving ahead in concert; that is, there are no major retrograde movements at the moment. This gives us a sense of freedom and fluidity. We can feel an itch to get going deep down in the soles of our feet. Mars, the energy of action and assertion has just moved into Sagittarius. Feel a need to go somewhere and get there fast? That is certainly one possible scenario from this placement. Adventure, and especially adventure that feeds the emotional self, that fulfills a need to explore the unknown, the far away, is highlighted. Mars has long been regarded as a ‘trigger’ energy so all of you Sag’s out there, fasten your seat belts and get ready to ride the wave. The little warrior will be knocking on your door for the next few weeks as he gallops through the 30* of Sagittarius. Gemini, put on your armor just in case you have to fight off any opposition from forces unknown! Pisces and Virgo, don’t be surprised if you feel sudden bursts of energy over the next little while.

This lunation also has Jupiter, the god of opportunity and reward four square and holding. This infuses a great deal of energy into the days around this Full Moon (3 prior & 3 after). The sense here is one of hopefulness of purpose. Jupiter, currently in Scorpio, is fierce about what to reach for. A sense of goal orientation surrounds us as we sit and recall who we once were, who we might have become, who we could still be. With Pluto in compatible aspect to Jupiter, we feel as if we maybe can do all the things that we want to do. Aren’t we all that little engine that could?

So, dream without restraint. Perfect your forgotten ideals. Finish up any projects that may be holding you back from moving forward. And, have a party, why don’t you?

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:





How fitting! These images suggest community conviviality and forward movement We are encouraged to mingle and mesh, to find common ground, to create a community where we can be comfortable, entertained and safe, while always looking ahead and improving ourselves so that this community can, in turn, be improved.

Leo Buscaglia said:

What you are is God’s gift to you, what you do with yourself is your gift to God. Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life. Change is the end result of all true learning.”

And that about sums it up. We are here to learn, to change, to improve and most important of all, TO LOVE.


Thought for the full Moon

Let me be filled with the electric power of creative force

Let me sing my song for all to hear.

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christina rai is an astrologer working in Winnipeg. She is a member of the Manitoba Astrology Association

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