Full Moon in Scorpio

by christina rai


May 10, 2017 @ 4:43 pm CDT

Tracking the NEW MOONS and the FULL MOONS each month gives an EXPERIENTIAL sense of how energy works. The wonderful thing about this is that for each of us it will be unique—not different but rather, particular to us as we operate as an individual. It’s also one of the easiest ways to learn astrology. If we are students of astrology, this will greatly enhance our ability to translate any chart that we see on a piece of paper.

So, there is usually one New Moon & one Full Moon every month, separated by about 2 weeks. The New Moon signifies the beginning (seeding) of the cycle for the next 30 ish days and the Full Moon signifies the culmination (fruition) of that cycle.

Whatever sign of the Zodiac the New Moon is in at the beginning of the cycle, the Full Moon, 2 weeks later, will be in the partner sign, for the most part. The signs of the Zodiac can be grouped into ‘pairs’ that face each other across a 180* axis.

Hint! Find out what sign partners your own Sun Sign and read about it to gain some tips on how to balance your impulses. Self-directed and impulsive Aries gets some fine tuning from Libra’s compromise and consideration!!! Just saying…

The Moon travels rapidly through the entire Zodiac. She completes the circuit once every month so for the 30 ish days of the Moon cycle, we get a taste of all 12 designated energies of the Zodiac for about 2 ½ days per sign. It’s not a hugely long time but as month follows month, we can start to notice how or if there is a similarity on the days of each month that the Moon lands in a particular sign. Keeping a Mini Moon Journal can help with this process. Start with the NEW MOON and the FULL MOON and just jot down key words for HOW YOU FEEL on those days. Don’t forget to note which sign of the Zodiac is highlighted. After doing this consistently for a few months, you may start to notice an emotional pattern appear.

Remember, the MOON is all about feelings, reactions and conditional responses. Not a lot of head stuff going on here. It’s all about the gut. And, ingrained habitual patterns of behavior which may or may not be fully understood. Remember the duck who thought she was a dog?  That kind of thing.

Consciousness is key and the beginning of increasing one’s consciousness is to actually begin to NOTICE things. Let’s call it the RITUAL OF OBSERVANCE. Observe and digest and then hopefully, learn so that you can apply the learning to your day to day life.

Example: After a few months, you notice that when the Moon is traveling through a given sign, you tend to be less self-controlled than usual. How can knowing this little nugget of data be useful to you? HMMMM…give it some thought…

This Month, with the Full Moon bursting out in Scorpio, we enter into a potential of power and impulse. The Moon in Scorpio is one of the most complex placements that a person can have in their natal chart. Hard to understand, potentially quite secretive, often difficult to manage even just by oneself.

When the Moon is full in this energy, the key thought is ‘ a powerful impulse towards transformation & regeneration’. What, if anything, in your life needs an overhaul? This energy provides us all with the potential to dig deep and find out what is hidden.

There is a powerful focus on the value found in relationship; what makes us want it and what makes us want to lose it. Examine what fuels your needs in this area to more clearly define how to provide yourself with what you truly need in your relationship life.

Venus is newly returned to Aries, having just risen in the morning sky to begin a whole new cycle of becoming for the next 19 months. Who do we imagine ourselves to be? What can we do to refine that vision? Where is our inner feminine ‘wild woman’? What does she truly desire? With this Full Moon energy activating our psyches, we can begin the process of re-defining ourselves. Aries energy is a BIG component part of this Full Moon and combined with the Scorpio/Taurus energy, it creates a tremendous amount of movement. Allow yourself to explore all facets of your life; your values, your needs; your wants; your ‘others’ and then muster up your courage and truly admit to yourself what needs to be re-born. Maybe you don’t kick him out but maybe you do have a sit-down heart to heart and bring some clarity into the relationship????? The WILD WOMAN archetype is about reclaiming your own power of being and being willing to step into the unknown, to explore POSSIBILITY with ardor and bravery of soul.

This Full Moon is about digging into the past and bringing it into the present. You don’t need to keep feeling what you have been feeling if those feelings are not supporting your current values. Don’t be a concrete slab! Be a fast-moving river that is running to the sea!

Change is the fire that burns brightly in the soul. Fuel that fire and let it flame around you.

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are:




Holy Cow! Could they be more fitting?

Here we get the sense that it is time to dig deep, to ‘open the curtains’ of our selves and let the light get in. Fear lives and persists in the dark so when we allow the light to enter a dark space, we begin the process of FEAR ELIMINATION. Once fear is eliminated, the Wild Woman is able to make her appearance in the story of our lives. We can live free; be free; soar the skies and go beyond the horizons that we thought were ours.

The image of the ‘winds, clouds and haste’ gives us a sense that permanence is an illusion. The only real truth is that everything changes and that includes US! Be unattached to anything and you will never experience disappointment again. Honestly. That is true. Expectation of outcome is the bane of existence.


Enjoy the Full Moon in Scorpio and stretch those fiery wings and fly!




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christina rai is an astrologer working in Winnipeg. She is a member of the Manitoba Astrology Association

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