2017-2018 Season

Sunday, September 24 - Doug Staley

Astrology & Spirituality I - Cosmology

The relationship between astrology and the cosmological teachings of the world’s spiritual traditions will be explored in depth and related to our individual birth charts. Topics will include the 4 elements, 3 qualities, the Great Chain of Being, the Ray of Creation, the Enneagram and the Diagram of Everything Living. The purpose of the presentation is to show how each of us is organically related to all levels of reality – elemental, mineral, plant, animal, human, angelic and beyond. By understanding these cosmic realities, we can view our own lives through the lens of a deeper appreciation of our interdependence with all planes of existence and discover the key to revealing, and then directly experiencing, our own unique personal destiny and life purpose.

Sunday, October 29 - Sharon Wisemyn

The Secondary Progressed Sun: Charting the Development of Your Individuality

The secondary progressed Sun moves about one degree per year so it is easy to look ahead at the movement it makes by progression into the next sign, and up to 3 (or even 4) subsequent signs and houses. We will also explore the aspects the secondary progressed Sun makes to natal planets, Ascendant, I.C., Descendant and M.C. These mark years to watch out for significant growth in attitudes and expressions of individuality in various areas of life. Combining these with the major transits can provide a look at both inner development and outer circumstances for any given year. In the second hour we will look at member charts to see how this is used in practice.

Sunday, November 26 - Doug Staley

Astrology & Spirituality II - Psychology

Our birth charts provide a precise map of the nature of our personality, psychological attributes, strengths and challenges, as well as our spiritual gifts and possibilities. By viewing our natal chart from the perspective of the psychological teachings of the world’s spiritual traditions, we can gain insight into the workings of our thoughts, emotions, perceptions and intuitions, and then learn how to transform them into vehicles for inner growth and fulfillment. Spiritual teachings provide an enlightened guide to working with the raw materials of earthly existence and refining and purifying them in order to fulfill our purpose in life: to love and nourish all that exists.

Sunday, January 28 - Nancy Gill

It’s A Sign of the Times

Back in the 60’s people were asking, “What’s your sign?” But we’ve come a long way baby! Most people, and especially astrologers, know there’s much more to a person than their Sun Sign. We’ll be looking at key words, the phrase, ruling planet and characteristics associated with each sign. And we’ll be covering their elements, modalities, and principles (passive/active). The signs are part of the puzzle that make up the whole picture of who you are. Blending the information in this presentation when delineating will give you a better understanding of how these puzzle pieces fit together. To get you into the groove of how this is done we’ll be doing some in-depth exploring of the signs that make up your Astrological Signature. Bring your own chart (BYOC). It‘s gonna be a blast!

Sunday, February 25 - Shannon Jennissen

Mini-chart analysis, bring your own and discover how do you experience feelings, draw people to you, "do you" out there and more! We'll look at the personal planetary placements in your own charts and learn a couple of other interpretation techniques used to dive in and get a feel for the messages in the chart.

Sunday, March 25 - Shannon Jennissen

Focusing the Beam: A View from the Houses

Sunday, April 22 - MAA Celebration! Join us at the Pony Corral/Grant Park Shopping Centre for 1:30 pm; lunch & fun

Astro*Dice! Tarot! Mini-Astrology Readings!
Astrology themed Silent Auction!

Sunday, May 6 - SPECIAL EVENT - A Day of Astrology with Christina Rai

Join in an eventful day of mini-workshops including An overview of Evolutionary Astrology, The Astrological Generations, Pluto & the Soul, Karma & Dharma: Walking your Walk. Christina Rai has been a professional astrologer for over twenty years and brings extensive compassion and insight to her work and teachings.

Located just 20 minutes from downtown Winnipeg at the peaceful St. Benedict's Retreat & Conference Centre. During breaks enjoy the riverside grounds, wooded walking paths and seasonal labyrinth. Lunch will be provided.

Join us the last Sunday of the month!

St. Boniface Library

100-131 Provencher Boulevard

Doors open @ 1:00

$10 drop-in, free with membership