New Moon in Aquarius, Feb 15, 2018 @ 3:06 pm


Susan Weed, Master Herbalist and Wise Woman Shaman says:

 “The dark months are a time of rest and RENEWAL, not a time of high energy. The fairies return to their underground homes at Halloween and return above ground on May Day. GIVE IN to the slower pace of the winter. EXPECT LESS of yourself; ENJOY MORE time in bed. STOP FIGHTING the dark. LET IT BE deep and NOURISHING.

The renewal that she refers to is now drawing to an end. It is the beginning of a whole new cycle of possibility and promise. Though we will not immediately jump into summery action, we can begin to lay the foundation for that season with this NEW MOON, happily seeding in the electric energy of Aquarius.

It’s a good time to shake the sleepiness off just a little bit and imagine our prospects.  First, we dream. Then we imagine how we can make that dream come true. Finally, we begin the work of building that imagined dream into reality. Aquarius is the energy of possibility times ten. Just think of all your Aquarius friends. They are just a wee bit more crazy than the rest of us and their craziness challenges the status quo, demands that boundaries be crossed, invites us all into an adventure of creativity and exploration. At the highest of levels, this is the energy of the future, of what could be, rather than what is. Without it, we would all still be looking for that tool, trying to invent the wheel and generally keeping to our caves.

On a personal level, when Aquarius is featured, as with this upcoming New Moon, we can suspend our disbelief and open the doors of perception so that what is only possible can sometimes take on a concrete form. Be inventive. Be bold. Be preposterous. And why not? Be a little dangerous!

The energy of Uranus in Aries flows into this lunation like a supercharged electric wave, lending support to the imagining process while Jupiter in Scorpio demands that we set a high bar for ourselves and remove the limitations that only exist in our minds. When the heart is open, the spirit soars.

The call to action with this new cycle is one of self-expression in whatever form that presents itself in OUR INDIVIDUAL lives. Artistry is not limited to any one discipline. Artfulness can be associated with anything. It is skillfulness, cleverness, imagination as applied to any undertaking. So, whatever you are engaged in or hope to be engaged in, do it boldly and with artfulness. Dream yourself into the possibility of all that you could imagine yourself to be. Start making your plans for the ‘big change-up/wake-up’. We live in restless and unpredictable times; sometimes, even, uncertain times, so we must be ahead of the curve, always looking to alternatives and never allowing ourselves to get overly attached to any particular way of being. Let’s all commit ourselves to the ongoing process of REINVENTION. After all, that is the ultimate invitation that soul force gives us—grow, evolve, illuminate yourself in this age of darkness.

If you study astrology, locate the degree of this lunation—27/28 Aquarius in your own chart and follow the energy lines around the wheel. Does this degree touch any of your own placements? In what house of your own chart does this lunation fall? Whichever house it is, consider how you can make a fresh and even revolutionary change in that area of life. As an example, let’s say it falls in your first house?  Well, you are anyway an unusual sort of person and you will absolutely benefit from introducing some edgy elements into your life. A truly radical diet? A commitment to approaching relationship differently (if this is needed)? A shift in your lifestyle? Apply the same kind of thinking to whatever house is featured. This is the most practical way to deal with transiting energy. And always, no matter what else, keep your spiritual eyes fixed firmly on the prize of a more vital, a more lively connection to the divine (Mars in Sag square Neptune in Pisces.) When active energy is funneled into spirituality rather than material reality, the self expands rather than contracts. Conversely, if spiritual motivations are not part of the active impulse, thoughts can get muddled, reasoning can be incomplete and any action taken can come to naught.

The energy of Aquarius gives us permission to dream preposterous dreams, to imagine impossible outcomes, to go where we have never been and bring back messages from those distant and unseen places so that our community of choice can shift, change and grow. Very exciting.

The Sabian Symbols for this lunation are:




Trees are the most magical beings on the planet. Many of them live through countless ages and bear witness to the human dramedy. They do not resist, nor do they assert. It is up to us to protect and sustain them, to live harmoniously with them. We are at a critical time in our collective evolution. The choices that we, as a collective make, right now, right here, will be the foundation of our collective future. We must be diligent in ‘dreaming’ ourselves into a reality that is balanced between conservation and appropriate resource management. Every choice results in a karma that we, as a collective absolutely will deal with. We are, all of us, like those little birds gathered together on that large tree. It is one earth that we share and never before in recent human history has this been so clear. One earth. One soul. One voice. We must all come together and discover that ONE SONG so that we create harmony and not discord. Blessed Be thee and me.



Thought for this lunation:

I am the world and the world is within me.





Beautiful dreamer

I want to find you

Dancing in the mists

Singing in the shadows

Of the great trees of myth and memory

I want to kiss your shining face and hold you in my arms

And dream along with you forever and ever







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christina rai is an astrologer working in Winnipeg. She is a member of the Manitoba Astrology Association

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