New Moon in Capricorn: Its Time to Gather Our Little Gods and GO!

New Moon in Capricorn…Its Time to Gather Our Little Gods and GO!

What a spectacular New Moon is coming our way! Well, we won’t see it, of course, since the Moon is tucked away into the Sun’s brilliance at New Moon but what a line-up of possible energies is ours if we want to use them!


Firstly, at the time of this New Moon, January 16, 2018 @ 8:18 pm CST, we have an action-packed line-up in Capricorn with all of the major planets in direct motion. We can really start to shake that most recent aggravating Mercury Retrograde period off! If you felt any degree of frustration over the past little while, you should now begin to feel like there is more oxygen for the breathing and more space for the moving. Enjoy this next couple of months. When we get to March, both Jupiter and then shortly thereafter, Mercury station retrograde in Scorpio & Aries respectively, both of which are ruled by Mars. More on this in March! But for now, its full steam ahead and mind your must-do’s as you get things moving.

If you have been waiting for that perfect moment of initiation and productivity, this could well be it. This upcoming New Moon signals a new start for strategy that can be applied to any project on the boards. The Sun/Moon union is flanked by Pluto and Venus suggesting that we can make some constructive and meaningful changes to the way we approach problems, engage in relationship and pursue our deepest desires. We may be ready to change things in any or all of those areas of life and now, with a sense of energy unleashed, focused and determined, we get the feeling that we may actually be able to do it. Pluto, at 20 * of Capricorn and in balsamic relationship to the Sun, says, ‘get it done, finish it once and for all, do it…’ while Venus @ 29* Capricorn echoes Pluto’s sense of completion but also promises that endings are followed by beginnings, that death is merely the foundation for new life.

All that perishes must be re-born, so says the sage.

Capricorn is the doer energy of the zodiac and this once a year (mostly) Sun/Moon union in Capricorn is definitely the time to start doing. Yes, its still winter but the days are getting longer. Yes, its still cold but when the sun shines, we remember the power of warmth. This year, that New Moon is well supported with Mercury, Venus, Saturn & Pluto, all in Capricorn and Mars & Jupiter conjoined in Scorpio. Scorpio has always worked well with Capricorn so this is a perfect time to pull up our inner power and apply it to all that we want to work on in our lives. Capricorn is Cardinal energy and as such, inclines to movement but it’s a movement with purposefulness. If you are cardinal by nature (Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn), this is your time of peak potential. This New Moon will engage with your own energy body dynamically, giving you the energy to sort yourself out, ground yourself out and generally, get moving proactively. It’s a call to positive action so get acting positively!

The Mars Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio so sweetly aligned to this New Moon provides extra power, extra determination, extra oomph just when we need it. Our cocoons are beginning to thin out. We can almost feel the need to stretch our butterfly wings and fly away into the waiting warm skies. It’s all good.

That unpredictable and exciting Uranus energy is still hanging around in Aries and in square relationship to this lunation. Be ready for anything. Be prepared for the unexpected. Get set to catch the lightning rod and use it effectively. Uranus is only upsetting if we are stuck in a rut with no intention of moving out of it. If we are willing to follow the energy, to think outside the box, to accept that which we have not actually prepared ourselves to accept, then this energy is stimulating, invigorating and refreshing. Positive thoughts, everyone!

The Sabian Symbols for this Lunation are:





When we set out on a path, we must be sound in body, mind and soul. We have to ensure that we have the tools to get to our destination. We have to be aware that as we move along this path, we need to take in all that is around us, check for impediments along the way, generally be mindful and attentive. In many cases, more is acquired from the process than from reaching the goal. We have all heard that old cliché that the path is the goal and there is some truth to that saying. However, the goal is also the end of the path and it is alright to set goals, aim for targets, make plans. The key is that we understand that anything can happen to impede those goals and that, when we change plans, we are not failing, merely surviving the pitfalls of the path.

When we set out on ‘mountain pilgrimages we can often be caught by ‘a storm in the canyon’ along the way. These storms, however, can be useful to slow us down, give us time to think things through, correct our compass points or at least check them out to make sure we are still on point. The storms remind us that challenge remains on this ‘mountain pilgrimage’. We grow in wisdom as we learn to ‘read the signs’ that storms may be coming. That wisdom then protects us from undue damage from unexpected ‘storms’. We read the signs and seek shelter. We see it coming and we take measures to protect ourselves. Then, when the storm passes, as they always do, we trek out onto that mountain once again and get going.

Very Capricorn New Moon kind of energy!

Thought for the day:

The doing of good brings peace to both the giver and the receiver


I am a tall mountain reaching for the heavens

I am the river that seeks the sea

I am the bird who returns after the winter

I am the I, the YOU and the WE…

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christina rai is an astrologer working in Winnipeg. She is a member of the Manitoba Astrology Association

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