New Moon in Gemini–Yay!!!

New Moon in Gemini: May 25, 2017 @ 2:46 PM CDT


When the Moon is new in Gemini, we have the opportunity to go to the heights and be free when it comes to flights of fancy & imagination. I think we need that right now. The mundane world is embroiled in conflict and chaos and there is a rumbling in the near background that can feel ominous at times. But, as seekers and objective observers, we have access to a world view that supersedes the mundane, the ordinary. It is not that we totally remove ourselves from what is going on but we have the capacity to see beyond the immediate and get a grasp of trends that may not yet be clearly evident. That helps when it looks like everything is dissolving into tumult. This is a time of change; and CHANGE, by its nature can be frightening to us—poor creatures enslaved to security and comfort.  We like what we know, what we are used to and when the status quo begins to shift, we can become skittish and hysterical.  Just hang in there.  The change has not arrived in its fullness. There is much more yet to be revealed and with the revelation will come more change and so it goes.

One thing that we, as students of history and metaphysics have come to understand is that EVERYTHING is cyclical and that EVERTHING eventually passes. This may not seem like solace, but, in truth, it is. We are not the first or only creatures that have built empires and dealt with the idiocy of common politics. There have long been tyrants. There have long been conflicts. Those of us who have glimpsed what the REAL solution to world disorder is—LOVE & FORGIVENESS, TOLERANCE & COMPASSION—must work to get to that invisible yet necessary ‘tipping point’ of consciousness. Once enough sentient beings actually embrace the real solution, it is manifested, and oh so easily. ( I know that some of you are finding this hard to believe…) However, ordinary politics will not, ultimately, solve any problems. It is far too reflective of that which is the root of the problem—desire driven action that chooses to ignore the common humanity of all.

That is not to say that we, as individuals should divorce ourselves from local action. That is a right that we all have and can exercise as we see fit—as long as we understand that whatever we appear to gain is but a shadow of what we actually need to solve the problem. Activism that is humanitarian in impulse is the best way to express our social awareness but, honestly, do what you feel works for you. Just keep those wise metaphysical glasses firmly fixed! We are going for the long game here, folks.

With the Moon in Gemini, we should get a sense of lightness, even if only briefly! Adventure and exploration is the key word for this cycle. Find something that gets you going and follow the bread crumbs to its location. It could be real travel. It could be a new philosophy, a new idea, a new thought process, a new way to interact, to communicate. Whatever it is, let it take you away from pressing concerns at least for a bit. Gemini likes to have fun! So, find some fun to have!

Mercury is newly direct and in Taurus. Our thoughts are turned towards earthly things and we feel that we want to find something stable and secure to shore up our scattered emotional body. Garden. Take walks. Do something practical with your hands. Any activity that gives form to your concepts will help you to feel more connected to what is real and tangible.

Venus is still in Aries and at the very beginning of her 19-month loop under the influence of this dynamic, independent energy. As she moves through the various signs of the zodiac over the next year and a half, each of those energies will be laced with a little Aries Fire, spirited, fierce and free. The Aries ‘call to action’ is about re-invention of self from the core value system, and up. When the Inner Goddess consorts with the element of Cardinal Fire (Aries), she is a warrior for what she believes in. It is critical that we all embrace this activist energy, especially now, at this most interesting time in social history. Each of us must be clear about what is true (to us), what is important to promote, what we want to base our lives on. The Goddess, clothed in fire, is relentless in opening up our senses to that which stimulates us to be more in our own selves than ever before.  Believe in who you are and take it to the limit!

Transiting Mars in Gemini supports the call to adventure and exploration, saying ‘hurry up, hurry up…let’s get going…NOW!’’ Jupiter in Libra is in a mundanely supportive aspect to this Gemini cluster of activity that includes the Sun & the Moon and quietly whispers encouragement for any efforts undertaken. Be willing to take that step, maybe one you haven’t taken before and try something different. It could open to the door into a whole new way of being for you. With Saturn in Sag sitting silently across from this flighty Mars, rest assured that you have an anchor firmly attached to your feet and—promise—you won’t get lost in the flurry of action if that is what you find yourself dealing with. Saturn has a habit of getting real when reality needs to be got.

The Sabian Symbol for this lovely, light and fanciful New Moon is:



AN OLD OWL UP IN A TREE (Sagittarius)


Let it all fly free, children. Seek out that which most gets you juiced up, ready to fight for what you stand for. But fight with insight. Use your inherent and natural wisdom to lead you in the right direction (s).

This is a great time to explore NEW ways of saying an old thing. Search out what may yet be inaccessible to you and then figure out how you can actually make it usable in your real day to day life. Can a new approach to an old problem be the answer? Could it actually be so simple a solution—to JUST TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT?

We all come to this place equipped with stuff that helps us and sometimes harms us. However, in all that rubble that we carry around—our genetic make-up, our family dynamics, our experiences, our social conditioning—there is knowledge gained and, if we are blessed, wisdom that we can access. Sometimes we hear it and ignore it and sometimes we hear it and listen. It’s a choice, every second of the day.  Are you listening and doing? Or hearing and ignoring?

Let’s all of us shake off the muddle and the chaos of the last few months and try something new. Gemini New Moon—here we come!




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