This last New Moon of the current year precedes the upcoming Winter Solstice by a few days so we have the opportunity to spend some real-time musing on the year past and laying down some real-time intentions for the year about to unfold.

Sag is such a hopeful energy, always reaching for the best possible goal under even dire circumstances. Its an energy we all need during these chaotic times when, it seems, that everyone is at war with everyone. At its highest possible manifestation, it is about the inclusiveness of diversity rather than the divisiveness of it. It is about seeing the divine in the foreignness (to us) of the other and allowing our own divinity to shine out through our eyes of acceptance and forgiveness. It is definitely something to aspire towards as we begin another spiral of the cycle of time with the Winter Solstice.

This New Moon is all about the power and certainty of right intention and right action. Mars, newly entered into Scorpio is zealous about seeking the most effective way to externalize the values on which we base our lives. Jupiter, also in Scorpio and squaring the nodal axis calls us to examine what we used to be and who we are becoming. An individual is the sum total of the values that rule his/her life. Every choice that we make flow from the values that define us. What are those values in our individual life? What do we love? What do we want? What do we fear losing? Think about it. It is who you are.

Saturn is poised to march with determination into his home sign of Capricorn and he bolsters this fiery New Moon @ 30* of Sag. This is, in astrological terms, a ‘critical degree’, meaning that it holds the significance of fullness. The search for truth, the bottom line, the reality of what is truly meaningful has now been well explored for the past 2-ish years. The group born between roughly November 1985- roughly November 1988 have more or less completed their first Saturn return, a definitive coming of age for them. Now it’s the turn of those born in the following 2-ish year period to begin that journey into the first great late ‘reality check’ of their young lives. Good luck, millennials! Life begins to look very different from the other side of this significant threshold in one’s self-actualization process. Its time now to actually implement some of the ideals that, hopefully, you have discovered in the last 30-ish experiential years.

This powerful Saturn, conjoined to this New Moon in Sag encourages us all to stand in our truth and make things new again. Sag is a young energy full of zest and appetite. How can we integrate this sense of ‘newness’ into our own lives? What can we be excited about, hopeful about? Anticipation is such an energizing element, isn’t it? Hopefully we can all anticipate something positive, something to look forward to rather than something to dread!

The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:




It’s time for a change, a change of form, a change of place, a change of who you are. The first symbol suggests that bringing something into form takes a long time and can be an arduous, laborious process. Its about finesse, skill, attention to detail and a clear idea of what the end result is, at least in your own mind. It hearkens back to that idea of personal values forming the individual that emerges after many, many choices made. Think about what makes you choose whatever it is that you choose from the least significant to the most significant. Then you will come to understand who you really are and why you really are. So, as you are shaped by the life you are living, take the time to shape that life as you live it.

In the second symbol we are reminded that perspective is altered by the environment that surround the person who is examining any given situation. When one is ‘in the forest’ things look a lot different that when one emerges from that forest. What about your life is the thing that you need to emerge from so that the ‘sculpting’ can take place? Sometimes we just simply need a change of scene in order to continue growing into the individuals that we desire ourselves to be. Of course, as we emerge from that forest of habitual routines, let us not forsake the valuable things that we have acquired along the way. Rather, lets find new ways of using the skills and assets that we have in our backpack!

I love New Moons! It is a wonderful reminder that no matter what the situation might be, there is always another opportunity to give it all another go. Let’s all of us sit down for a few moments in the next few days and resolve to fill the upcoming year full of love hope aspiration and fellow feeling. Go find someone with whom you totally disagree and give them a brotherly or sisterly kiss on both their cheeks as a sign of new things to come! Yes, that sounds good to me!

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christina rai is an astrologer working in Winnipeg. She is a member of the Manitoba Astrology Association

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