Pisces New Moon, March 17, 2018 @ 8:14 am

We have arrived!

This is the last New Moon before the Equinox, a time of birth & growth, especially here in northern climes. It is somehow fitting that we are on the brink of the turn of the seasons & we experience a Pisces New Moon, the last and most complex energy of the entire zodiac.

In Pisces all comes together in one whole. This is where we dream our dreams and this is where we find our souls.

This is a most magical, a most mystical and a most dynamic New Moon. Think Lucid Dreaming. This is a process whereby the dream does not dream you but rather, you direct the dream. With the energy of this lunation around you, you can take the step into self-directed purposeful action via the dreaming process. Dreaming, in fact, is not limited to the hours of sleep but can also be present when the self is fully awake, conscious and in flux. In some ways this is the most powerful of all dreaming states. We can truly ‘dream ourselves into full aliveness’ while engaged in lucid and/or wakeful dreaming.

What is your dream? What do you need to do to make that dream a reality? Are you fully alert and ready to direct that dream?

This lunation suggests an urgency of action, a need to change things up, a hunger for new ideas to fill up the empty places in our psyches. Jupiter, the god of growth and abundance strongly aligns with the New Moon at 24* Scorpio. When Jupiter is transiting Scorpio, the call to action is ACHIEVEMENT. The self begins to explore all the possible ways that it can express itself more fully, more brilliantly than ever before. There is born an ‘appetite’ for accomplishment. In the case of this particular alignment of energies, the emphasis is on the interior self and how it can best be represented through positive and purposeful action in the world out there. Naturally, first one has to become comfortable with who one is so that the action taken is founded on a solid sense of self.

Mercury is soon to turn retrograde in Aries. Exercise caution, both in thought and action. Watch your feet. Literally and figuratively. I have heard of actual stumbles when this little fellow is retrograding through Aries energy and of course, thoughts can get thoroughly jumbled up so that the result is confusion and chaos. Aries is fast…always. Fast to start and fast to the finish. Mercury rules the mind, the nervous system, the limbs so you can imagine the rest of the story. Slow down consciously. It will still seem fast.

Mars is just about to land firmly into Capricorn where he is the King of the World. This gives the potential of actually making some of those dreams come into fruition. Key strategy? Hard work. Mars in Capricorn is no slouch and revels in taking on task after task after task…well, you see where I’m going. Diligence. Application. Determination. Perseverance. Yup, that is what makes Mars happy when he is transiting Capricorn.

New Moons lay down the groundwork for the month ahead. This time around, the heavens suggest that it is entirely up to you. Dream big. Dream long and dream hard. What is there to lose, really?

The Sabian Symbols for this New Moon are:




We can be anything that we aspire to. There is an inherent nobility in the human spirit. (Really, there is.) But, along with nobility comes responsibility. How are you using the gifts that you have been given? Have you fully accepted the responsibility that comes along with those gifts? Are you serving self alone or do you have the impulse to ‘do good’ in the community of your choice? The second symbol asks us to consider all these things. Whatever the answer is, however we undertake to express our gifts, the light of the harvest moon will reveal all. In the end, we surely do reap what we have sown.


Thought for this New Moon

Be all that you have ever wanted to be and be good!


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christina rai is an astrologer working in Winnipeg. She is a member of the Manitoba Astrology Association

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