MAA proudly presents the 2019 special guest workshop on


September 28, 2019 (Sat) 9:00am – 5:00pm
Venue: St. Benedict’s Retreat Center
Lunch and snacks included. Supper with Lynn at own expense open to all.
Presenter: Lynn Carroll-Rivera


“We don’t need more information. We need more consciousness”
This was the personal observation our speaker, Lynn Carroll-Rivera,  made as a 21st century Astrologer overrun with the multitude of astrological techniques and teachings she studiously pursued over the past 40 plus years which led  to explore Diamond Astrology, a new paradigm for astrology which takes us from the 3D plane of fear based life on Earth to the 5D plane of conscious manifestation on Earth. A shift in awareness is happening in the world prompted by the changing of the Ages, a portal into the Aquarian Age of individuated consciousness for the human race.

Astrology has always given us insights into the Divine Plan and our personal life path for navigating our time here. Diamond Astrology adds an additional layer to this map: the Metaphysical Luminaries, vibrational points in the natal chart, which cast light upon our essential selves. Our Cosmic Identity which moves beyond the conditioned personality and the Solar identity. The special light we each bring into this world for continued evolutionary purpose, individually and collectively.

Let us join Lynn for an introduction to the concepts of Diamond Astrology, a look at the Metaphysical Luminaries and an exploration of how these tools may be used for raising consciousness within ourselves and for our clients.

Please provide your birth information (date, place, time of birth) at enrollment to receive your personal Metaphysical Luminary positions to work with during this class. Bring a copy of your natal astrology chart for reference, as well.



After being introduced to astrology and tarot as a young child I began a journey of metaphysical exploration which has deepened and expanded over the past 40 years. Accessing my own intuition and inner knowing while blending a variety of teachings accumulated over the years constitutes the core of my work and my offerings.

I have a metaphysical practice called Abundant Heart Circle which includes astrological services, tarot readings and Deep Memory Process, a past life regression technique. My astrological methods are heart-based in nature, combining traditional techniques with Shamanic Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology and the new cosmic paradigm, Diamond Astrology.

Based in Austin, Texas, I offer private readings (in person or online), workshops and Experiential astrology events called AstroDrama.



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